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Family Tattoo

Matching Tattoos for Mom and Daughter 

The meaning behind mother daughter tattoos Getting a mother-daughter tattoo symbolizes a bond between mother and daughter. Often symbols are included on a tattoo which add value. Mother-Daughter tattoos primarily symbolize everlasting love and friendship and are an indication that the two of you are…

Animal Tattoo

Memorial Tattoos for Dogs 

Memorial Tattoos for Dogs – Inscriptions for pet memorial tattoos The inscribed words on the pet memorial tattoo are simply the words you use to honor your pet’s memory. Simply name and date. You can add a quote or just skip a quote and do…

Bird Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo with Birds 

Infinity Tattoo with Birds Meaning Infinity tattoos are often made out to be a symbol of eternity. It is said that they will last forever, therefore interminable. However many choose the infinity tattoo concept for various other reasons as well. Some consider it to be…