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Sweet Pea Tattoo Designs

Table of Contents

  1. Sweet Pea Symbolism

  2. Sweet Pea Flower Meaning

  3. Where Did the Symbolism for Sweet Pea Flowers Originate?

  4. Sweet Pea Flower Tattoos for the Forearm or Wrist

  5. Upper Arm Sweet Pea Flower Tattoos

  6. Lower Arm Sweet Pea Tattoos

  7. Sweet Pea Flower Tattoos for Girls

  8. Sweet Pea Flower Tattoos for Guys

  9. Sweet Pea Flower Tattoos for the Upper Back

  10. Shoulder Sweet Pea Flower Tattoo Idea

  11. Sweet Pea Tattoo Design Ideas

  12. What is the Cultural Significance of a Sweet Pea?

  13. What is a poppy tattoo?

  14. Lily Tattoos

  15. Daisy and Sweet Pea Tattoo

Sweet Pea Symbolism

The sweet pea is an ancient symbol of love and beauty. This ever-popular flower, with its pleasing scent and beautiful flowers, represents the most romantic of all feelings – pure love! It also suggests a charming personality that can be soft like a petal but able to defend itself when needed. Sweet peas are believed to attract good luck and fortune, while also promoting peace.

The sweet pea is a traditional symbol of the month of April, as well as femininity and youthfulness. Many young girls like to carry a small bouquet of this flower in their hands on May Day. In some parts of Europe, lovers traditionally exchanged bunches of them at this time to represent their romantic feelings and desires.

sweet pea tattoo

Sweet Pea Tattoo

Sweet Pea Tattoo on Arm

Sweet Pea Flower Meaning

The Sweet Pea flowers symbolic meaning is virtually the same as its symbolism: love, beauty, femininity, youthfulness, and more. The sweet pea signifies that all of these things can be found in a single person; someone beautiful on the outside and inside, someone who is youthful, yet mature with years of experience. Sweet pea flowers represent the most cherished feelings in the world: love and beauty. These are feelings that everyone can enjoy to the fullest extent possible.

Where Did the Symbolism for Sweet Pea Flowers Originate?

Sweet Pea flowers have an interesting legend that began in Germany. It was said that a young man fell deeply in love with the daughter of a wealthy family. However, their union wasn’t looked upon favorably by her parents, who instead arranged for her to marry a rich nobleman.

The lovers were completely devastated by this news and they vowed to be together until death. Shortly after their wedding, the young man died. His beautiful bride was so heartbroken that she stopped taking care of herself and soon passed away as well.

Before their death, both of them had requested that their hearts not be buried with them but instead placed inside a flower pot in the hopes that one day they would be reunited. Miraculously, a sweet pea plant grew from the heart of the young man and a rosebush grew from the heart of his love. Each bloom contained a single petal that mirrored each other’s shape. The couple was viewed as such an example of true love that their story has been passed down for generations through paintings and folklore.

Sweet pea flowers are also associated with the Virgin Mary, who is often known as both the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley. They were once thought to be one plant at different times in its growth cycle; but, these days it’s accepted that they are two separate plants. In either case, they are often linked with the Madonna and symbolize chastity. This is because in Christian art, both of these flowers were depicted on the sash that was bound around her waist.

Sweet Pea Flower Tattoos for the Forearm or Wrist

You’ll often see sweet pea flowers in tattoos and other artwork that features the beauty and simplicity of this lovely flower. They are most often placed on the forearm or wrist, where they can easily be shown off. Smaller designs look great with a single bloom; larger ones look wonderful with several clustered together for a more dramatic display.

Upper Arm Sweet Pea Flower Tattoos

The forearm is a great area for these designs, but if you want them to be more visible than this placement will allow, try your upper arm. Upper arms look very nice with small wrist sweet pea tattoos or clusters of two or three larger flowers.

Lower Arm Sweet Pea Tattoos

The wrist is a great location for these designs; however, if you want them to be more visible than this placement will allow, try your lower arm. Lower arms look very nice with small or medium-sized wrist sweet pea tattoos.

Sweet Pea Flower Tattoos for Girls

These flowers are typically associated with femininity and love. They can look very nice with other feminine designs like hearts or butterflies, especially if you aren’t sure what flower to choose.

Sweet Pea Flower Tattoos for Guys

Guys can certainly get in on the sweet pea action too—as long as you’re not going for a daisy! These flowers work well with many of the other flower tattoos, especially if you want to get a “roses are red” saying or other poem.

Sweet Pea Flower Tattoos for the Upper Back

These flowers look very nice when placed on the upper back, either alone or with other designs. Sweet peas symbolize youthfulness and femininity; in addition, they are used to represent love in poetry and other writings. These qualities can be reflected in a wide variety of design themes, making them suitable for anyone with a strong love of the outdoors, or for those who like to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Shoulder Sweet Pea Flower Tattoo Idea

The shoulder is another great location for these flower tattoos. There’s plenty of room to work with and you’ll be able to see your new ink from several different angles. Sweet pea designs look great when placed on the upper or lower shoulders, but if you like them even larger, try both at once!

Sweet Pea Tattoo Design Ideas

Infinity symbols are always popular, especially when they are done in attractive colors like pink and red. These color choices match the sweet pea flowers perfectly! The infinity symbol is a classic design that can be used literally or as an abstract tattoo. In this case it’s being used to represent the never-ending love of the tattoo wearer.

Some people choose to get subtle tattoos that can be covered up with clothing or when they want to wear a more conservative look. This flower design is depicted on the upper arm and is done in black ink, so it’s easily concealed until you decide to show it off.

What is the Cultural Significance of a Sweet Pea?

Sweet Pea flowers have many cultural significance. According to the ancient Greeks, these lovely blooms were associated with Persephone, the beautiful daughter of Demeter. As she wandered through a field one day picking flowers, Hades took her away to be his bride in the underworld.

What is a poppy tattoo?

Poppy tattoos are very popular for many different reasons. The bright red color of the poppy makes it a perfect choice if you have blue or green eyes, and they can also make really great complementary colors if you already have tattoos in other shades like blue, purple, black or grey. Poppies are associated with death and remembrance, which makes them a good choice for veterans and other people who have experienced the loss of loved ones.

The poppy is also recognized as a symbol of sleep, unconsciousness and death. Perhaps this is why they are so commonly associated with dreams like opium or morphine? One theory suggests that the poppy’s resemblance to the breast helps explain it’s connections

Lily Tattoos

Perhaps the most popular type of flower tattoo in the avant garde and tribal categories is lilies, which have a lot going for them. They’re thought to be a symbol of purity, and that’s easy enough to understand.

Lilies are associated with several cultures’ interpretations of Lilith, Adam’s first wife. In many traditions, Lilith was created at the same time as Adam and was fashioned from dust like her husband. When it came time to give her a mate in Heaven, God presented Adam with Eve, who appeared more beautiful than he did. Since there is no record of Lilith ever having been given a mate, speculation abounds regarding her fate. Some say that God threw Lilith out of Heaven for refusing to be Adam’s second wife, while others think they parted ways amicably.

Daisy and Sweet Pea Tattoo

Daisy and sweet pea tattoos are on a hot trend now. A daisy flower tattoo is very popular among women today as it has an artistic and fresh look to them. Here are some ideas for the lovers of this beautiful flower;

Daisy Tattoo Design: It never hurts to have at least one daisy tattoo in your body art collection, especially if you’re in love with it. It’s so beautiful that you will really love having it on your body as a part of your collection of tattoo thigh designs for girls.

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