Graffiti Art Tattoo with meaning for man

This art form is used by minority groups to educate the majority about problems they face and their tragedies. Best part: You can make a little more by drawing your artwork and transferring it with your tattoo on your body. It is one of those artistic forms that express itself very well. There’s many bright hue and strong scents. All their designs look elegant and loud, this makes them unique. Write your strongest emotion on your forearm with a gaff tattoo. It can be done by tattoo artist.

When it comes to choosing a tattoo, one of the most important choices you will ever make is selected. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to dig deeper than the first impression while designing a new piece of artwork. 

Men’s tats come in a broad variety of design styles. Reflecting ancient religious beliefs and legends that help construct the globe, as well as current cultures that inspire people today, provides many opportunities for everyone. 

Best Tattoo Placements For Men

The most prevalent tattoo spots on the forearms chest chest, back and calves. Do all or a portion of a sleeve is also popular among men. When choosing should you consult a competent tattoos artist. Make note of the level of physical exposure and pain in the area of your tattoo.

The arm is a great place to put smaller tattoo designs. The upper arm is where men choose to put the tattoo. For example, the cross or an eagle design on the forearm. 

Men also can use the chest for tattoo designs.  The lower part or upper part of the chest is great place to put your tattoo with meaning. For example, butterfly, rose, and other flowers and abstract designs are popular choices in this location.

The back is one possibility for large scale tattoos.   It’s possible choose an entire back design or just a portion of the back. For example, The lower or upper back is also a great place for men to get their tattoo with meaning.

The calves are another good choice for a smaller tattoos . Your knees can be used in numerous manners and multiple techniques. 

tattoo with meaning for man
tattoo with meaning for man

An Enchanting Forearm Tattoo Sleeve

One large tattoo may be filled with beautiful smaller designs. You can create a piece that features a lot of elements from the magical films or have amazing props like fag dust, fairy tales, wands, Witch hood etc. So you have to have a tattoo with several features. You can create the work of your favorite movies using some elements from their favourite fiction films.

Designs that are used for male tattoos includes Celtic knot designs, sacred geometry, animal portraits, tribal symbols and infinity symbol. The most popular symbol is Infinity because of its meaning.

Bearded Man Forest Tattoo

If you have big size of tattoo that requires a large area, small sized tattoos can be placed inside. This way the entire effect will still look attractive. 

A good idea is to create a human body parts or some elements from nature using multiple colors like blue, black and grey. The color combination gives an appealing result for men. Because they are bored of simple plain colors like red and black. 

The most appealing thing about tattoo designs on men is the way it looks. Men want a bold statement in ink. Using a bold color combination that definitely says something will draw attention to some parts of the body, especially arms and chest area. So have a look at these designs and do some research before you choose a piece of art. 

Navigate through life Tattoo Ideas for Men

This tattoo design includes black and white inked vintage compass encircled by dotted lines and a small. The orientation is amazing because the imagery offers a realistic look to it. This art beautifully decorates your arm area, featuring something that you will be proud to show off on your travels. 

The meaning of this tattoo is navigation. It is such a great idea to get a compass design for men because let them know that they know how to navigate through life. They will be more motivated and have an inspirational thought when they look at the tattoo on their arm.

This is a great design for men because it looks so modern and masculine. The theme of the tattoo is navigation and direction, something which every man needs in his life. They have to be guided from time to time.

Linework Tattoo Ideas for Men

If a picture is worth 1,000 words then a design of lines sketched on your body could be worth 10,000 different meanings. With tattooing for men now the norm and not the exception to normative masculine standards, it’s no wonder that more than ever we are seeing intricate designs created on large expanses of skin that make up the arms, chest, and back.

As the landscape of men in film, television and rock & roll has expanded from that of brawn to brains, what better way than with an illustration on your body? Lines have never looked more exciting or masculine as they do now.

Hexagonal Bee

Geometric forms never get left behind. You can get a hexagonal design a tattoo on one of your hand that makes everyone wear nice clothing. This design is composed of a black bee and hexagonal structure. You might also see a number of different other types of hexagonally formed tattoos which are suitable for your forearm. There is also a hexagon design which has been fashioned out of various flowers that make it more colorful. 

This tattoo looks very artistic when you wear it on your forearm or hand. This tattoo symbolises good luck and positive energy in the life of the wearer. When worn by men, this tattoo emphasises masculinity and confidence. Bee is a symbol of hard work, supportiveness and the ability to persevere. 

This is such a masculine tattoo that will fit in with any type of lifestyle you have on your hands. There are some interesting lines which are made up of geometric shapes within this awesome tattoo design including hexagons that look amazing when worn by men.

Scary Devil inspired small tattoo

The mask depicts the two situations you had during your life and the struggles you had in the future. It has the terrifying and unusual, ideal for those looking for this color pop. All of us have demons within us but how well should we control them? A tattoo on the devils face depicts their wild side with a bold, loud tattoo.

Tribal Tattoo

The tribal tattoos have maintained their symbolism and cultural heritage for centuries. The bold blacks, gradients, and interwoven patterns look great on a man’s shoulders or chest; these locations are traditional tattoos. The thick lines, meanings, and appearance make it the perfect tattoo for men.

This is truly one of a kind. It has a bold design that any man would be proud to wear on his chest or back; this looks great when worn among others rather than being alone. The shading and interwoven patterns look so wonderful together; you can’t find another tattoo like this anywhere.

Lion Tattoo Ideas for Men

Animal images can carry with them a powerful meaning. One of the most well-known meanings comes from tattoos on lions – an image often associated with power, strength, and nobility. Tattoos in this vein have enjoyed popularity since ancient times and are still popular today among both famous figures such as Justin Bieber and other personalities alike.  

The Lion is one of the most important myths in Greek and Roman civilizations. The power, strength and courage are values that every man should have in life, this tattoo evokes all those feelings. This is a nice lion design which looks so cute and scary at the same time with its wild roar.

Dog lovers Forearm Tattoo

Tattoos are an excellent way for humans to memorialize their love of animals and pets. While often we think of humans with the tattoo, many people choose instead to have their pet’s face or body designs created in ink.

This is a nice cool looking dog tattoo design that will be popular among men who love dogs. It’s very detailed and looks so cute on your arm; this will make a great symbol for the friendship you share with your wife or girlfriend.  Dogs give us unconditional love and loyalty, it’ a good idea to show off your love for dogs through this tattoo design.

Tree Branches Tattoo Ideas for Men

You can have a branch look like you’re encased your hands. It is such a versatile design and will be stunning in colors and black ink. If you’re an enthusiast of nature you’ll surely love this simple though stunning design. The tree branch is simply designed. The branches are well-detailed which looks so graceful.

Tree branch tattoos have a simple design that will make this look nice when you wear it among others on your arm. The tree branch is drawn out to perfection with the trunk and leaves coming out of the elbow joint. It’s such a good tattoo for men who love trees and forests.

Valknut Tattoo Ideas for Men

The Norse valkantha is a triangle in three parts that overlap. It embodies the perfect paradise of the Norsemen: the hall of formidable warriors to serve in eternal servitude by beautiful sisters. The ideal for a Norwayman is ideal for the battles of death. The Valknut is a symbol of Odin; the god of war in Norse mythology.

This is a nice Viking tattoo design that will make lovely when it’s done on your chest. Some men like to have this small symbol of power and strength on their bodies; it’s a kind of magical symbol.  The three shapes are done to perfection with the lines and shading to make it look classy.

The Christian Cross Tattoo Ideas for Men

For some the cross represents contradiction; each arm goes forward and there can be no stopping. For Christians and Catholics, it is often an important symbol, signifying that they must push back against oppression without ceasing. When faced with adversity, many people turn to the cross to express their resistance to power structures in society.

The Christian cross is an important symbol in the Christian faith, representing both pain and suffering of persecution but also salvation. It’s a popular tattoo for men; it’s simple design makes this look nice when we wear it on our chest among others. The lines look so good with the shading to make it look very classy and unique.

Triskele / Triple Spiral

Originating Celtic traditions the triple spiral’s key meaning is the man’s competing drive for progress as a whole. Man is the third element so this gives a trriske. All because he looks like he’s moving. Competitive forces and the progression move too.

You can have this cool looking triskele tattoo design that will make lovely when it’s done on your right arm. The thick lines and shading makes the three circles look so unique and cool, men who love Celtic symbols will surely love this design.

This is a nice triskele symbol that shows off a man’s true strength and determination. The triskele tattoo is done to perfection with the three circles overlapping giving it a very unique look and feel, men who love Celtic symbols will surely love this design.

Portrait Tattoo Tattoo Ideas for Men

In honor of a special person in your life, it’s a good idea to get permanent tattooed of their image. The image or portrait can be done with colorful and black ink; it’s all about your preference. For you to get an attractive tattoo, the placement will matter a lot so that you get the best from it.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

In the past wolf saw itself as a protective and guardians. It captures the ideas about smartness and courage. Others include the call of the wild and the conservation of habitat for animals. When a wolf tattoo is done on the arm, it represents so much more than just its wild beauty. It’s about commitment to personal growth and exploration. This makes a man fearless in doing anything he wants.

Koi Fish Tattoo Design

The Koi fish is popular Japanese symbol of resilience, good luck and prosperity. If you are the type that feels positive energy, it’s a great choice for you. The Koi fish is not hard to draw and looks very nice when people wear it on their body among other tattoos.

The koi fish tattoo design is done nicely with thick lines and shadings to bring out the colors in this little water creature.  

3D tattoo Tattoos for Men

Cool tattoos that are a cool job of 3D are not much cooler when carried out. This is another feature designed that can be wrongdot in the wrong hands. Therefore you’ll want to hire someone truly competent to work on it at first.

3D tattoo is a very fascinating design that looks unique when it’s done on the arm. It also makes your body look nice and attractive, men who like 3D tattoos will surely love this design.

Dharmachakra / Wheel of Dharma

It is often symbolically the virtues required in life. It is associated in non-religious terms with a ship’s wheels and once popular among sailors. The depiction has many cultural meanings to India’s religions. Its design can be seen on various objects and buildings, from the Indian rupee currency.

Bear Tattoo Art

Because of his natural abilities, the American Indians thought of the bear as a metaphor for power and strength. Many other old people saw it the same way. He can be understood today as returning to nature. In fact, the bear is a symbol that has a lot to do with people’s ability to balance and stay in control.

An American Indian tattoo of this animal can mean respect for elders who have passed on. People connect it with personal strength and perseverance. When we get this as our permanent tattoo, it means we are connected to nature because we are one with it.

This bear tattoo design is done with thick lines and shading to give it a very unique look and feel, men who love animal tattoos will surely love this design.

Ankh was an Egyptian king

This representation in Ancient Egypt symbolized eternal life in the Underworld arising from deaths. In other instances others have believed that the goddess the sun was incarnated in her character. The Ankh is also known as the crux ansata, which translated means “cross with a handle”.

Not much is really known about this ancient Egyptian tattoo because it was not used by everyone. There are very little remains of it today and therefore; its importance can’t be easily understood.

Endless Knot Tattoo

The Celtic knot is a powerful symbol with meanings across different cultures and time.

It is used in tattoos for its specific meaning of the circle of life and eternity, among other things.

It is a strong symbol for family, love and even friendship as it represents a bond that never ends.

This knot tattoo representing the Celtic knot is done beautifully with thick lines and shading to bring out the colors in this design. 


Ouroboros Tattoo

Originally, the tattoo symbolized independence, cycle of life and introspection. Over time he has become associated with alchemy’s secret rites. The serpent of their own myth can have its impacts long before today, with the passing of the Greek gods and Romans, but he is also present in Persian and Hindu mythology.

Ouroboros tattoo symbolizes unity and can be very meaningful to people looking for it. As well as being able to find yourself within this design that makes a beautiful scar on our body.  

Chakra Tattoo Depictions

The Chakra Tattoo is a broad and varied subset of tattoos that is too huge here to discuss fully in this regard. Simply put they provide energy for a wide variety of applications in your life.

One of the most popular chakra tattoos is the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra.

Chakras are depicted in six colors including green, white, yellow, orange, red and purple or blue. Sometimes more than one color can be used with a single tattoo. This has become very popular over the years as people see how these colors affect their life.  

Eye of Horus Tattoo

Tattoos originate from many different sources, but they have their origins with the ancient Egyptians. These people viewed this symbol as protecting or healing others. A lot of people believe that tattoos are just decorative pieces in our today’s world. But when we look back in history, they have deep meanings to the people who cared about their meaning.

Ankh is an ancient Egyptian cross with a loop on top, which symbolizes eternal life in the underworld of death. It is also known as crux ansata meaning “cross with a handle”.

Scarab Beetle

Its feeding is what saw ancients as a source being. Today it reflects creativity drive and need for freedom and independence. The scaraba symbolizes creativity and creation. The symbol for the sun and its inner world of darkness, this insect is very symbolic in many different cultures.

People find meaning in its image bringing out feelings of creativity or a need to break free from their current situations.  

Lettering Tattoo

Letter tattoo for men cut through metaphors and reveal symbolic meaning and directly effect. Remember that the Script Style Matters as much as the letters themselves.

The Lucky Horseshoe

The horseshoe’s iron shields houses from evil spirits. Additionally the iron of horseshoes a traditional tradition was said as protecting the person from bad spirits.

Now the horseshoe is looked at as a good luck charm or even bringing in good fortune.  

The Horseshoe has been used in tattoos for long time but recently it seems to have become more popular than ever. It has different meanings depending on what culture you come from and your experiences with it while growing up.

Tree Forearm Tattoo

Tree tattoos have always been symbolic of grounding yourself to the earth and worldly matters. They can also symbolize strength, life and vitality. The tree has protected those who sleep under it from evil spirits and bad weather for centuries.

The Tree tattoo has a lot of different meanings, but they all reflect the same story. It can represent life, creation and survival. The tree trunk is a symbol of strength since it stands strong in many weather conditions such as wind, rain and snow.


Owl Tattoo

This symbol has a variety of meanings based on the culture or country that you are living in. In many countries, it is looked at as a wise creature and make it a popular image to be used in tattoos.  

The owl can represent your spiritual side and/or protect against evil spirits. It can also mean knowledge and/or strength.  

Music Tattoo

With the world of music endless possibilities can be provided by cool tattoo designs for male. From notes as notes to emblematic album graphics.

Star Tattoo

One of the best small tattoos for guys this star image is gaining popularity more than ever. Works as a standalone image or on a broader theme.

The Star is probably one of the most symbolic and popular tattoo designs for men. It can even have a variety of meanings, but they all reflect the same story.

It can represent hope, truth, success, dreams and/or courage.  

Vegvisir/The Viking Compass

The magic of Iceland historically ensured safety through wind and rough weather the bearer did not know the way. It’s truly one.

The Vegvisir compass combined the power of nature and spirituality with magical symbols used in Viking times for protection and safety.

Tribal Tattoos For Men

The tribal tattoo has a variety of different meanings. It is usually associated with the power, love and divine protection.  

Arrow Tattoo

Arrow symbolizes rapid movement, travel and battle. It also shows a quick response to a certain situation.

This arrow tattoo is a popular design for many men today because of the bold image that it brings with itself. This is probably one of the most common designs available for guys.  

The Moon Small Forearm Tattoo Inspiration

Do you see the stars in the sky? For those people who want a tattoo that shows them off their inner self then get this! Tell me the way it looks like when you put your forearm and it will show others what you stand for and the way you look at what the world will be like. Often mountain symbols are new challenges to overcome.

Feather Tattoo Ideas for Men

The plumage is very popular tattoo option because of the meaning of it and its message. It can be described in Christianity ‘a symbol of virtue’ while in the native America the words are associated as soul/spirit. There are numerous patterns and interpretations for him making him an excellent choice for men and women alike. It also represents different things for specific cultures and so it represents virtue in Christianity as examples or for Native Americans.

Small Mens Skull Tattoo

This symbol of human skull can symbolise your grief as well as your loss. I want this to be an evil and frightening tattoo and I’m happy that this is an ideal choice for guys who want to showcase their strong and fragile side at once. It’s just plain simple though pretty scary and very plain and simple. You will enjoy it because it can get tattooed in no time. … More at Sugar Skull and Calavera Tattoo – meaning and design inspirations.

Small Tattoos For Men On Hand Galaxy & Egypt Inspired

This handprinted tattoo is no suitable for everyone though. If you like smaller tattoos yet showy places you will like to have a. Symbolize your belief in the galaxy and love for the universe in conjunction with your appreciation of the ancient Egyptian culture. If it makes sense that this tattoo demonstrates your passion in history what are your ideas about this tattoo? Please make sure that you have it! Is the Universe strong?

Rose Tattoo

The roses represented a new start, growth, potential, peace and even honor of loved ones. Red and Rose tattoos are commonly used. Artists can change a classic rose into a masterpiece by combining a realistic look and using 3. It can often be translated as color variation if it depends upon the art style and the colour or shape of tattoo. The rose has many roles when created in various designs for males.

Scorpion Tattoo

The predatory arachnid can cause hurt and can be associated with protection or strength. The hyperrealistic variants are more aggressive. The most popular tattoo on Scorpion is the most realistic form of the creature. It is both respected as it also fears its wearer and is often used as a reminder for those that should not get close enough and not in danger.

Lion Tattoo

A lion is among the fetish of predators that can be found on Earth and can be a metaphor of your inner strength. Tattoos of lions may stand alone or have other pictures in a beautiful collage. They are ideal centerpieces for art on sleeve or chest/back and can be used to be covered on the neck or on the back. The Lion symbolises strength, courage and family.

Crown Tattoo

The head ornament is traditionally associated with royalty but can also signal self esteem, or the desire to become better. A popular choice for men is getting a matching crown tattoo with their partner. Crown tattoo ink for men are a popular way to get on your partner’s skin. This popular design can worn by a man or woman with his crown.

Scary Devil inspired small tattoo

The mask depicts the two situations you had during your life and the struggles you had in the future. It has the terrifying and unusual, ideal for those looking for this color pop. All of us have demons within us but how well should we control them? A tattoo on the devils face depicts their wild side with a bold, loud tattoo.

The Blue Whale Tattoo

This tattoo features a black inked whale with blue shades and a geometrical image of it below. This tattoo is really unique and mesmerizing. The blue whale is magnificent. Despite its enormous size and power she satisfies all marine life.


This symbolises strength and wisdom. These birds command the skies. Likewise, Eagles are associated with patrioticism if there are such things at your disposal. However the chest pieces with sweeping wings are amazingly awesome and no one can stop them.


Nautical motifs are synonymous with Tattoos in Western Culture. Sailors have been credited with taking this art form to western cultures from indigenous Chinese and Polynesian groups. Nautical themes like ships and anchors are staples of tattooing.

Human skull

Like roses tees up with tattoo styles making it suitable for a budding collector’s tattoo list. An image of the skull is the reminder in human beings of mortal death and also a badass piece of art.

Religious Motifs

Religious tattoos can keep your faith safe for the rest of your life. The tattoos of religious icons are almost everywhere from portraying the gods in religious icons such as crosses and crosses.


A dagger symbolizes strength, freedom or badassery. You may also get this tattoo to commemorate the knife fights you had.


The heart tattoo shows your lighter side. Favoring an anatomical form is a welcome modification to this classical form.