Tattoos are a form of expression, and sternum tattoos are no different. They’re on the upper part of your chest, so they can be covered up easily with clothing if you want to hide them from certain people or in certain situations. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid getting one because there’s plenty of beautiful artwork out there! In this post, we’ll take a look at some tattoo ideas for men as well as the meaning behind tattoos located on this specific area.

Sternum tattoo

A sternum tattoo can be placed on the center of your chest to represent your heart.

The simplicity of sternum tattoos makes them a great option for people who want to get inked but don’t know the first thing about tattoo design, or those looking for something less significant than sleeve and neck tattoos.

Sternum tattoos for men are typically small in size and can be placed anywhere on the sternum. They have a wide range of design possibilities, including animals, flowers, geometric shapes and ornaments.

Sternum Tatto

Sternum Tattoo for Women

A sternum tattoo for women is typically smaller than a sternum design, and can be placed anywhere on the center of your chest. Like men’s tattoos, they have a wide range of design possibilities. Some popular choices include flowers or animals like cats or dogs with detailed features.

The Locket Sternum Tattoo

The locket sternum tattoo is a popular choice for women who want to get inked with something small and delicate. Placed on the center of your chest, it’s often chosen because it symbolizes two pieces joined together again. It can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, but typically features an intricate design

Moth Tattoo

The moth sternum tattoo is an example of a very popular type. Women can choose to either have it placed on the center of their chest, or down near the stomach area. A beautiful design choice for anyone looking for something delicate and feminine

Many women find that placing a sternum tattoo lower makes them appear slimmer.

Inverted Tree

A fantastic tree pattern that could be seen as a representation of the Tree of Life. It’s a unique tree design that’ll get the creative juices flowing. I like how subtle the style is; it’s lovely. The way the tree branches intertwine to form a solid design is just perfection.

The sternum tattoo in this example features an upside down palm tree, which could be symbolic of life’s journey or something more specific to your individual situation. The black and white contrast makes it stand out as well!

Celestial Sun

The moon and the sun became fused into one. It’s a gorgeous rendering of a one-of-a-kind chandelier. There are two variations in this sternum tattoo that I really like.

The sun and moon just seem to work so well together, don’t you think? It’s the perfect image of balance.

Sternum Tattoo: Flowers

The colors are absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know about you, but this sternum tattoo reminds me of the vibrant flowers that bloom in the spring time! It’s a perfect tattoo for someone who loves flowers.

Sternum Tattoo: Butterflies

I can’t get over how detailed these butterflies are and I love the colors too! It’s a gorgeous sternum tattoo design that everyone will enjoy looking at – not only you!

The Royal Family of Tribal Designs

A beautifully designed sternum tattoo that features the royal family – how perfect!

Dove Tattoo

The dove is a symbol of peace which means this sternum tattoo will represent who you are too. It’s an adorable idea for someone in your life with a peaceful personality.

A Lovely Melody: The Musical Sternum Tattoo

Music is beautiful and it’s a perfect thing to have on your sternum. This sternum tattoo is a lovely melody that will always remind you of the joys in life!

Sternum Tattoo : Lotus Flower

I love the lotus flower sternum tattoo because it’s so feminine and delicate looking. It would be perfect for a woman who wants to feel beautiful every day – just like this design!

Your heart would be energised by this lotus sternum tattoo. It’s a meaningful symbol of love that would be perfect for someone you care about.

Brand New Day: The Sun Tattoo

The sun is always present and this sternum tattoo of it will remind you that a new day starts with the sunrise. It’s perfect for someone who needs to be reminded every morning that tomorrow can be better than today!

Sternum Tattoo: The Crown

The crown is an icon of royalty which means you’ll hold yourself with dignity when wearing this sternum tattoo. This sternum tattoo is perfect for someone who wants to be remembered as a symbol of strength and leadership!

Neo-traditional Sternum Tattoos

Neo-traditional sternum tattoos are a perfect choice for someone who wants to pay homage to traditional Maori tattooing. It’s the kind of design that only an expert can draw because it requires a lot of skill in order to make such intricate patterns!

Roses For Your Significant Other

This sternum tattoo is perfect for you if your significant other’s favorite flower is the rose! This design would be a great way to show how much you love each other – with this sternum tattoo, roses are always in season.

Sunflower Tattoos

This sternum tattoo is an excellent choice for someone who wants to show their love of the sun. It’s a great way to express how much you believe in brightness, purity and truth! And this design would be perfect for anyone with a sunny disposition – even if they’re not looking for long-term commitment.

Sternum Tattoos: Geometric Lines

The geometry lines on this sternum tattoo are perfect for an individual who is looking to make a statement. If you’re looking to show off your sense of style and need an sternum tattoo with something more than just flowers or animals, this design is perfect for you!

Small Stars

If you’re looking for a sternum tattoo that will look great with any outfit, this design is perfect! This small sternum tattoo features different colors of stars and would be the perfect addition to your collection.

Anchor Design

This anchor sternum tattoo is perfect for those who love nautical themes. The simplicity of this sternum tattoo will make it a great addition to any sternum tattoo collection.

Birds in Flight

If you’re looking for a sternum tattoo that features something other than the common floral pattern, this design is perfect. With two birds flocking together and three stars following them, it’s easy to see why this sternum tattoo would make an excellent addition to any sternum collection.

Horse Head

This sternum tattoo is perfect for the horse lover in your life. This sternum design features a majestic white horse with green eyes and red mane galloping across the chest, making it one of the more popular sternum tattoos among men.

There are many sternum tattoos out there that have become popular among men. Some of these sternum designs include animals and symbols, while others feature a more artistic design or pattern such as flowers. Whatever type you’re looking for, it’s likely that the perfect sternum tattoo is waiting just around the corner with this list!

Owl Tattoo

This sternum tattoo features an owl, a popular animal choice. The dark black ink makes this design pop against the skin as it flies across the chest and lands on one of the shoulders with its talons outstretched.

Heart Tattoo

Another common sternum tattoo that has become increasingly popular in recent years is heart tattoo. This sternum design is simple and features a single heart, but it still manages to make an impact. It can be accompanied by more standard designs like names or memories inside the tattoo’s border.

Medusa Tattoo

This sternum tattoo is a stunning example of how different tattoos can be. The blue and green colors may evoke the ocean, as do the waves that are subtly etched into this design.

There’s some great detail to it too; you can see Medusa’s hair spilling down over her body in all its sprawling glory!

The beauty of sternum tattoos is that they can be customized to fit any taste and style. If you’re looking for a sternum tattoo, go ahead and get one!

Flower with A Lighted Lamp

Sternum tattoos don’t have to be complicated. This one features a single lighted lamp peeking out from behind the petals of an open flower, It creates a serene scene on its own.

Feather Tattoo

This design is more than just pretty; sternum feather tattoo can also serve as a symbol of truth and honesty.

Pirate Tattoo

This is one of the most popular types of sternum tattoos for men out there right now. Pirates are typically found on the chest or sternum as they’re a symbol of freedom. This design is made up of both black and white ink, with an anchor in one corner that points to a ship on the other end.

Skull Tattoo Designs

Skulls are a popular sternum tattoo design for men, with this particular style sporting a cross between the two. It’s black and white ink on the chest, featuring an intricate skull in one corner that looks like it’s been taken from an old pirate flag.

Yin Yang Tattoo Design

This is another common design for men with sternum tattoos. The design is a yin yang symbol in white ink, situated right on the sternum. It’s a perfect design for those who are looking to find balance, and it can be made more aggressive or less so depending on the wearer.

Sternum Tattoo Ideas for Men

The most common type of sternum tattoo designs are those featuring men’s interests like pirates and sports.

There are many sternum tattoo ideas for men, such as a pirate or sports insignia.

Chest Tattoos for Men:

Chest tattoos for men have become more popular over the years. Chest tattoos may be used to cover up an old tattoo, or they can be a design that is intended as art on its own merit.

Whatever the reason behind getting chest tattoos it’s important to keep in mind that these are usually seen by everyone and often take longer than most tattoos to heal.

What You Should Know About Chest Tattoos:

Chest tattoos are often seen by everyone and take a long time to heal, so it’s important to know about the risks associated with getting one before you decide if they’re for you or not. If you want chest tattoos but don’t like needles, then there are a lot of other options for you.

Tattoos in general are permanent, and it’s important to think about if they will hurt your career prospects or family life before getting any.

What Does Sternum Tattoo Mean?

A sternum tattoo can mean a lot of different things to different people. For some, it might be an important religious symbol or sign that reminds them who they are and what their beliefs represent.

It could also serve as a general reminder for those struggling with addiction or mental illness to stay strong in the face of adversity, just like how Christians wear a cross to stay faithful and remember that they’re always being watched over.

The sternum is the center of your body, so it’s no wonder why tattoos for this area are meaningful symbols. It can be used as an artistic way to represent yourself, or it could serve as a charm against evil spirits if you believe in their existence.

Are Sternum Tattoos Unisex?

Sternum tattoos are often unisex because they’re located on a spot that is easily hidden with clothing. It can be difficult to avoid these types of skin markings, though it’s worth noting that sternum tattoos for men and women differ in size and placement.

Men will usually get larger designs near the center of their chest , whereas women are more likely to get smaller designs that hug the outer edge of their sternum.

If you’re considering getting a sternum tattoo, it’s important to take into account your expectations for its visibility and size before making any decisions because those two factors will determine how much pain is involved in receiving this tattoo.

What Does Sternum Tattoo Mean in Greek Mythology?

The sternum tattoo is a symbol that’s used in the Greco-Roman mythology to represent the goddess Athena, who was called “Athena Promachos” or “the fighting protector of Athens.”

Ancient texts say her breastplate had an image of Medusa on it because she led warriors into battle and was the protector of Athens.

In ancient Greece, sternum tattoos were a symbol to ward off evil spirits or bad omens and used as a charm against enemies in battle. In some regions, it was believed that by placing an image on this area you could prevent death from happening if your heart stopped beating.

It’s often thought that this tattoo was born out of the thought that if a person were to be stabbed in the chest, they would die from blood loss.

This tattoo could have also been used as a talisman for protection against vampires or other evil curses which are said to enter through your sternum.

Are Sternum Tattoos Painful?

People who have had their sternum tattooed have reported sternum tattoo pain. Tattooing over the bone is generally painful, but when done over the ribs and breastbone, or sternum, the pain may be particularly severe.

Some people may have a sternum tattoo with very little discomfort at all.

What do Sternum Tattoos Mean?

Sternum tattoos have a wide range of meanings. For many, sternum tattoos represent the start or end to life’s journey and as such are highly personal.

Often times they will memorialize a lost loved one or signify transformation from childhood to adulthood. They can also symbolize love for family members who live away form home by representing their sternum.

Some people may consider sternum tattoos to be a kind of phoenix or rebirth, representing the end and start of life. A person can also have just one set of ribs tattooed in order to represent that they are still here–physically seen but not always emotionally present.

Sternum tattoos may also symbolize protection from the harshness of life, as the sternum is often seen as a defensive barrier protecting the ribs.

In Eastern cultures, sternum tattoos may be used to represent balance and harmony in one’s spiritual energy or chi ́.

For some people this might mean having their own “third eye” tattooed on their chest for protection from the “evil eye” and for others it might mean having a mandala sternum tattoo as an anchor to their spirituality.

Sternum tattoos are also popular when used to commemorate the loss of someone close, by using symbols that remind them of their loved one–such as roses or angel wings ́.

Some people may choose to have sternum tattoos in more than one place on their chest, which can be mirrored or symmetrical.

Once a common tattoo placement for both men and women–particularly those of the military service ́–sternum tattoos are now also popular with younger generations who see them as an expression of individuality and style.

2.The location of this type of tattoo makes it easy to cover up with clothing or jewelry  if need be.

For example, you might wear a necklace or button up your shirt to cover it up if the sternum tattoo is visible and you’re not comfortable with exposing it to others.

* Tips:  It’s important that you find a design for this area of the body that means something significant to you as finding meaning

3. This type of tattoo is often used as a symbol for one’s faith or religion, but can also be used to commemorate an event in someone’s life such as their wedding date.

Can you Wear a Bra After a Sternum Tattoo?

If your tattoo is solely on the sternum, wearing a bra should be fine! However, if your sternum

tattoo extends past the rib cage or is a full chest piece, you may want to wear an extra supportive sports bra instead.

sternum tattoo

How to Sleep After Getting a Sternum Tattoo?

You may need to sleep in a reclined position the first few nights after your tattoo. Make sure that you elevate your head and use pillows for support!

A fresh tattoo may become infected if it is covered with blankets or sheets.

How to Protect Your Sternum Tattoo?

– Keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight

– Avoid abrasive surfaces like sand or rough materials on your sternum area, such as an ill fitting shirt.

– Clean and bandage wounds as instructed by a doctor or medical professional. A clean wound heals faster!

Healing Process

The tattoo will start to heal after about two weeks. The healing process is also different for everyone and may take months.

– Your skin will become less pliable then it was before, meaning that the tattoo might not stretch as much when you move your arm around in certain positions.

– Slowly increase activity after a tattoo. This will help it heal faster and keep your sternum from becoming stiff.

– Don’t take a shower for 24 hours after getting the tattoo because water may collect in the skin folds of the incision site, which could lead to infection

– No heavy lifting or strenuous exercise during this time as well.

– Keep an eye out for any signs of infection: increased swelling, redness or tenderness in the area

– If you notice these symptoms, contact your doctor right away.

Butterfly Tattoo

This is a great sternum tattoo for women, as the wings on this design make it easy to cover up with clothing.  It’s also a popular choice for people who want something small and feminine that can be hidden easily.

Butterflies are also chosen to reflect a time of transition in a woman’s life because they symbolise independence, elegance, and change.

If you are a woman looking for sternum tattoo designs, then butterflies may be your best option! They come in many different shapes and sizes, but usually have the same meaning no matter what. Butterflies represent change, freedom, independence and often symbolize a passage into adulthood because they signify blooming out of their cocoon to fly freely.

For sternum tattoos for men, there are a lot of different options to choose from. One popular choice is the heart tattoo because it’s one that can be seen easily by others and holds meaning in both cultures–both Western and Eastern.  It symbolizes love or deep feelings of affection on one side but also has connotations.