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Tattoos for Women Small


Table of Contents

  1. Tattoos for Women Small

  2. Choose Tattoo Ideas Wisely Here Are Some Advice :

Tattoos for Women Small

What are the best Tattoo Ideas For Women With Children? Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie are two of Hollywood stars who have a lot of tattoos on his body. For them every tattoo has a meaning. Jolie, for example, makes her children birthplace coördinates tattooed on her arm; while Fox get a tattoo with the image of her idol: Marilyn Monroe facial tattoo that he created on her right hand.

However, for most women with children, they need to consider their tattoo image well because they can just decide to have any tattoo they think it is nice. There are some popular Tattoo Ideas For Women With Children and their meanings.

tattoo for women

womens tattoo

womens tattoo

Choose Tattoo Ideas Wisely Here Are Some Advice :

  1. Fairy or Angel. Tattoo of a fairy and angel tattoo is a favorite of young Indian women. Angel tattoo has a spiritual meaning, as we know angels are messengers of God. With angel tattoo a person feel more secure and protected.

  1. Letters and numbers. If do not like the picture, some people choose numbers or letters as tattoos. The letter then assembled into words, usually spoken Chinese or Greek letters, also French. The women today love to make tattoos song lyrics, names, or historic date in their bodies.

  1. Butterfly. Butterfly tattoo on a woman’s body has a deep meaning. Usually women who made ​​the butterfly tattoo have a free spirit. Women with butterfly tattoo also usually creative, patient, intelligent, love nature, and very friendly.

  1. Interest. Many women who make flower tattoo on her body. Most tattoos are made on the wrist or on foot. Flower tattooed women are generally confident, feminine, charming, and romantic.

  1. Unique symbol. For women who have a unique personality, they usually chose an unusual tattoo such as Swastika or Viking symbol or a letter from the Egyptian hieroglyph. Well, women with children who work in creative fields such as writers and photographers usually like these Tattoo Ideas For Women With Children.

  1. Flower is the most preferred tattoos among women. Flowers have different meanings in each species, such as orchids that can mean luxury, beauty and love. Lotus which has the meaning of purity, love, wisdom and intelligence is the best Tattoo Ideas For Women With Children while Plumeria can be denoted as the warmth and friendship.

  1. Fish tattoo can symbolize fertility, but did you know that in Japan this tattoo is a symbol of strength and beauty? China and Japan are also believed to have Koi fish meaning of courage, the ability to have high ideals and a willingness to reach it. Koi fish can also be denoted as a spiritual and emotional strength. This fish is believed to act like a samurai, brave facing her own death after getting caught opponents, and the ability of these fish to swim hundreds of miles has been appointed as a symbol of perseverance.

  1. If you want to look for a small tattoo but still have meaning, then the Chinese characters tattoo you should try. The Chinese characters have characteristics that are quite complex, not just a letter or picture, but is often referred to as logograms, the symbol image that can represent individual properties such as strength, courage and even love so it is great Tattoo Ideas For Women With Children.




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