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What does a tattoo of a teardrop mean

Table of Contents

  1. Who uses teardrop tattoo?

  2. Where does the teardrop tattoo come from?

  3. what does a tattoo of a teardrop mean?

  4. Should I choose a Teardrop Tattoo?

  5. Facial Tattoos

  6. Attempted Murder

  7. Teardrop Tattoo Designs

  8. Celebrities with Teardrop Tattoos

  9. Common place for Teardrop Tattoos

  10. Nazi symbols

  11. Loss, hardship or grief

  12. Five dots (Quincunx)

  13. Hardships

  14. Positive Meanings and Popular Culture

  15. Colored Teardrop Tattoo

  16. Prison Tattoos

  17. Mexican gang member with a teardrop tattoo

  18. Three Dot Tattoo

  19. Hidden Meanings

  20. Crazy Life Style

Who uses teardrop tattoo?

Because of its connection with bad boys and sad boys, the teardrop tattoo is sometimes a point of admiration. Some have undertaken to alert their peers about any negative side-effect of the tattoo. Most people are attractive in their morose meanings. Look on Instagram at the search engine “#teardroptattoos”, where people share their best pics. It is occasionally used by criminal and gang associations as a source of fear – perhaps not as intended initially. Some Twitter users are warning against tattoos – an online practice where there is no tattoo in public but tattoos have no medical value in itself.

What does a tattoo of a teardrop mean

Where does the teardrop tattoo come from?

Some of the prisoners using the symbolism of a teardrop (grief, pain sorrow) wear small tattoos near the corner of their eyes displaying they had been imprisoned. Notable users include 2015 convicted felon Jeremy Meeks whose mugshot went viral. Johnny Depp wears the tattoo when a melancholy heartthrob in the 1990 movie Cry-Baby for having been able to shed a single tear at will. In some cases wearers use teardop tattoos to signify how many people they’ve killed. In the case of inmates requiring tattooing after receiving extortion the male indecent forces the tattoo on his submissive man.

particular gang tattoos like the teardrop, three dot and five dot tattoos can also be found on people’s faces. This is most common among those who are of Native American or African American descent.

what does a tattoo of a teardrop mean?

A teardrop tattoo usually represents a person who has done time in prison. It can also be just an expression of sadness and regret for something the individual has done to another person, or even as a memorial to someone that they have lost. The symbolism behind it says that the wearer is trying not to let their past mistakes affect their future.

Should I choose a Teardrop Tattoo?

The wearers think this tattoo might bring in anger and violence. Other wearers are grieving for loss or in regret of previous actions or lack of act. Wearers of teardrop tattoos usually capitalize the meanings of the tattoo on the simplest of reasons to display their (usually fake) bravado. Your objective is to communicate something about your true talent and personality to other people. You shouldn’t be taken lightly when it comes to a purchase you don’t have to.

Facial Tattoos

Tattoos on the face are not as common as tattoos that can be hidden, such as those found on the ankles, wrists and backs. However facial tattoos have been increasing in popularity over the years. They tend to be very large and bold designs or incredibly small intricate designs depending on what a person prefers. Most people who get face tattoos are young adults who are just starting to get into full time work or they are university students experimenting with their fashion sense.

A lot of the tattoos that can be found on someone’s face would not be considered suitable in most professional workplaces, but there is nothing saying these people cannot enjoy the finer things in life.

Attempted Murder

Tattooing can also be used as a form of punishment for someone who has committed a crime. In the past this practice was common in South Africa, although now it is illegal. However, you might find some people who are heavily tattooed around their face that they have gotten done while incarcerated. This way they show that they are not afraid to take punishments that are given out, even if they result in tattooing.

Teardrop Tattoo Designs

The teardrop tattoo has morphed into other symbols over the years. For instance, some people will get a black tear drop or even an ice cream one. However, these tattoos aren’t as popular as they once were because of their connection with prison culture. If you see someone with any variation of this tattoo, it’s safe to assume that they have done at least one stint in jail, but the severity of the crime is up for interpretation. Teardrop tattoo meaning is usually very literal. Rapper lil Wayne has a tear tattoo just below his eye.

Celebrities with Teardrop Tattoos

Lil Wayne is most famous celebrity with teardrops across his face. The California-based rapper The Game even sports an teardrop under his eye. Each has said that their tattoos represent friends lost in violent protest protests around the country. Lil Wayne says he has friends who sadly lost all life as a result of the drug abuse and other opportunties. The Game and Lil Wayne say that tattoos represents friends they have lost on the trees.

Common place for Teardrop Tattoos

People who combine teardrop tattoos with other options are allowed to place their ink elsewhere. Popular choices include shoulder (back or chest), lower back area (neck line), legs and fingers. Creating a hidden spot with your tattoos instead of an ordinary facial image can provide some protection for the face. The facial is the most popular place to tattoo teardrops which will sometimes be found on one shoulder or back.

Nazi symbols

White supremacists use all forms of nazi symbolism as tattoos such as the Nazi swastikas and an German star eagle. The Aryan Brotherhood is one of the most violent prison gangs in the United States. The Totenkopf symbolise Waffen-SS the armed side of the Schutzstaffel. The title 14 / 88 represents the 14 – word slogan “We must guard our people and a future for our White children”. Developed originally by David Lane a white surpremacist who founded the terror. The 88 representing the eighth letter of the alphabet and it form H grouped together form HH the shorthand for Heil Hitler.

Loss, hardship or grief

Some eyelid-shaped teardrop tattoos represent the acknowledgment of the death of the victim. Some examples include Lil Wayne Amar’e Stoudemire and The Game who also has a tattoo. The tattoos on the face are usually a way of indicating control between attackers and their cohorts. These are the common meanings used for these types of tattoos. In this case however this isn’t always doom. The game is one of the most popular examples of an tattoo from this genre within America.

Russian prisons are well known for being some of the harshest in the world. If you ever find yourself there due to doing something you shouldn’t have, it’s important that you know how to fit into the culture. It will be crucial for your survival, especially if you want to avoid any physical harm or sexual assaults.

Five dots (Quincunx)

This tattoo comprises four dots set on a rectangular shape with the fifth dots in the center. The four dots are usually located on the hand. They indicate where the cell’s walls are located. The large triangle represents the wearer locked inside an enclosure symbolling the time period of the victim behind bars. The tattoos are typically placed in the hands of the person’s hands with the symbol of the wearer locked in the box according to the tattooist’ website.


Prison inmates tattoo teardrops to express the emotions they feel during their imprisonment while behind bars and during their recovery from prison. Teardrop tattoo can also mark hardship caused by some circumstances and emotional circumstances. Similar symbols are painted by prisoners who occasionally tattoo tearrops on their teardrop skin to acknowledge the difficult times they have endured under the law. The prisoners also often employ the sign t.

Positive Meanings and Popular Culture

Depp ‘Crybaby’ (1990) is an anthropomorphel. His tattoo has teardrop wings surrounded by an unidentified. The character can shed a single tear easily and without warning. Those with the tattoo aim to be seen as a counterculture in their opinion despite the fact they are often associated with a stereotype. It’s a big step and commanded respect isn’t it?

Colored Teardrop Tattoo

Women often like this dress choice as a fashion statement. In some cases design’s outer lines resemble other colors than those of a paper design. Some teardrop tattoos feature colors filling.

Prison Tattoos

Prison tattoos are very common. They often convey the wearer’s prison time in symbolic terms or images. Obviously, inmates that have done more serious crimes will usually get tattoos with more disturbing images, while people who have only spent a day in jail might get one of cartoon characters or other silly designs. The teardrop tattoo is one of the most common prison tattoos, and it can be found on people who have served time for many different types of crimes. It’s also important to note that there are two different teardrop variations: one with a dot under the tear and one without. Prison tattoo artists will usually draw the tear-drop with a dot under it if their customer has murdered someone. This is to signify that the wearer took someones life and they are now serving time as punishment for what they’ve done. If there’s no dot, then the teardrop simply represents any other crime committed.

Mexican gang member with a teardrop tattoo

Today, people usually get the tear drop as a sign of solidarity and camaraderie with others who have also done time in prison. For example, two friends can both get tattoos of this design to show that they trust each other and would stand by each other no matter what happened. Some people even get teardrop tattoos for this reason, but they don’t have any affiliation to prison culture at all. It’s just become an emblem that can be used to symbolize anything negative in a person’s life.

Three Dot Tattoo

Tattoos on the face can also be a way for people to express their religious beliefs, but they are not limited to religious symbols. In some cultures it is common practice to tattoo one’s face in order to disassociate oneself from that culture or religion going forward. For example, someone who has been a part of a gang might get tattoos done on their face to show that they are no longer associated with those beliefs. This is particularly common in gang cultures within certain ethnicities such as Native American or African American. Nazi leader David lane has three dots tattooed on his face

Hidden Meanings

A teardrop tattoo can also be used for memorial purposes. You might see someone with a teardrop tattoo because they have lost someone close to them, either in death or simply due to the ending of a relationship. It is possible for this symbol to represent more than one negative event in one’s life, and it really depends on the wearer and the reason why they got a tattoo in the first place.

This is a very universal design when it comes to tattoos; almost anyone can recognize what it means if they know its history. There are exceptions, of course, but having this kind of tattoo is like carrying around a sign that says you’ve done time in prison or that you’ve lost someone close to you. It’s very bold and not for the faint of heart.

get a teardrop tattoo in order to show that they have done time, usually in prison. This design is seen as a badge of honor among people who are involved with gangs and other serious crimes. In addition to this, there are many different cultures that will get tattoos on their face in order to disassociate themselves from their current beliefs or pasts.

Crazy Life Style

“Tattooing Can Also Be Used As A Form Of Punishment For Someone Who Has Committed A Crime. In The Past This Practice Was Common In South Africa, Although Now It Is Illegal.”

Tattoos on the face can be a way for someone to express their religious beliefs as well as other cultural ties. However, facial tattoos are not limited to these purposes. In some cultures it is common practice to tattoo one’s face in order to disassociate oneself from that culture or religion going forward. For example, someone who has been a part of a gang might get tattoos done on their face to show that they are no longer associated with those beliefs.

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