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Teardrop Tattoo on Face

Teardrop Tattoo on Face

There are so many tattoos designs that can be chosen by you and the ideas can be taken from the internet in some sites related to the tattoos and there are many different sizes, shapes and designs as well as colours that can be opted for by you.

The tattoos chosen by you can also be suited with your personality and it should be known by you that many people will have a different interpretation and the geography and cultural background will determine the interpretation made by you. Just like the teardrop tattoo on the face which can also be interpreted differently.

If you have been given with the teardrop tattoo on face, it means that this tattoo is included in the facial tattoos and for having this tattoo, its meaning must be understood well by you so there will be no misinterpretation.

What we meant here is that the significance of the tattoo with teardrop design on the face must be understood by you and it also means that a history of served in prison can be known by you. Also, the wearer of this teardrop tattoo will usually be indicated as the one committing murder or multiple murders so you must be careful when this tattoo is chosen by you.

Fortunately, the teardrop tattoo on the face has a different meaning in Australian prisons and other prisoners getting tattooed with a teardrop tattoo design will usually hold down the inmates convicted of child molestation or abuse.

However, for this tattoo, you cannot choose the colours because the black ink is the one that must be used by you when the teardrop tattoos are got by you and the appearance will usually be appeared to blue by the tattoos and because the application is usually in prisons. Also, because the people get the tattoo in prisons, the result will not that be good because it will not be done by the professional tattoo equipment or ink so the black can be faded into blue.

Different designs can also be got by you when the teardrop tattoo on the face is applied and for more than one murder committed, two or three teardrops will exist underneath the same eye while the death of a loved one will be represented by a teardrop with only an outline. The time that the people who tattoo this tattoo will need is less than thirty minutes and some added details will not be required by ½ inch in size so they can perform the tattoo quickly. While for the healing, two weeks will be the time taken to heal from the tattoos.

The tattoo with this kind of design and ink will also be faded quickly if the sunlight hits the tattoo consistently because of the placement on the face and therefore, sunscreen will be needed to be worn as protection. Also, the professional and social options will be limited when a teardrop tattoo is worn on your face. So, after knowing the meaning, what do you think?

The prison time or criminal acts are indicated by the teardrop tattoo on face wearers. Therefore, you are highly suggested to do some researches about the tattoos you are going to get before the design is chosen. Meaning understanding will be the most important point here.

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