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Sasuke Curse Mark Tattoo

The Cursed Seal of Heaven is also known as the Mark of the Curse. During the Chunin Exams, Orochimaru placed the curse mark on Sasuke inside the Forest of Death. Sasuke may now gather greater strength, but he has given up his desire to side with Orochimaru. For long time, Sasuke was missing, having left the town without returning.

It was meant to suppress the tailed beasts and upper limits power of its members. The main role of sasuke curse mark tattoo is to endow Uchiha with various unique abilities, as well as blocking their chakra flow even further.

And, Naruto has his own curse seal. This seal is on the back of his right hand and it gives him normal strength, but makes his chakra extremely unstable when awakening a tailed beast.

In addition to the curses that were given, Orochimaru placed on Sasuke the Cursed Seal of Heaven, which could aid the recipient in increasing their chakra levels, which in turn increased their physical ability.

Sasuke Curse Mark Tattoo

Table of Contents

  1. Sasuke Curse Mark Tattoo

  2. The story behind Sasuke’s Curse

  3. Naruto Curse Mark Tattoo

  4. Cursed Seal Tattoo

  5. Zig-Zag Seal Design

  6. Pristine Seal Design

  7. Cosplayer Sasuke Design

  8. instagram

Sasuke Curse Mark Tattoo

The story behind Sasuke’s Curse

The Juinjutsu of Orochimaru is a curse seal that is adapted through transformation. One of these curses was called the cursed seal of heaven. With respect to the a curse seal, Orokichachi bites on the receiver’s neck in order to get a seal closer in the wound. The recipient is rendered unconscious by its body being either accepting or rejecting the seal. No wonder Saske fans have the sham of Sasuke on the side of the rear of your neck as a memory of the darkness. The seal of Heaven is one of the most strong cursed seals of Orochimir.

One of the strongest seals Orochimaru uses, it vastly increases its users’ power.

Naruto Curse Mark Tattoo

The protagonist in the series Naruto is the title hero. Anbu Black Opes And Japanese Symbol For Bad is a Japanese Symbol for Bad. At first he could not control the curse. The creator of Naruto is Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto is a Japanese action-adventure manga series. Naruto Curse Mark Tattoo . The story revolves around people who can use chakra to the Sannin. He learns a lot about his classmates and allies. Masashi kishimoto has created other works that are unique in their own ways.

Cursed Seal Tattoo

The cursed seal of heaven is the main reason why Sasuke’s family, clan Uchiha was weaken. This technique was originally developed as a method for containing tailed beasts. Chakra suppression is a key feature of this curse seal and it also prevents the user from either consciously or subconsciously controlling their chakra. As such, the cursed seal is usually created when the wielder voluntarily undergoes a great deal of stress.

The curse of the seal is almost identical to other Cursed Seals. Upon activation, the wearer will experience significant increases in their chakra and physical capabilities.

Sasuke’s most notable characteristic was that he carried a cursed seal that he would sometimes play as a trump card.

sasuke curse mark tattoo

Sasuke Curse Mark Tattoo

Zig-Zag Seal Design

In this particular design the flames to enter the seal zigzagged by some variation were replaced. You might even bring some new sort of designs in that may provide a touch of personality. It induces Orochimaru’s evil chakra into this, which turns him into a strange twisted version of himself. And it means he is stronger and agile. Another common design is the dragon. Dragon design has more gravity than other designs.This type of design can be used in any part of body.

The Cursed Seal Technique is a powerful jutsu used by Orochimaru. It was developed as a means to contain the Tailed Beasts. This seal then spread over his entire body and made him more susceptible to its influence, which caused him to go berserk. The user can control the cursed mark tattoos like snakes that move along the ground. The cursed seal also grants the user increased physical strength, stamina and endurance that seemingly matches Naruto Uzumaki’s reserves to an extent.

Pristine Seal Design

Orochimaru had planned for the seal mark on the side of the neck near its heart. It is because it should have to degenerate Sasuke’s mind which would make him stronger. It’s wrapped with a circle of fires its design is extremely detailed and its detailing is really impressive. But even so, It is not suitable for Sasuke’s personality and he thinks it will make him a top class criminal.

It also boast with an illusionary fire that makes to burn the user from inside. But there are other greater designs which can replace this tattoo.

This is a very creative and unique design in particular because of its black ink color and the way it has been drawn. The interesting thing about this one is that it looks like a computer chip. It is a very different kind of tattoo design from all other ones and I would say its quite original and unique.

Cosplayer Sasuke Design

If you like cosplayer things this design is sure to catch the eye. Its a very large size and well made. The design is very well received among the fans. It’s so big that it will really look nice and outstanding.

Covering the whole body of forearm till the right hand is enough to write a real picture on tattoo design. The finishing looks really elegant and unique with a touch of fire which makes it more beautiful when compared with other designs. It reflects the strong will of this character from Naruto series.

The flames to enter the seal zigzagged by some variation were replaced. You might even bring some new sort of designs in that may provide a touch of personality. It induces Orochimaru’s evil chakra into this, which turns him into a strange twisted version of himself. And it means he is stronger and agile. The curse mark is the main reason for all troubles faced by Sasuke. The flame seal on his neck made him to fight with Naruto and Itachi Uchiha.


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