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Tattoos of Gorillas

Table of Contents

  1. Tattoos of Gorillas – Cool Gorilla Tattoo Design Ideas

  2. Best Tattoo Design Ideas – For Women!

  3. Gorilla Tattoo Ideas

  4. Gorilla Tattoo Meaning

  5. Gorillas as a Symbol of Strength and Protection:

  6. Gorillas as Symbolic Representations of Spiritual Beings:

  7. Gorilla-Human Connection:

  8. Baby Gorilla Tattoo

  9. Traditional Gorilla Tattoo

  10. Realistic Gorilla Tattoo

  11. Angry Gorilla Tattoo

  12. Placement

  13. Arm tattoos

  14. Back Tattoos of Gorilla

  15. Neck

  16. Gorilla Tattoo Sleeve

  17. Gorilla head tattoo

Tattoos of Gorillas – Cool Gorilla Tattoo Design Ideas

The gorillas are an eager and friendly creature. If you like travelling through the forest you maybe want to get a gorilla-inspired tattoo. Or maybe you like the more common tattoo designs and here are some more suggestions if you think differently about them. Below are some great ideas for pet lovers for gorillas tattoos Bigfoot tattoos and other creative things to do when they’re exploring the forest.

Gorilla tattoo designs are usually drawn as black-inked images. But you can also go for other colors that you think will look good on your skin. You can have the image framed or drawn prominently into the center of your arm or chest to show it off well.

heavily built body with ape-like features, especially large projecting jaws resembling those of a gorilla; gross; cruel; inhuman: a beastly thing to say.

“a beastly affair, quite uncivilized”

Tattoos of Gorillas

Tattoos of Gorillas

Best Tattoo Design Ideas – For Women!

Gorilla tattoos are generally sleeve tattoos wrapped around the arms. They are often colorful and have an almost tribal-like design. Gorilla tattoos are big bold and have lots of attitude. So if you want to rock the tat world pick a great design from this directory. The top tattoo designs for women is available on this list. Read the full list of the best women’s tats design here. Young or baby gorillas are often drawn on women’s skin to make them look sexy. Next tattoo design, if you are an animal lover, then this tattoo is for you.

Tattoos of Gorillas

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas

large head

great deal

Gorilla Tattoo Meaning

Gorillas are one of the most fascinating creatures. Their beautiful features and strong bodies make people draw them tattooed on their skin. Gorilla tattoos have several meanings. Some people get a gorilla tattoo to show adoration for these unique beings while others may want a reminder, a warning or even a connection to a spiritual realm that they can understand. Humans can’t seem to separate them from the rest of nature.

Gorillas as a Symbol of Strength and Protection:

A gorilla tattoo is often used as a representation of might. In fact, people who have been through strength training programs may get this tattoo to show off the results. A gorilla is usually depicted with its hands reaching for the ground or with his feet apart as he seems to be ready to engage in a brawl.

Gorillas, as well as their cousins the chimpanzees, are endangered species. So for those who may want to show concern about the status of gorillas and other primates, this tattoo is an expression of their love for these animals. It can also mean protection against violence and harm. The gorilla has huge hands that are supposed to resemble the size of a man’s palm. This is an indication that its huge hands can shield against any harm.

Gorillas as Symbolic Representations of Spiritual Beings:

Some people have tattoos of gorillas with wings, which means that although they may be part animal, there is also some divine element to their existence. Others have gorilla tattoos with angel feathers because gorillas are seen as spiritual guides to some people. Likewise, a close connection to gorillas may be made through the Tarot which features the World card that tells of victory over death.

Gorilla-Human Connection:

People who have always felt an attraction to gorillas may get a tattoo to show that connection. It may mean a genuine love for the species or it may be a way of establishing a strong bond between themselves and gorillas through spiritual means. The gorilla tattoo can also represent someone who has been in prison or lived in an institution.

Baby Gorilla Tattoo

A gorilla tattoo of this size can be done anywhere on your body. Not only does this tattoo have such beautiful features but it is also melting everyones heart. You can use them as proof of love toward the person who raised you or someone else who has a spot in your heart. An infant & mom gorilla – Tattoo is something you’ll love to share with everything around you. This Gorilla tattoo can bring in the meanings that this tattoo has for you and can be used to show appreciation for loved ones.

Traditional Gorilla Tattoo

In Japan gorillas were the bridge between human and god. A traditional gorilla tattoo is done with colored ink, it is usually large and it’s as close as it can be! Ape tattoo looks somewhat similar to a photos or cartoon. The Gorilla tattoo idea can be incredibly unique and even has a lot of meanings with fantastic tattoo artists. These tattoos are very suitable for coverup purposes too. With this gorilla tattoo design the compliments will come your way.

Realistic Gorilla Tattoo

Leg tattoo ideas will be very useful for people who hide their tattoo in time. This leg is an excellent tattoo of a gorilla platform. You can do it in any size and the Ink and this can have meaning too. Some tattoo artist will tell you that the leg is the least painful spot to get a tattoo so it’s an ideal tattoo for beginners as well. There should never be another need to find your gorilla tattoo since you’ll never find any gorilla tattoo.

Angry Gorilla Tattoo

There are so many Gorilla Tattoo Tips for you to do and we’re sure with a tattoo about this one all the eyes would be on you! You can add as much detail to your Gorilla tattoo making it more realistic. If you want aggressive red-tailed gorillas you can also create them look like you have pictures of a gorilla inside. Your gorilla tattoo will be noticed by everyone.


Gorilla tattoos are not a tattoo that you want to hide but they are generally pretty big. Typical tattoo placements for gorilla tattoos are: Gorilla tattoos are very masculine, but they occur mostly in women.

Arm tattoos

If you want to be strong and firm, getting a Gorilla Tattoo may be your choice. There are many things you can buy for a gorilla tattoo so discovering the perfect one will really depend on your taste and style. Here are some things you should try when determining your favorite tattoo.

Back Tattoos of Gorilla

There are many different species of gorillas which have their own unique artworks. If you are looking for tattooed designs and ideas you should certainly look at the different species. This article could contain a lot of great ideas as well as other items related to this.


Both designs are well known. A blue and gray design also occurs. This is indicative of the deep desire to try more new things or emotional need for discovery. Another great idea for gorilla tattoos ideas is a black and white pattern or black and orange.

Gorilla Tattoo Sleeve

Gorilla Sleeve Tattoos can also be performed as cover-up tattoos. Gorillas are a perfect pet for Sleeve Tattoo Ideas based on their size. You can choose whether to tattoo Gorillas as a realistic gorilla, an aggressive Gorilla or any other. Gorilla Tattoos are another excellent way to get unique tattoos you and your friends will love. Gorilla sleeves can also be used as cover-ups or as tattoo cover-in-ups.

Gorilla head tattoo

This Gorilla Tattoo is best achieved using pure Black Ink. If you wouldn’t like to wear a Gorilla tattoo you can always wear a Gorilla head as part of your tattoo. You should be aware if you want to have an uncoordinated tattoo – you may need more sessions. We’re sure this is worth it and you’ll enjoy getting this stuffed gorilla tattoo. Gorilla tattoos look best in color afro tattoos.

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