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Sasuke Curse Mark Tattoo 

The Cursed Seal of Heaven is also known as the Mark of the Curse. During the Chunin Exams, Orochimaru placed the curse mark on Sasuke inside the Forest of Death. Sasuke may now gather greater strength, but he has given up his desire to side…

Tattoo Ideas

Gengar Tattoo 

The gengar tattoo is a popular choice for many. The ghost type pokemon gengar can have the ability levitate, so it has become very popular amongst pikachu lovers as well. Gengar has been around since 1995, however in the game series it was introduced much…

Flower Tattoos

July Birthflower Tattoo 

What is a july birth flower tattoo? A july birth flower tattoo is a type of the lotus, which means “strength” and “peace.” This symbol has been used by both Buddhists and Hindus in worship rituals. The lotus also stands for divine love to its…


Rooster Tattoo 

The rooster tattoo is a symbol of vigilance, bravery, and courage which make it a compelling design for those who have respect for the creature or just love the egg laying animal itself. The bold outline of this work makes it easy to place on…

Flower Tattoos

Gardenia Tattoo 

The Gardenia tattoo is a type of flower tattoo that can be placed on the ankle or lower back. Gardenias are usually depicted in tattoo form as having three large leaves or petals with smaller details between them. These details are typically done in black…

Tattoo Ideas

Coraline Tattoo 

Coraline tattoo designs are like the book itself, they capture a certain time and place. Coraline tells the story of an adventurous young girl who discovers a whole new world existing just through her kitchen wall. With most books there is usually something that stands…

Flower Tattoos

Calla Lily Tattoo 

A calla lily tattoo is a very detailed design, usually done in black and white. It’s a beautiful flower that fans out and spreads itself against the skin. Calla lilies are almost always done as a black outline with white calligraphy lettering inside the callas….