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Butterfly Tattoos Behind the Ear

Table of Contents

  1. The Symbolism of Butterflies

  2. Dreamcatcher Behind The Ear Tattoos

  3. Feather Tattoo Design

  4. Butterfly Tattoo Behind Ear Meaning

  5. Beautiful Tribute Tattoo Behind the Ear

  6. Nature Lover Tree Tattoo Behind the Ear

  7. Dragon Tattoo

  8. Moon Tattoo

  9. Elephant Tattoo

  10. Angel Tattoo

  11. Star Tattoo

  12. Flower Butterfly Design Tattoo

  13. Tree Tattoo Behind the Ear

  14. Words Tattoo

  15. Tribal Tattoo

  16. Scissor Tattoo

  17. Dove Tattoo

  18. Heart Tattoo Tattoo Ideas

  19. Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo

  20. Word Butterfly Tattoo

  21. Red Butterflies Ear Tattoo

  22. Minimal Butterfly Tattoo

  23. Pastel Butterfly Tattoo

The Symbolism of Butterflies

The Greeks believed that a fresh human soul came to light when any butterfly formed from its cocoon and the cocoon became uncovered. In Ireland humans believed butterflies being souls of dead who have passed through purgatory. The Germans believed that the dead grew old as butterflies fluttering around and causing pregnancy for childless couples. Many saw butterflies at times as the ultimate source of love and joy, but some butterflies should signal disaster or something worse. Several indigenous people believe that the spirit that was dead will go through a series of transformations to become a butterfly. When butterflies finally die their spirits do too.

Dreamcatcher Behind The Ear Tattoos

In certain Native American cultures dreamscatchers were used by mothers and grandmothers to protect children from nightmares. This symbol evolved to represent safety and protection from negativity. Your Dreamcatcher tattoo may help to honor your Native American heritage. If you like exactly what they represent you can either put some element as wings for tattoos like feather patterns or webbing or add the same to another tattoo as a subtle nod to the design. For a small position in the center of one’s ears a simple shape and placement must be kept simple to make an impressive effect. For smaller locations the tattoo should be simple and should.

Feather Tattoo Design

Feathers have become a popular tattoo for both men and girls. It looks great either black or with varying colors in both sizes and simple or fine details. Because feathers look wonderful as a small simple tattoo are wonderful under your ears. To achieve optimal results choose a very curved feather shape to fit comfortably into the shape of your ear. People who really like traveling and having a free spirit are drawn usually to feathered Tattoo Designs. Feathers represent connections among people that are close to the natural world and they may even represent travel and connections with this world. The best feather tattoo was made.

Butterfly Tattoo Behind Ear Meaning

Tattoos with colorful and detailed butterflies have been seen much more often in recent years, especially for ladies. On top of that, they are gorgeous and have a very profound meaning. According to the characteristics that butterflies exhibit, they are connected with metamorphosis, development, and change as well as freedom. Butterflies are an excellent choice for a tattoo since they look great in almost any location, and may work for a lot of various purposes, such as behind the ear. If you like delicate and feminine inks, consider adding a butterfly tattoo, or one that has more than one, which is in vogue right now. Tattoos inked in the zone behind the ear are less painful, but the final result will be visible to all.

Beautiful Tribute Tattoo Behind the Ear

Tribute tattoo behind the ear is a very interesting and unusual design. This tattoo can portray a picture that is dear or important to its master, as well as some symbolic inscription. In this case they are always made in one place, because it will be difficult and inconvenient for the owner to have to constantly hide it.

butterfly tattoos behind the ear

Nature Lover Tree Tattoo Behind the Ear

Women and nature lovers are especially attracted to naturalistic tree tattoo behind the ear. It is often made in black-and-white, although a different color can be used for greater contrast. However, it is important that this did not worsen the overall design of the tattoo.

Dragon Tattoo

As a matter of fact dragons have all of the flexibility to create tattoos. They can appear either masculine or feminine depending on a particular art style and designer style. Dragons have a wide variety of different meanings and associations which include powers wisdom and protection. They are also an excellent choice if you were born in the Year of the Dragon in Chinese astrology or are fans of fictional dragons like those in Game Of Thrones. Although a mini dragon behind the mouth is a subtle and feminine option it can also fit any position on any part of the body. It’s also a good accessory.

Moon Tattoo

A tiny moon tattoo is perfect under your ears as it’s much more visible. The full moon is associated with magic and transformations. A half moon represents ideal balance while crescent moon represents fluidity of the air and energy. Those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer may opt to also get an Moon tattoo. The moon is always waxing and disappearing symbolizing periods of change and transition. It’s also associated with female energies hence Moon tattoos are very popular. I like small moon tattoos because they give me the chance to really look at these tattoos.

Elephant Tattoo

Elephant Tattoos are particularly popular with women as they are matriarchal herds are based on mother and its children. Small elephant tattoos are perfectly positioned behind ears and can become a beautiful matching mother and daughter tattoo. Elephant tattoo symbols have the symbol wisdom of prosperity and luck. They also indicate patience and loyalty. Gentle giants are known for their intelligence and memory and they are also known for their patience and loyality. They look good at any size but tiny elephant tattoos are useful for protection.

Angel Tattoo

Christian women find it attractive that angels represent their faith as well as Christian figures such as the Archangel Michael. Other people have chosen angels for their ‘guardian angel’ or as an interment for loved ones. Realistic angel tattoos have a lot movement and detail that most rarely allow a smaller placement on their forehead, like behind ear tattoos. You can adapt to the design by using a halo and two wings to fit with the curve on your ears. Angels symbolize your good nature and remind you to ignore temptation.

Star Tattoo

Stars are a symbol of hope and direction and create light in the darkness of night. They also provide an emotional tribute to a loved one who has your ‘guiding star’. The star tattoo designs available in various designs all look nice when installed behind your ears. From simple star dot and line to constellation – which can represent astrological signs – to traditional five-pointed stars – the choice is yours. All the best star tattoos are available in the world and include a star tattoo from your favorite artists.

Flower Butterfly Design Tattoo

Depending on the bloom its meaning will be different: friends love hope, joy and courage. Therefore a beautiful flower tattoo option for everyone will be created for you. All flowers come in many colors you can customise the inking to suit your desired tone and color. A particularly impressive option is a vine flower that is shaped just like your ear. Other popular choices include rose and gift cards, which are popular choice in rose and gift cards floral arrangements.

Tree Tattoo Behind the Ear

Tree tattoo behind the ear is very popular among women. The position of this tattoo makes it particularly impressive and easy to camouflage. It can be combined with other symbols or elements, such as chains, skulls, flowers.

It is possible to arrange such tattoos in one place, but they can also be distributed throughout the entire body.

Words Tattoo

Word tattoos can make your ears attractive. Because the positioning is smaller, choose a shorter one-word tattoo for maximum visual impact. The name of a loved one or an object that has significant importance is ideal. Choose a font you really like and add precious and unique elements to the word. Your artist may accent it on a mini star, flowers or a heart. Alternatively, a hand-written artifact gives your tattoo a really personal look and gives your tattoo a personal look.

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoo designs can be tailored to each enlargement of your body such as under the ear. A traditional Polynesian, Maori tribal tattoo is a fantastic way honour your heritage. An earlier tribal tattoo of the 90s can have an unique and edgy look so it will turn heads, extend the tribal tattoo to your neck or around your shoulder. As an example, a traditional Polynesia–Maori– or Polynesia tribal tattoo is a great way to get into the culture of the.

Scissor Tattoo

Scissors are designed to take negative effects from one’s life or to improve your own. They are great communication channels to tell others about you having completed a new beginning and closing another dark chapter. Scissor tattoos look small that makes them a good choice to put behind the ear. Once you style your hair the next time, you’ll notice your progress. Scissors can help you sharpen your instincts and be better at independentness.

Dove Tattoo

For Christianity doves symbolise both new beginnings and trust in God. Because there isn’t much space behind your ear it’s best to opt for a clear and simple dove design. You can also place a cross or olive leaf on the cross as well to emphasise its spiritual meaning. The birds represent the peace, love and forgiveness. Some spiritual meanings include a dove tattooed with the name of the bird Noah in the Biblical story of the story.

Heart Tattoo Tattoo Ideas

A symbol for the human heart is a simple yet universal thing. When placed underneath your ear it reminds you of your heart. You can also honor someone else by expressing how much you love them while still in the family. The designs of dainty hearts are being used by all women. The heart is a fashionable tattoo that is most common among girls.

Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo

Due to the intense black that naturally is on the butterflies blackwork usually tries to work well on insect Tattoos. Instead of being heavy the black feels normal. This opens up the space visually for adding other details.

Word Butterfly Tattoo

A word or phrase behind a butterfly-based tattoo is likely to enhance its symbolism. Add Your own quotes will give you a meaning that you consider important. Quotes added to a butterfly tattoo add the meaning.

Red Butterflies Ear Tattoo

A set of bold butterflies is customised using red ink for visual appeal. You do not need to be super minimum or maximal playing with elements to find the perfect design. It’s not necessary for butterflies.

Minimal Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are great design ideas as they can be stylized several ways. If you prefer a more minimalist tattoo just have a few small line-shapes embroidered on top.

Pastel Butterfly Tattoo

This tattoo uses pastel colors and a method to look like the wings itself overlap. Try playing with various tattoo designs in your butterflies design.

Small Tattoo

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