Tattoo Shops In Pensacola FL

Before you ink the tattoo, you should consider what tattoo you want. One thing which is should be considered is the tattoo design. Each tattoo has it is own meaning. So, now are you wondering what tattoo you want to ink?

These tattoo shop below will help you find the perfect tattoo design for you. These tattoo artist will help you consider what you want and the best for you. When it comes to choosing the best tattoo shops in Pensacola, you don’t have to compromise.

Top 5 tattoo Shops In Pensacola fl

Pensacola fl has a lot of tattoo shops scattered in several areas. We would highly recommend you for the best tattoo shop feature the best artist to assist you in finding the best tattoo design. Here are the best tattoo shops include brief information about direction, website, and phone number.

Pensacola Tattoo Studio

6229 N 9th Ave,


FL 32504, United States

At phone number 850-477-1155

Go visit at Pensacola Tattoo Studio

Pensacola tattoo studio is specializing in making your creations come to life through body art, piercing, and tattoos. The staff at Pensacola tattoo studio has a combined experienced over years working in the tattoo and body art industry. If you are looking for the best tattoo shop in Pensacola, you have found the right place. The tattoo materials are made from the top of the line tattoo for great colour and healing. Your artwork and safety is their highest priority.

All About Ink Tattoos

2020 N. 9th Avenue

Pensacola, Florida 32503

At phone number 850-607-6665


If you visit All About Ink Tattoos, you have come to the right place. Kaoz is probably the place to go in Pensacola if you want the most realistic looking tattoos. They are providing you with the best tattoo artist with their own individual experiences. The tattoo artist there are true masters and the store though it also promised old school tattoos. All About Ink Tattoos will find more than just tattoos. You can find all that other pseudo rebellious, dragon-related products, skeletons and infinity mirrors. They offer you a variety of tattooing design to you choose from.

Psychedelic Shack

6707 plantation rd S-2


At phone number 850-479-9007


psychedelic shack tattoo shop

Psychedelic shack is a multidimensional tattoo shop. They offer you not only body art but also piercings and alternative books. As far as the recent moment toward everybody and his sister getting a tattoo rather than everybody’s relative from the military, the psychedelic shack has been around the longest. The tattoo shops feature both female and male artist. You are free to choose the right artist that suit for you. They offer you a variety of tattooing types to you choose from. They promise pain-free tattoos and even do domestic tattooing.

Many tattoo shops are located in Pensacola Florida. For the addresses and phone number of all the tattoo shops mentioned in this article, check out this web site for more information.

Tattoo Shops In Knoxville TN

A tattoo is a picture that will decorate the body. Nowadays, tattoo no longer for military men or bikers. Everyone can create these pictures on some part of the body. A tattoo is an art express that draws on skin. It is one way to express your feeling.

A tattoo will interest your look. In addition, to make it look good, the tattoo also can hide the imperfections. Custom tattoo design offer thousand of designs to you choose from. Choose the right tattoo will flatter your appearance.

Top 3 Tattoo Shops In Knoxville TN

Choosing the right tattoo design is an important thing. But choosing the tattoo shop is the most important thing which is should be to consider. To get a satisfactory result to depend on the place you visit.

We would highly recommend you in Knoxville TN. Knoxville TN is the right place to create a tattoo with the best result as you desire. Knoxville TN has a lot of tattoo shop to your visit. Here are

Saint Tattoo

Are located in 1020 N broadways t

Knoxville, TN

At phone number 865-971-3983

Go visit at

saint tattoo tn

Saint tattoo is Knoxville’s best tattoo shop and body piercing shop as voted by the Knoxville news sentinel the readers of the metropolis for over 10 years. You cannot go wrong visit at saint tattoo. To get the best looking and highest quality tattoos, saint tattoo is the best place for you. They are providing you with the best artist from all over the country new techniques and materials that make the tattoo looking good. Create your amazing tattoo with the top tattoo artist there.

Synergy Tattoo

Are located in 6910 Kingston pike

Knoxville, TN

At phone number 865-602-7888

Go visit at

One other best tattoo shop in Knoxville is synergy tattoo. They offer exceptional services in a relaxed and friendly environment. At synergy tattoo, you will find memorable experiences. They also have artist proficient in every aspect of tattoo art and style. The tattoo artist is expertise person with thousand designs you want, whether the simple design for a first-timer or even a bad tattoo that needs to cover. You are in the right place. Synergy tattoo can do it all.

Alter Ego Tattoo

Are located in 7212 Kingston pike #101

Knoxville, TN

At phone number 865-330-0006

Go visit at

Alter ego tattoo provides safe and professional tattoos at reasonable prices. Everything can be done at alter ego tattoo at an affordable price. You do not have to worry, the materials made from high quality to prevent the bad impact on your body, Blood born pathogen certified, and health department approved.

Trust their award-winning artist to take your step by step into the tattoo designs of your dreams. They will make it look good by giving you the tattoo art that flatters your appearance. There is a special discount of about 10% with student ID. And available over 1000 tattoo designs to you choose from.

When finding a tattoo parlour, it is better for you to choose a clean and comfortable tattoo parlour. For tattoo shops, each state has its own specific regulations and laws. These laws will protect the transmission of diseases.

There are several the best tattoo shops in Minneapolis with high-quality service, sterile materials and instruments, and affordable for you. Let’s check this out!

The Best Tattoo Shops in Minneapolis: Uptown Tattoo

If you want to make your first tattoo, it is recommended to visit the Uptown Tattoo. Uptown Tattoo is popular with its cosy and relaxed atmosphere in the shop. The artists at Uptown Tattoo are uber-talented and easy to work with. There are several tattoo artists in Uptown Tattoo include Nic, Jon, Tom, Zack, Dan, Brandon, and Matt.

Uptown Tattoo
614 W 27th St
Telephone: (612) 874-6400

The Best Tattoo Shops in Minneapolis: The Ink Lab Tattoos and Body Piercing

David Dettloff has founded The Ink Lab in October 1995. Since it founded, The Ink Lab features award-winning and experienced tattoo artists and body piercers from around the world.

All of The Ink Lab’s artists and piercers are regulated by the Minneapolis Department of Environmental Health and licensed by the state of Minnesota. It is recommended to visit their shop located in the heart of the Uptown neighbourhood because it is friendly, drug-free, and clean. To get a tattoo at The Ink Lab, you must be eighteen.

The Ink Lab us specializing in a wide range of tattooing styles, such as traditional Americana, flash, oriental, tribal, and custom design. You can visit their shop anytime, though they also take appointments. With the strictest of sterile conditions, you will get the highest quality service from both their tattoo artists and piercers.

The Ink Lab  Tattoos and Body Piercing
Minneapolis, MN 55408
919 W. Lake St
Telephone: (612) 823-2969

The Best Tattoo Shops in Minneapolis: Saint Sabrina’s

In 1993, Saint Sabrina’s was opened. They are putting the focus on making their client’s tattoo and piercing experience better by their new facility. You can purchase cold beverages or get free coffee and tea. In Saint Sabrina’s studio, you will never feel bored.

They offer free Wi-Fi, LCD television and others at their several lounging areas. Their staff will help guide you through the process, whether it is your first tattoo or want to tattoo your entire body.

Saint Sabrina’s
Minneapolis, MN
2645 Hennepin Avenue South
Telephone: (612) 874-7360

The Best Tattoo Shops in Minneapolis: Steady Tattoo

Steady Tattoo has grown steadily, since its inception in 2000. In this day, there are five artists at Steady Tattoo. They can do ready-made designs and craft custom. Steady Tattoo is one of the most reputable studios in the Midwest because they have strived to stay up to date in the ever-evolving field of piercing and tattoo.

Steady Tattoo & Body Piercing
Minneapolis, MN 55414
714 Washington Ave SE
Telephone: (612) 379-4455

Tattoo Shops In Springfield Mo

Before you get rushed into picking a tattoo, you should consider what you want. What tattoo you want to draw. The tattoo shop below this will help you find the perfect tattoo design to you. The tattoo artist will help you consider what you want.

You no need to compromise when it comes to finding the tattoo shops in Springfield mo. Springfield mo has a lot of tattoo shops scattered in several areas. we are here to present you the best tattoo shop which offers brief information including phone number, direction, and website. Here are the best tattoo shops in Springfield mo. Check below this

Eternal Tattoo

Are located in 3207 S Campbell ave Springfield At phone number 417-877-8282 Go visit at Eternal tattoo was established since 2010 that offers unique and personalized tattoo and body piercing.

Eternal tattoos are not only tattoos, but you can custom pieces of artwork. Anything you find at eternal tattoos. They can replicate the tattoo and custom to the dot, photographs, magazines, portraits, paintings, and animals. Everything can be done at the eternal tattoo. You have come to the right place.

If you want something never seen before, their tattoo artist has custom abilities including new skool, low brow, anime, classic old school, color bomb, cartoon, and realism.

All of the tattoo artists are trained in cross-contamination, sterilization techniques, bloodborne pathogens, and universal precautions. You will know you’re in professional hands

Next Generation Tattoo

Are located in 1231 E republic rd Springfield At phone number 417-889-9130 Go visit at Next-generation tattoo takes pride in it is friendliness, cleanliness, and dedication and talent.

Their tattoo artist and piercing are big on talent and light on ego and more than happy to answer any question you have. Free consultants are available. The tattoo artist and piercing will work you are Jon, billy, Bryan, Dallas, Shane, and luke. You are free to choose the tattoo artist suited for you.

Body Creation Ink

Are located in 1704 E sunshine Springfield At phone number 417-315-8711 Go visit at Body creations ink was established in 2006. You are free to choose a tattoo artist suited for your needs.

They have specialized in custom a tattoo. To find the best tattoo artist at body creations ink, check out the photos of their tattoo in the gallery. If you cannot find what you are looking for, come and meet with their tattoo artist.

The tattoo artist is very friendly and experiences. They will help you design your permanent art. Body creations ink has a huge selection of tattoo design to you choose from. Come on down and look at what the best tattoo for you.

The tattoo artist will be glad to help you design your permanent art. We are sure that you are in the right place and in the right hands. Make the unique tattoo at body creation ink. Make a schedule are recommended, but walks INS are welcome.

Best tattoo shops in Portland, OR

We are here, to guide you for the best tattoos shops in Portland Oregon. We will share what is the best place where you can create an amazing tattoo of your dream.

Listed below is a tattoo shop in Portland Oregon include brief information about location, phone number, and website. If you know of a tattoo shop that is not on the list, would you like to see it include? Here are a few to check out!

5 best tattoos shops in Portland

Icon tattoo

Are located in 813 N Russell st


At phone number 503-477-7157

Go visit at

Icon tattoo feature a beautiful and ever-expanding all local retail space featuring accessories, jewellery, letterpress cards, and prints and skateboard. The tattoo artist will work with you is Melanie nead, Alena s Chun, Clio Reese Sady. Betty Marie, Lisa Maurine, and more. choose the artist you want.

Infinity tattoo LLC

Are located in 3316 N Lombard st


At phone number 503-231-4777

Go visit at

Whether you are interested in a large piece or a small design, everything can be done at infinity tattoo LLC. If you want to custom-designed piece or have a design already chosen, the professional artist is eager to use their talent to make it as you desire.

The professional tattoo artist experienced to ensure you get the tattoo you want. These six tattoo artists offer a variety of styles and personalities to each client’s need.

Atlas tattoo studio

Are located in 4543 N albino ave


At phone number 503-281-7499


The atmosphere at atlas tattoo is very cool in the shop. At one point there were 5 tattoo artists working. All of the tattoo artists were friends to the client. Everyone was joking with each other and got fantastic artwork. You cannot go wrong go to at atlas tattoo studio.

Atomic art tattoo studio

Are located in 1410 N Alberta st


At phone number 503-284-6688


Atomic art tattoo studio was founded in December 1993 by London bellman. It is a warehouse converted into alternative artist space and music rehearsal space. In 2005, Joanne Slorach was added to the mix of artist that specialized in creating a tattoo. These four artists offer a variety of style and personalities for each client need. If you prefer, your own design can be replicated as you want. The tattoo artist will work with you is London bellman, Jason Bradbury, Joanne Slorach, and Roll Hardy.

Captain Jacks tattoo studio

Are located in 4601 SE Hawthorne blvd


At phone number 503-236-8022


At captain jack’s tattoo, you will fun and memorable experiences. Captain jack’s offering Oregon’s top artist for your individual need. They will make every visit an experience that fits your need. Book an appointment with captain jack right now. Walk-ins are always welcome. They also offer privacy setting, if you needed.

Top 3 Tattoo Shops In Savannah GA

Here are top 3 listings of tattoo shops in savannah ga. Check below this for more information about tattoo shop include a brief review about address, phone number, and website. If you know of a tattoo shop that is not on the list, would you like to see it included? Here are

American irons tattoo and piercing

Are located in 6608 white bluff rd

Savannah GA 31045

Phone number 912-349-1554

American iron tattoo is a judgment-free zone where you can relax in a calming, professional environment while receiving your tattoo and piercing. It does not matter who you are.

Whether you are student, military, business professional, musician, or anyone from any other walk of life, they are accepting everyone equally. American iron tattoo is all about providing you with the highest quality.

The professional inking available in savannah and professional artist has experiences in many years to draw a tattoo. American tattoo house many talented artists under it is the roof, each tattoo artist with their own specific style.

In addition, to draw a tattoo, American iron tattoo also providing for piercing. They have a large variety of body jewellery to help you express yourself whichever way you choose.

If you are a military, you can get 10% off to a tattoo. Tattoos have shared with the military throughout history that offers a 10% military discount.

Black orchid tattoo

Are located in 118 W victory dr

Savannah ga 31405

At phone number 912-236-0010

The Tattoo Artists Are Experienced

The black orchid tattoo was founded since 2004 that offer the traditional tattoo ethics. They are providing you with consultation services. Large pieces and cover-ups will require a consult.

All consultations are free. The consult can be scheduled with the artist of your choice. Or you may stop by the studio any day between 12 to 8 pm. Tattoo and piercing are available in high quality at an affordable price.

So, schedule an appointment today. Call the studio or stop by. The tattoo artists are experienced, specialized, and professional in all style of tattooing and piercing. The tattoo artist will work with you is Chris Autry, brian warnekros, Marcus dove, scoot, and guest spot available.

California tattoo company

Are located in 23 E DeRenne ave

Savannah ga 31405

At phone number 912-352-8288

California Tattoo Company Was Founded Since 1976

California Tattoo Company is savannah’s oldest tattoo shop. California Tattoo Company was founded since 1976 that offers top-notch work from some of the most talented tattoo artists in savannah.

California Tattoo Company offers you high-quality tattoo and affordable tattoos in a safe, clean, and friendly environment. Find the best artist suited for your needs and get on touch today. Each artist has their own specific style.

The best artist will work with you is Aaron, carl, David, Thomas, Jason, Chris, and David. Take a moment with one of the tattoo artists at California Tattoo Company.

Discovering Tattoo Shops in Delaware

One of the hardest parts of having a tattoo on our skin is usually deciding which is the best tattoo design. You have better narrow the numerous tattooing options by relying on your own preferences as well as your personality. That way, you may come up with a tattoo design that perfectly matches your demand.

Most people opt for tattooing their body as their means of showing their true personality. They know the importance of choosing the right tattoo design as they will carry the body art for the rest of their life. Therefore, never choose a tattoo design that you will possibly regret in the future.

Once you have found the right tattoo design for yourself, the next thing to do is visit a place where you can have the tattoo done on your preferred body part. Since there are numerous tattoo shops available in any town these days, you should do a little research to find the best tattoo shop for yourself.

Let us take Delaware for example, there are many different tattoo shops operate in this region. You can only rely on some tattoo shops with good reputations to deal with your most desired tattoo. Tattoo shops in Delaware are scattered all over the area.

Anywhere you go in the Delaware region, you will find at least a couple of tattoo shops there. You will never run out of tattoo shops to work on your chosen tattoo in wonderful state Delaware.

Discovering Tattoo Shops In Delaware

Most tattoo shops in Delaware will easily welcome any individual who wishes to get tattooed even without a reservation in advance. Coming to one of the tattoo shops in Delaware as a walk-in guest might be fine for you.

However, you had better make a reservation in advance whenever you wish to visit some reputable tattoo shops in Delaware. Otherwise, you might have to wait in long very long lines before getting your turn to get tattooed.

Unless if you intentionally wish to spend more time waiting in the tattoo shops, a walk-in option would be a great idea. While waiting in the tattoo shops in Delaware, you can make use of your time by having some conversations with some other customers.

You may have some precious information regarding the tattoos and they will share their own tattooing experiences with you.

Tattoo shops In Delaware Are Scattered All Over The Area

In order to find the best tattoo shops in Delaware, there would be no need for you to travel every corner of the region. You can easily log on to the internet and browse a number of tattoo shops with many different services.

One of the best websites to find the best tattoo shops in Delaware would be You will find more information about various tattoo shops in the first state of the country. They are ready to accommodate your passion in expressing yourself through many different tattoo designs.

Tattoo shops in Delaware also provide customers with another popular body art like body piercing. If you wish to have a closer look at the customer’s reviews on the tattoo shops in Delaware, you can easily browse their interactive websites. Be sure to visit their online forums and blogs as well.

Tattoo Shops in Reno NV

It is difficult enough when searching for the best tattoo designs because it is so important to have the best design with the meaning behind it. Finding the best tattoo shops can be the most important thing and should be thought out very carefully.

If you want to research the best places to get tattooed, some research can be done so you can find out all the strengths and weaknesses of the tattoo shops, so the ones with poor quality can be avoided. These are some reputable tattoo shops in Reno NV that you can trust.

Tattoo Shops in Reno NV

The first one of the recommended tattoo shops in Reno NV is Nightmare Studios which is at 888 S Virginia St Reno, NV 89502. They can really be relied on because the tattoo artists there are professional.

As seen in the reviews, most people who visited this tattoo shop were really satisfied because of the tattoo artists’ professionalism. It was also mentioned that they were are also friendly and talented so you will definitely enjoy yourself there. Also, the place is very clean so their clients are very comfortable.

The Highly Recommended Tattoo Shops In Reno NV

The second one of the highly recommended tattoo shops in Reno NV is Black Hole Body Piercing which is at 912 S Virginia St Reno, NV 89502. You will experience good, clean work here.

The staff is really friendly and will always be glad to service you whenever you need tattoos or want to have a body piercing. Their professionalism won’t be doubted by anyone! Just see how many reviewers there and you will be convinced that this is one of the best tattoo shops in Reno NV.

Alternatively, the Body Graphics Tattooing which is at 460 S Wells Ave Reno, NV 89502 can also be considered, because this place offers one of the best one and the high-quality services in Reno.

This is one of the favourite tattoo shops in Reno NV that has provided quality tattoo artistry for years. They are very popular and it is recommended to make an appointment, but walk-ins are always welcome!

 The Best Tattoo Shops In Reno NV

However, do not forget to do some observations whenever you try to look for the best tattoo shops and make sure that the autoclave, gloves, cross-contamination, ink cups, cleanliness, needles and a clean and fresh smell are provided by the owners.

If these important things are there, this place should be considered trustworthy. Professionalism can also be seen from how the shop is maintained by the owners and employees.

Some of the best tattoo shops in Reno NV are already recommended above and hopefully, you can find them easily and feel satisfied with their expertise in tattooing you.

Get some comfort and nice results there. Enjoy your new tattoos look and brag about them to your friends and don’t forget to recommend those place to them after your experience.

3 Best Tattoo Shops In Norfolk VA

Norfolk, Virginia is home to several tattoos and piercing shops and studios. We are here, to present you several best tattoo shop which offers brief profiles, address, phone number, and website.

These tattoo shop below this regularly produce traditional, portrait, Asian, tribal, symbolic, fantasy, animal, and ant other types of tattoo. Body piercing work is performed at most of these tattoo shop below this.

Here are 3 best tattoo shops in Norfolk, VA

Are located in 1540 azalea garden rd


At phone number 757-857-4465


All out tattoo is known for it is top rate artist who regularly produces tattooing works of art. All out tattoo open seven days per week. So, whenever you can come at all out the tattoo.

All out tattoo shop is very clean, sanitary and professional. The staff members are friendly. Free consultations are available. Walk INS are preferred and the appointment is accepted there.

All our tattoo offer you at an affordable price for a tattoo. Tattoos have shared with the military throughout history that offers a military discount.

Norfolk ink gallery

Are located in 2100 Monticello ave


At phone number 757-625-4658


Another best tattoo shop in Norfolk is ocean mystique ink gallery. All style of tattooing is offered at ocean mystique ink gallery. They feature a huge selection of flash or existing tattoo designs.

ocean mystique ink gallery offers you a huge selection of tattoo design include animals, symbols, Asian, portraits, traditional, tribal, fantasy, lettering, cover-ups, re-works and all other types of tattooing can be done.

The tattoo artist at ocean mystique ink gallery has experiences in tattooing for many years. The tattoo artists are very talented and friendly with many forms of tattooing. They have known about safe and professional aftercare advice.

In addition, to draw a tattoo, ocean mystique ink gallery is offered body piercing services. Very hygienic work areas and equipment always used in body piercing work at this Norfolk. They are providing huge types of body jewellery to you choose from.

Ocean mystique gallery ink also regularly stocks and sells motorcycle accessories, incense, leather goods, t-shirts, and other items.

Fuzion Ink Tattoo Studio

Are located in 729- Granby st


At phone number 757-226-9840


This Norfolk tattoo studio is an impeccably, clean establishment that could almost be mistaken as a doctors office. Fuzion ink tattoo studio is warm and comfortable with the soothing wall colour, wall art, pleasant lighting, and leather couches. The staff is very friendly and helpful. You can get a memorable experience there.

All of the types of tattoo are done at this Norfolk at affordable price. Everything can be done at fusion ink tattoo gallery, whether you want the animal, portrait, tribal, traditional, symbolic, cartoon, fantasy, Asian, lettering, or any types that suited for you. Come directly at Fuzion ink gallery, open seven days a week.

Tattoo Shops In Richmond VA

Tattoos are no longer reserved for military men or bikers. Everyone can create a tattoo anywhere he wants. A tattoo is one way to express your feeling. There are so many pictures of choice to create for some party of the body.

Tattoos give a special effect for each person and can add an interesting look.  Some people assume tattoos give an impression of ruthlessness, but there are a few tattoos pictures that give an impressively beautiful and fun look.

Best Tattoo Shops In Richmond VA

A tattoo looks like a fashion. Tattoo makes your body seems interesting. If you want to hide the imperfections, it is another function of the tattoo. Do you have a plan to create a tattoo on some part of your body?

You have to come at several tattoo shops below this. In Richmond VA, you will find a lot of tattoo shops. We would highly recommend you for the best tattoo shop in Richmond VA. The tattoo shop below this is the best place feature the finest tattoo artist. Here are

Loose Screw Tattoo

Are located in 3313A W Cary st

Richmond, VA 23221

At phone number 804-342-1981


Loose screw tattoo is a high quality, custom tattoo studio. At loose screw tattoo, you will work with professional tattoo artist have won over 50 awards for their work and have over 50 years of cumulative experiences.

There are several top tattoo artists will work with you such as Jason Stephen; will Gonzales, Jesse smith, be xx, Daniel Farren. You do not have to worry; all tattoo artists have been experiences in creating a tattoo. They can make it look right as you desire.

Lucky 13

Are located in 1800 W broad st

Richmond, va

At phone number 804-358-2012


Lucky 13 have a lot of tattoo artist will work with you such as Robert Knox, brad Buehrle, Jesse Vardaro, Adam Philips, Abel Killian, and more. Come directly at lucky 13 and got your amazing tattoo there.

River City Tattoo Co

Are located in 1128 N blvd

Richmond, VA

At phone number 804-359-5252


River city tattoo co is the premier tattoo and piercing studio. In addition to a specialist about the tattoo, they are also providing piercing service. River city tattoo prides itself in having the largest selection of body jewellery on the east coast.

The tattoo offers the highest quality in tattooing and piercing while following strict autoclave sterilization procedures and utilizing only single-use needles. River city tattoo co custom tattoo design, as well as offer thousands of designs to you, choose from. You are free to choose amazing design that fit your style.

Come directly at river city tattoo co, and ask a professional tattoo artist about any tattoo and piercing needs. You will work with several tattoo artists such as zac vining, adam Marton, Charlie joined, Maz Wetzel, Dylan mott, and more. For speciality piercing, you will work with Jessica Simmons.

The most efficient way to get a high-quality tattoo is researching the best tattoo artists and shops. A skilled and professional tattoo artist basically will be able to make the difference between a comfortable procedure and a high-quality service, and both of them.

It is completely easy to find the best and popular tattoo shops in Chicago. If you live in Chicago, you can use the internet to find the best tattoo shops near your location. But, there are several examples of the best tattoo shops in Chicago. Let’s check this out!

The Best Popular Tattoo Shops in Chicago: The Tattoo Factory

The Tattoo Factory has been established by Pete Collurafici in 1976. Bob Olson is a first local artist that joined with Pete Collurafici. After that, there was more artist were put on, including Pete’s little brother Paul, Dan Melzer, and Tattoo Mike Ortmann.

Sadly, Pete Collurafici died in a motorcycle accident on May 22, 1996. Paul, a little brother of Pete continues the business because he believes that his brother will live on if the Tattoo Factory stays open.

The Tattoo Factory offers several designs of tattoos include Tribal, Traditional, Celtic, Custom, Black & Grey, New School, Portrait, Real Life, Biomechanical, Wildlife, and Cover-Up. In this day, there are 18 skilled and professional tattoo artists in the Tattoo Factory. The Tattoo Factory also offers piercing service.

The Tattoo Factory
4441 N Broadway St
Telephone: (773) 989-4077

The Best Popular Tattoo Shops in Chicago: The Chicago Tattooing and Piercing Co., Inc.

The oldest Chicago’s and Illinois tattooing studio in Chicago Tattoo. For the last ten years, Chicago Tattoo has an A+ rating, which is an incident-free member of the Better Business Bureau.

Chicago Tattoo has continued to be the leading body piercing and tattoo establishment since 1973. The late Cliff Raven was opened this tattoo and body piercing studio in the mid-1960s. There are six tattoo artists in the Chicago Tattoo include Josh Howard, Mike Dalton, Erik Gillespie, Matt Ziolko, Nick Colella, and Mario Desa.

Chicago Tattoo & Piercing Co.
1017 W Belmont Ave
Telephone: (773) 528-6969

The Best Popular Tattoo Shops in Chicago: Tatu Tattoo

Since 1992, the Tatu Tattoo has been providing quality and affordable work. In order to ensure safety for all of their clients, all artists at Tatu Tattoo are trained in safe and proper tattooing.

Tatu Tattoo offers a wide range of tattoo designs such as New School, Old School, Tribal, Asian, Black & Grey, Portraits, anatomical, Biomechanical, Media/ Cartoons, Realism, and Lettering. At the Tatu Tattoo, the safety of the clients is of utmost importance.

After use all the tattoo and piercing materials and instruments, they are either sterilized in a high-temperature, high-pressure autoclave or thrown away. Tatu Tattoo always opens at Sunday through Thursday from noon to the 12 a.m. and Friday through Saturday from noon to the 2 a.m.

Tatu Tattoo Chicago
Chicago, IL 60622
1754 W North Ave
Telephone: (773) 772-8288