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Star Tattoos for Men

Star Tattoos for Men

A star-shaped tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo ideas. Both women and men love tattoo pics of stars. Star as a tattoo is often used as a supplement or ornament on the theme of a tattoo. Tattoo pics of stars are very popular with many people as well in addition to its simple; there are so many ideas that can be developed from the form of the star itself.

Star tattoo colour varies and can suggest diverse symbols and meanings. Many women love colourful pics of stars tattoo, whereas most men are happy with the image expressly bold lined star tattoo which certainly looks more masculine. If you like a custom tattoo, star tattoo when designed properly will look artistic and fantastic.

Types of image and form stars tattoos

There are many types of star images that can be used as tattoo pics of stars. Before making your choice or draw your tattoo design, try to browse as much as possible about the range and variety of forms of appropriate and good taste as a tattoo pic of stars with different forms also symbolize different meanings. Therefore, understanding of the meaning of the shaped of your star tattoo is important.

• The most common form of a star is five-pointed star shape or a pentagram. Pentagram shape can be simple and very cool to be a tattoo, but be careful with the meaning behind it. Some forms of the pentagram are a symbol of the devil, as a form of an upside-down. In Celtic culture, pentagram starts are often interpreted as a symbol of witch or psychic. The point is, you have to be careful when choosing tattoo pics of stars because, in addition to the negative meaning, the pentagram can also mean balance and harmony which is really cool if used as a tattoo.

  1. The nautical star is six-pointed shape stars or also known as a hexagram. This is also a form of popular tattoo pics of stars. But for the detailed design, the hexagram often accorded to with Jews and Judaism.

  2. Heptagram or seven-pointed star is the sacred symbol of Hindus. If you please, and anything that smells spiritual philosophy, the seven-pointed star containing the mystical value and high integration with the Hindu chakras.

  3. Finally, nanograms or nine-pointed star-shaped stars is the form that symbolizes achievement and stability, which is also related to the Hindu religion.

Placement of tattoo pics of stars

Women like to place stars on the side body part like on the ribs cage area. They like to apply the theme of stars there with different colour and size of stars. Another place if you like single star tattoo is behind your neck, inner biceps or wrist areas. Many women like to place stars tattoo also around the ears.  Men who like strong and bold star design like to place their star tattoo on arms, backs, and feet areas. The idea is to make sure to place your tattoo rightly based on the size, shapes and theme of your star tattoo.

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