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Tattoos for Girls on Hand

Tattoos for Girls on Hand

So, you wanna get a tattoo?

Hell yeah! Well, you may feel the impulse to rush to a nearby tattoo studio, but don’t let that fascination mess up things.

Because tattoos and regrets can go hand in hand, so you need to be quite wise and smart with your decisions.

Well, there’s no denial to the fact that humans have been inking their skins with tattoos for a long time now.

Still, the choice of getting a tattoo is completely personal and it should be considered only if you’re mentally and physically ready for it.

What was once considered as a taboo is now accepted and adored by society? There is a lot of unique tattoos for girls that have turned out to be a great way of expressing yourself through body art.

Every tattoo is unique in its own way and it’s something that represents the way you see and live your life.

Well, if you’re willing to know more about different tattoos and their meaning, then just keep on reading!

Here in the below guide, we will be discussing some of the cute tattoos for girls with their meanings:

Tattoo For Girls: Unique Ideas With Their Meanings

1.Aromatic rose tattoos

A blooming rose epitomizes unconditional love and something that is beyond reach. Red coloured rose is for passionate love, the pink one is for the innocence of first love, yellow ones are for eternal friendship and a black rose symbolizes something mourning. While a rose with thorns reflects a love life with lots of struggles and pain.

aromatic rose tattoo

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2.Wonderful butterfly

From a small egg to caterpillar to pupa and then finally to a butterfly with beautiful wings, these stages depict the life-cycle and this loop can be represented through a butterfly tattoo. They also symbolize positive spiritual transformation.

butterfly tattoo

3.Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom flower represents the blooming period and also that life is short and it should be lived to the fullest. It also depicts femininity and power over a man. According to Buddhists, it depicts three phases of life where the past should be forgotten, the present should be lived completely and to leave the future to destiny.

4.Angel wings

These fascinating angel wings tattoo depicts the life choices and beliefs of an individual. Angels are creatures sent from heaven to safeguard us from negativity and that’s why many people prefer to get angel wings tattooed to feel the presence of guardian angel with them all the time. It’s considered to be one of the best tattoos for girls out there.

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5.Hummingbird tattoos

Graceful hummingbirds can flap its wings up-to 70 times per second, it can fly in any direction, even backward and upside down. With such high metabolism, these hummingbirds need to eat at least 50 times a day for surviving. These unique traits of hummingbirds are signified in their tattoos. In general, it’s a symbol of joy and love, but its strength depicts the passion, high energy, agility and swiftness of women. Well, that’s why it’s one of the best tattoos for girls.

6.Twinkling stars tattoos

Those astronomical objects shining and sparkling through light signifies the guiding light. They are those stars that have been lighting up everyone on their way of life. Stars may also be tattooed to represent that an individual is always being guarded and accompanied by positivity and light.

7.Sun and moon tattoos

Almost all over the world, sun signifies power and strength while the moon is an epitome of femininity and fragility. The Yin Yang concept is something that determines this union of sun and moon. Where there is positivity, negativity also prevails there. This tattoo represents the existence of these both traits.

8.Blow it away dandelion tattoos

These fragile flowers are associated with human dreams and desires. Either dreams that are full-filled or the ones that to be made come true, both are been depicted through dandelion tattoos. It clearly mentions to enjoy every moment of life and to do what really matters to you.

9.Arrows tattoos

Arrow serves as hunting and protection weapon. It’s also been related to moving on with our choices and never look back to what puts us down. It may also signify the long-living path that has to be completed gracefully. Two crossed arrows represent friendship, arrows in the reverse direction is a symbol of war, while a bundle of arrows is associated with unity and strength.

10.Tribal tattoos

Being extremely enticing, these tribal tattoos have great in-depth meaning. Different tribal tattoos symbolize love, friendship, peace, happiness, family or anything that you believe in. Before getting a tribal tattoo inked on your body, ensure to get complete details about it.

11.Star tattoos

Representing truth, love, truth, spirit, and hope, these star tattoos are highly loved by people. These gorgeous stars also indicate the shining light guiding through the dark. Stars have all the traits that an individual wishes to have and that’s why getting it inked on the body can help you get closer to those positive points.


These tiny dragonflies tattoos are considered extremely feminine because of the delicate nature of these insects. This is considered to be one of the most meaningful tattoos for girls. These wonderful beings have a short life span and that’s why it represents to live your life to the fullest. They also symbolize good luck, purity, prosperity, harmony, and strength.


Snowflakes are so delicate in structure and yet turns out to be hard ice. Every snowflake is unique in structure and size and that’s why it represents uniqueness and individuality. Falling down slowly and changing into water is what represents rebirth and transformation.

14.Lotus tattoo

Holding high spiritual values, these lotus tattoos are highly in demand. It’s also a way to represent enlightenment in the lives of individuals. These stunning flowers bloom in mud water and depict the win of purity against all the odds. Winning life out of all the miseries and hurdles are also represented by these lotus tattoos. In ancient times, they were also used for the healing purpose and that’s why getting it inked also represents a healing soul.

15.Tree of life

Trees are considered to be sacred and something that depicts life, love, forgiveness, knowledge, protection, strength and eternal love. Representing all these things, tree tattoos can turn out to be the perfect choice for you.

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