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Bird Tattoo

Traditional Eagle Chest Tattoo 

Traditional eagle chest tattoos are a symbol of power and bravery. The tattoo is usually done in black ink with the wings stretching down to cover the person’s back, which symbolizes protection and strength. This can be seen as one of the most popular symbols…

Traditional Tattoo

Japanese Tattoo 

Japanese tattooing has a long and rich history. It is the oldest continuously practiced art form in Japan, with roots that date back to at least 300 BC. Tattoo designs were originally restricted to certain Japanese subcultures such as geisha, samurai, and yakuza (Japanese mafia),…

Animal Tattoo

Werewolf Tattoo Design Ideas 

Werewolf Tattoo Tattoos are not always just for decoration. They can also be used to signify a person’s beliefs, religion, and social standing. A werewolf tattoo is one such design that has been popularized by the Twilight series of books and movies. While some people…


Fallen Angel Tattoo 

Many people have fallen angel tattoo designs for many reasons. It can be to commemorate someone who has passed away, or it could be as a symbol of rebellion against the church. Whatever your reason may be, there are some important things you should know…

Bird Tattoo

Feather With Birds Tattoo 

Feathers with Birds Tattoo is a tattoo design that features feathers in the foreground and birds in the background. The feather can be shown to have fallen from a tree, or it might represent a symbol of peace. The wings on either side represent freedom,…

Insect Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoo 

Butterflies have always been a symbol of transformation. Despite being delicate and diaphanous, butterflies are strong creatures that can handle the harshest conditions; this is why they are often associated with hope. Butterflies also represent metamorphosis- something that must be experienced to understand. No one…

Animal Tattoo

Alligator Tattoo Ideas 

Alligators are a big part of American culture. They’re all over our movies and TV shows, from Disney’s The Little Mermaid to Kevin Smith’s Mallrats. They also make for great tattoos! Alligator tattoo designs are often sleek and colorful, perfect for the modern day fashionista…

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