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The Many Choices of Rose Tattoo Designs

A rose tattoo with name symbolizes the love and romance you have for someone. It represents the purity of your love and helps to inspire trust. Most women want something that makes them feel special, and a name tattoo can help convey that. When symbolized with the colours of a rose, it becomes a beautiful and sophisticated design.

A simple rose tattoo with the name on the wrist is delicate and charming. When drawn against a light pink background, it makes an understated, yet attractive design. If done on the wrist, the tattoo can be anywhere from the centre to the end of the wrist.

rose tattoo with name

It can range from a very small, barely noticeable swelling to an elaborate border that covers most of the skin area between the wrist and upper arm. The tattoo can be small and discreet, or large and complex, but it should be proportioned to the size of the person’s wrist. If the wrist is a little smaller than someone that has a larger body size, the simple rose tattoo will give a softer, more feminine look, while the larger tattoo is a more classic and dramatic look.

Another nice option for a simple rose arm tattoo is to get a sleeve tattoo. This can be done around the upper arm, but it can also be done anywhere on the arm where there are good looking, well-defined veins. For this design, black ink is the best choice.

The arm is easily covered when not in use, but it can be worn all the time with shirts, dresses, and even jeans. If you choose the black ink, the effect can subtitle one, or it can be very striking and attention-grabbing depending on the colour and how well it is applied.

Of course, another popular option for a rose-neck tattoo is the full sleeve tattoo.

Full sleeve designs can be very elaborate and hard to keep clean, so if you are not ready to commit to a long, continuous ink job, this may not be for you. The good news is that many tattoo artists these days are using different colours and ink to create unique and individual designs for their customers. For instance, some people opt for a bold red rose, while others choose an intense purple.

Another option to consider is a tribal rose tattoo. Although the rose itself is rarely depicted, in many designs it is paired with other symbols to signify meaning or even spiritual significance. In most cases, though, the rose is seen as a symbol of purity in addition to love and sensuality.

A traditional tribal rose tattoo may have scrolling vines or barbed wire along with the main flower. It can also incorporate an animal or even across, which adds extra meaning to the overall picture.

For something a bit different, there are rose hand tattoos. 

The symbolism behind rose hand tattoos is not unlike that of a ring, as both represent love and fingers. However, the key difference here is that, with rose hand tattoos, the pinkie finger is used to represent the femininity of a woman while the cross finger is used for a man’s goodness.

A simple, black rose tattoo can be very striking. The black ink is reminiscent of the darkness and silence of the night, and black roses are associated with death, so the symbolism is strong with this type of inked design. To really add to the depth and symbolic meaning, a single black rose can be written on top of the other, creating a very striking image.

Just like all other types of symbols, though, black rose tattoos should be carefully thought out so as not to offend your new ink.

Finally, there are the most popular options: the traditional rose and the compass rose tattoo.

While a traditional rose tattoo is still widely used today, the history of the rose dates back to at least the 6th century BC, when the people of ancient Egypt adorned themselves with them. As such, the rose continues to be a symbol of beauty, love, and femininity. In addition, the rose is one of the most recognizable of all the flowers. A rose tattoo with the name of someone special can be very powerful, and should definitely be considered by those who are contemplating ink.

Table of Contents

  1. A Unique And Beautiful Tattoo Design

  2. Rose Tattoo with Names on Petals

A Unique And Beautiful Tattoo Design

Rose Tattoo with Names on Petals

A beautiful tattoo design with names on petals can be achieved through the use of rose tattoos. The tattoo is considered as a symbol of love and femininity and many women choose to have it in their lower back, ankle, rib cage, or arm. The flower itself is a symbol of beauty and perfection so the name added to the flower is a beautiful addition that will enhance the tattoo. Most women prefer to have the flower tattooed on their lower back so they can easily flaunt it when they are wearing tight pants.

To create a perfect design of a rose tattoo you need to plan the design thoroughly. This is because the petals on which the tattoo is being based may look a bit strange if they are drawn at first glance. To avoid a lot of frustration and waste, you need to get a good picture from an image search or draw a rough sketch from a piece of paper. Make sure you put some detail like the feather of the bird, the petals and the background of the tattoo to improve the overall appearance of the tattoo.

It is also important that the tattoo artist who will be doing your tattoo pay special attention to the details especially on the design. This is because your tattoo will be permanent and you need to get it right the first time. You need to avoid the designs and patterns that are very similar to the ones that are already in existence. To create a stunning design of a rose flower, start by choosing a unique tattoo artist who can provide you with fresh ideas and great designs.

Another important consideration that must be given importance to is the size and visibility of the flower. A small rose tattoo can be cute, and attractive but the intricate petals may not be seen at all. A big and detailed rose tattoo on the other hand can be very eye-catching. In fact, this has become a trend especially when women go to the beach. The tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body as long as it is able to enhance the natural beauty of the woman. The rose tattoo with names on petals can be placed on the lower back, on the shoulders, on the arms and legs and on the ankle.

Aside from the physical location of the tattoo, the color and style of the rose petals used also matter. A bold red or black rose tattoo can be very expressive. This kind of tattoo design can also work for girls who want to announce their femininity. However, it is important to choose a reliable and reputable tattoo artist to ensure that the design will look great once it is done. The tattoo artist can determine if the rose-petal design will be suitable for you based on the shape, size, and color of your rose tattoo.

Once you choose the design of your choice, it is time for you to choose the best words that you want to be engraved on the rose tattoo. You can have your favorite sayings printed on the rose petals to create your own personalized message. You can also opt to just add a simple poem. The important thing is that you choose the sayings that you want to be on your rose tattoo design.

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