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Wolf with Tribal Tattoo

Table of Contents

  1. Tattoos and the wolf tattoo trend

  2. What legends say?

  3. What is a wolf tattoo?

  4. Types of wolf tattoos

  5. Tribal wolf tattoo

  6. Lone wolf tattoo

  7. Geometric wolf tattoo

  8. Small wolf tattoo

  9. Simple wolf tattoo

  10. Traditional wolf tattoo

  11. Celtic wolf tattoo

  12. Japanese wolf tattoo

  13. Native American wolf tattoo

  14. Wolf pack tattoo

  15. Howling wolf tattoo

  16. Wolf and moon tattoo

  17. Watercolour wolf tattoo

  18. Wolf dreamcatcher tattoo

  19. Wolf paw tattoo

  20. Wolf eyes tattoo

  21. Wolf skull tattoo

  22. Wolf head tattoo

  23. Wolf chest tattoo

  24. Wolf hand tattoo

  25. Wolf shoulder tattoo

  26. Wolf forearm tattoo

  27. Wolf back tattoo

  28. Wolf sleeve tattoo

  29. Wolf thigh tattoo

  30. Ideal placement of wolf tattoos

  31. Small Wolf tattoo ideas for Females

  32. Geometric wolf tattoo

  33. Watercolour Wolf tattoos

  34. Tribal Tattoos for Women

Tattoos and the wolf tattoo trend

Tattoos are the trend of the day. The youngsters love tattoos a lot. Sketching across your body depicting things and emotions and at times the feelings. Tattoos are a lot more than only tattoos.

The design and themes of tattoos are quite depictive and creative in nature. The essence of tattoos is greatly relatable by the tribal natives. Here we spot the light on the wolf tattoo! 

It is a very popular tattoo genre. The wolf tattoos are very symbolic and of great importance to the tribal and natives across North America.

Wolves depict the early decades of life where survival was tough though made possible. They comprise one of the skilful and intelligent hunters who hunt in a pack of wolves.

Wolves have been a part of fables since years long. The tribal communities have a great attachment with these untamed creatures of power and fury.

What legends say?

According to legends from Turkey, Turks were demolished by their enemies. Out of all, only two children survived. A sacred she-wolf was sent for care and parenting of the children.

Tengri, the God of the Turks, did send her. In the time being further years, the wolf was conceived from a child and gave birth to 10 pups. These 10 little cute pups would become the future rulers of Turkish communities.

Admiration for wolves in the Indian culture and mythology is either less. The wolf symbol was believed and given only to the intellectuals, the intelligent ones who were capable to lead.

The Japanese culture regards wolves as the protectors of their race. It is a secret preserve for the Eurasian culture inhabitants. It is seamlessly unbelievable and amazing to know that in the Siberian myth, wolves are believed to protect children at birth.

While in Roman culture, the wolf is the sacred creature that nurses the founders of the Roman city: Romulus and Remus.

What is a wolf tattoo?

Wolves are a symbol of strong character and symbolise the togetherness and love. So, do it for you. A wolf tattoo is thus a display of family ties and the love for them. Not only that but do you know that in some cultures wolves are regarded as the spiritually guided ones.

And so, wolf tattoos have gained popularity and are a topic of discussion right here. Do you have tattoos on your body? Is it a wolf tattoo? Let’s proceed this discussion and bring about some choices for you to get one for yourself.

Every tattoo does have a special indication that attracts the passionate people towards itself. For the case of wolf tattoo, we take a sneak peek into the wolf’s personality.

A wolf is a highly intelligent animal with care, playfulness, love and a devotion to the family that is, the pack of wolves.

They are intensely ambitious and hard workers with leadership and management qualities. As well if you know wolves depict the sharp visions and strengths in character.

Now since you know what a wolf is let us sneak a peek over what a wolf tattoo will symbolise. A wolf tattoo symbolises the love and care for family and loved ones.

It represents the strength in-person owning the wolf tattoo. But also symbolises the ambitious nature with sharp visions regarding anything.

That’s what makes this wolf tattoo so awesome and featureful. Oh, do you know that wolf tattoos are adaptive to any styles of yours to suit you. Isn’t that amazing?

Types of wolf tattoos

Well! There are several types of wolf tattoos to name them below you can look out for your favourite one!

Tribal wolf tattoo

The wolf with tribal artwork makes an impactful look. Tribal tattoos are driven by animal symbols and the wolf makes it more reasonable and striking. Tribal unique art with wolf in bold black ink gives an impressive everlasting look.

If the wolf is a howling, running or snarling, it adds more taste to the tribal tattoo. If you have a tribal edge or love the culture this one’s for you.

Lone wolf tattoo

Lone wolf, the wolf without his gang is independent, bold, self-centred and even more dangerous. They are independent and stronger. And so, this very tattoo symbolises a strong and independent personality.

If you are a struggler and achieved things with great efforts of yourself then this is the one for you. The survive and succeed essence lies behind the lone wolf.

Geometric wolf tattoo

This is a popular fusion of geometric design with wolf tattoo. The geometric lines and angles give the tattoo a clean and minimalistic look. Geometric tattoo trends of the recent years have made the wolf geometrics even popular.

It brings about a unique and fascinating fusion design that feels so modern and awesome. If you love maths, geometry, or for the sake of goodness have a geometry, systematicity in life. This one is going to suit your best.

Small wolf tattoo

Small tattoos are the best part when you want something to suit you anyway. These bring about a choice of having tattoos on fingers, neck or foot. Small tiny wolf to contribute the wolf side of yours within you.

They need to be simple and good as detailing won’t be very clearly visible. Try out this tiny, cute wolf if you do want a wolf tattoo but not the very large in appearance.

Simple wolf tattoo

Simplicity is the best and most pious of all. You should have heard this. I suppose so. Simple wolf tattoos are depictive of your honest and straightforward personality.

Guys with some amounts of dishonesty in their personality please don’t try this. Hahaha… That’s a joke, try this out to suit the simplicity and fine look to suit you at home, workspace as well as any outings.

Traditional wolf tattoo

A classic and stylistic look with a lot of colour combinations, bold designs and shades. Is that something you love?

Traditional tattoos come with a range of classics and designs. You can have a paired fusion of wolf with other symbols inked in the same style. Like flowers, daggers and animals bring out a newness and design filled look.

Celtic wolf tattoo

Celtic artistic twists all the way from Ireland giving a signature style to the wolf tattoo. Celtic mythologies symbolise wolves as their protector and guidance.

Even the wolves might have been natives to Ireland as seen from the people’s opinions and fascinating fables. Thus, the Celtic art fused with wolf brings the new design to add to the list of wolf tattoos.

Japanese wolf tattoo

As you know wolves are a symbol of protection in Japan. The wolf tattoos with the traditional Irezumi art style gives an inking stylistic modern look. The Japanese wolf design is depicted with bells that relate to a ritual about god Shinto.

The Japanese folktales emphasize on the wolves in a ritualistic fashion and so does in the Japanese wolf tattoo. Coloured ritualistic design is something that is surely irresistible.

Native American wolf tattoo

The native American tribes honour the wolves with a special belonging to their traditions. That brings about yet another stylistic tattoo to name. These tattoos symbolize the heritage of the native American tribes.

Wolf tattoos combined with their tribal symbols of feathers, headgears, the sun, moon and other fascinating objects design a wonderful tribe look associating courage, strength and hunting.

Wolf pack tattoo

A wolf pack tattoo is symbolic of strength in togetherness and loyalty for loved ones, the family! In the wild the pack together with inking styles of geometry and simply makes a perfect look of the tattoo.

When the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. And so, does a wolf gang emphasize upon the family values.

Howling wolf tattoo

The ‘call of the wild’ is so emphasizing and dominant in nature. And so is for the wolf’s howl. A howling wolf is impactful in communication making it stand strong with its decisions and dominance. That’s the very attractive feature of the howling wolf tattoos.

The howl of the strength, the howl of the willpower, the howl of concrete decisions. That’s you and your tattoo with a strengthened personality.

Wolf and moon tattoo

The beautiful full moon and the howling wolf together on a winter night. This is something from the childhood fables or stories you would have read or listened to.

This is yet another popular tattoo design. The wolf and the moon. Do you wish to have one? Seems like awesome. Right? Then what’s the wait over? Get your tattoo done right away.

Watercolour wolf tattoo

Watercolours have been a play since childhood. Remember colouring your art book as well whole of yourself coloured. Hahaha…

So here comes the watercolour wolf tattoo cherishing those watercolour memories and giving your tattoo an eye-catching look.

The lovely colours make the wolf inking stand out, especially the colour blue. It looks as such a painting painted on your skin as canvas but is truly an ideal artistic tattoo to put on.

Wolf dreamcatcher tattoo

This is another one from the Native Americans’ culture. The dream catcher is a heritage to the ancestry of Native America.

Incorporating feathers like native elements and symbols to your wolf tattoo could depict your respect to the Native American culture. It is an amazing fusion of culture and tattoo design with an appealing look to put on.

Wolf paw tattoo

A paw print is yet another artistic discovery of tattoos. It is incorporated as a subtle themed wolf tattoo. The paw print has double meanings.

It can be regarded as protective symbol and at times represents a ‘lone wolf’- the high strength of an individual.

Wolf eyes tattoo

Eyes can speak a lot without words. They actually mean a lot. The same goes for the wolf’s eyes. The wolf’s eyes can depict the power, wilderness, and strong determination.

By the artistic instincts you can bring life to the inked wolf eyes that are surely going to stand out from the rest with a good placement at the forearm.

Wolf skull tattoo

Skull and wolf together make a fruitful path for the afterlife. It represents the understanding between the two.

The wolf skull tattoo is a symbol depicting the overcome of weaknesses, find strength and particularly to surpass all of losses and grief incurred by you. And start fresh each time.

Wolf head tattoo

The head of the Wolf is a very artistic feature for Wolf tattoos. It is one of the most favoured of Wolf inked tattoos. These tattoos fit well and perfect at any placements small or big.

The head a wolf is quite an appreciable form of tattoos expressive of numerous emotions and facial expressions. There can be several meanings of the wolf head tattoo that totally depends on your artistic features for the tattoo.

Wolf chest tattoo

Chest tattoos are more in demand as they create space for wonderful and detailed designs and patterns. The chest wolf tattoo makes the appearance big and profile.

An animal tattoo as of the wolf on the chest means a direct connection with the heart. This is more oftenly preferred by men to ink the wolf on their chest. It also means the great importance of something on the chest.

Wolf hand tattoo

Hand tattoos go awesome for they won’t get covered by clothing and can be easily seen. These tattoos though had a representation of gang members in the past but for now they have become an everyday choice.

And as for the wolf tattoo hand makes them appear so beautiful and appealing. Although the hand placement of tattoos is the most painful one. Better be sure of the design you choose and do commit over it!

Wolf shoulder tattoo

Shoulder tattoos are a great one for show off. They make it easier for better detailing with less curves and ridges on skin. It is one of the traditional tattoo placements at the shoulders. This makes it easier to hide or show off the tattoo whenever you wish to.

Like at work it won’t seem ok for you to wear a tattoo too much appealing so your sleeves may hide it. But casually you can go off sleeves to show off the wolf in you!

It’s almost not painful at all, so if you want to get a detailed big wolf tattoo, shoulders are the ideal placement. Also colouring and shading for better designing is easy to apply for the shoulders.

Wolf forearm tattoo

Wolf forearm tattoos give an edgy look with wolf eyes and wolf head a great attractive feature to place on the forearm. They seem quite impactful when you have a wolf inked on the forearm! Also it again makes it possible for you to roll up sleeves and roll down again to show and hide the tattoo.

Wolf back tattoo

Back tattoos are again an ideal placement. Same as the shoulders, the back is flat and smooth and ideal for wonderful tattoos of large impressive details.

Mandala wolf or even the photorealistic tattoo on the back seems awesome and attractive especially for women. Yes you won’t be able to see that yourself without a mirror but will make you stand apart with a unique futuristic featured greatly detailed wolf on the back.

Wolf sleeve tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are quite embellished and amazingly detailed. They bring about the realistic feel of a sleeve worn upon from someone else’s view.

Starting from the shoulder till the wrists they create an amazing array of elements with wolves and other depictions containing flowers, traditional themes, the nature themes, other animals and much more.

You won’t be able to understand it’s start and end. It is such a wonderful art. The detailing from a highly skilled artist gives a classy and cool tattoo look.

Wolf thigh tattoo

The thigh tattoos or tattoos on the legs have become a trend in the recent times. A wolf head with detailing or the geometric artistic feature makes it striking look. Be it photorealistic, traditional or geometric thigh tattoos will always seem good.

Ideal placement of wolf tattoos

Wolf tattoos make a best look when inked on chest or back. They give an awesome look, and more spaces for detailing. Such a photorealistic approach brings out the artist’s instincts on your body with a lovely outstanding feature ready to embrace your body like a jewel.

The wolf tattoos look the most cool when on chest or back. Yet another ideal and traditional placement is the shoulder. Even this is a better option for tattoo and especially for a wolf tattoo to make it appeal stand apart. Shoulders give a classy look with a great show off your shoulders.

For if you wish to have a small wolf tattoo go for the eyes or the paws that can be inked on your wrist or forearm or even fingers together. The paws make a great look and appeal on your wrist!

Well apart that naturally a wolf tattoo placement is totally dependent on the personal styling and wish of design to be inked. The finest about wolf tattoos is that you can get them incised anywhere on your body. They will give you a fine look.

Small Wolf tattoo ideas for Females

According to some studies, women have even outnumber men with tattoos. But why do women love to ink tattoos that much? Well who knows a girl’s mind is hard to read! Hahaha…

Jokes apart, the reasons may vary, but the most acceptable reason is the attribute beauty behind these lovely tattoos to have them inked is their motivation. And you are absolutely right, beautiful ladies, tattoos are beautiful and appealing in nature.

Women’s more oftenly get tattoos inked so here we get some lovely ideas of tattoos for the beauties. The following is the list of lovely small wolf tattoos placements for females!!

  1. You can get a wolf tattoo inked in bold black on your waist! It might seem classy and a modern look beautifying the looks whether you wear a saree or a cropped top.

  2. Another ideal placement for tattoos is your neck. This can seem so great at looking, making you look awesome. The side of your neck or maybe the back way is the best spot to get a wolf inked tattoo.

  3. Yet another ideal place is behind your ears to give an attraction to your ears and the earrings as well. It will also emphasize your lovely face for a photorealistic look in the side view.

  4. The round shoulder corner is one more choice for a small tattoo that may make an appealing look to your shoulders and even a good one for photorealistic.

  5. The wrist tattoos are again a lovely one. Seems like a bangle or an ornament to enhance your beauty. You can surely get your designs inked on your wrist with less detail. Simply beautiful wrist wolf tattoo.

  6. Finger is yet another place to put on a small tattoo. A wolf head on your ring finger on the right hand will symbolise a direct connection with your heart.

Well the ideal placement does need some awesome tattoo ideas. For females, I truly recommend you guys to go for a classic traditional, geometric or a photorealistic wolf tattoo.

This will enhance your look and you might seem quite charming. Bold and beautiful in black inked!

Women are the representers of beauty and you surely need to beautify yourself ladies. A creative bold appealing tattoo to suit your taste and skin is the best choice after all.

Good luck ladies! Get your tattoo ready, look sooner and the most attractive. Hope these suggestions help you!

Geometric wolf tattoo

Geometrics are the new awesome look of modern day tattoos. Lines and angles and curves to make your tattoo look more artistic and appealing in nature. Geometric wolf tattoos are linked to the tribal spirituality through their depictions of sacred shamanistic canine.

The impressive lines in bold black make even the simple design or the wolf head look amazingly beautiful and attractive. Geometric patterns with the traditional wolf tattoo are the fusion of the modern and the antique designs with articulate features.

Wolves inked in geometric patterns can also be incorporated or you can go for a traditional wolf design with some geometric lines and patterns around.

It’s all going to look good as you make your taste of the geometric choices. Maybe you weren’t good at geometry in maths! Here’s the chance to outshine others!

Watercolour Wolf tattoos

Watercolours! Ah! My lovely part in those art classes of past days. Do you love watercolours? Oh and you also wish to have a tattoo! A wolf tattoo! What about a watercolour wolf tattoo?

I mean a tattoo with watercolour features and great colourful looks. It’s truly lovely and lively! Watercolours give a striking look to the wolf tattoos! Make them seem almost real.

It might feel like even a 3D version of a tattoo. Well that totally depends on the tattoo artist you choose and how refined his skills are.

Colours look good. But the most perfect goes the blue hues! Blues in wolves on your skin give a sleek eye-catching look! Men prefer blue more for a subtle masculine look!

Tribal Tattoos for Women

Tribal tattoos are sleek and wonderful designs. They are actually the very origin of the tattoo themes and designs. Tribal tattoos are a heritage to preserve with different meanings and was of incorporation in different cultures.

The tribes have passed on the tattoo traditions since long and now it has become a part of the mainstream crowd! Costly, with sleek designs and amazing looks. Tribal tattoos are more of the best looking ones.

Talking about the women. Tribal tattoos have special meanings for them. It was and still is a way of beautifying themselves. The attractive, bold and beautiful woman is. And these tattoos have helped customize the ladies’ looks especially in the tribal communities.

It also marks braverity, fertility, sexual tempt and self-affection. Women truly love themselves a lot and to beautify and get an attractive look. So do the tattoos especially the tribal themes help them for the same.

Today tribal tattoos are worn by women for its lovingly style, beauty, articulate bold looks, attractiveness, and sleek designs. It also at times portrays a woman’s mood.

Now, we have had such a great knowledge with a deep dive into the tattoo world. I am sure you loved the article. Let us know if you do have some artistic tattoos ideas or queries or any artistic suggestions out of your mind.

Wolf tattoos are trendy all the time with new creativity and preservation of traditions. What is your choice and taste of tattoos? Get a tattoo inked of your choice and let us know your experience.

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