The art of tattoo creating has been associated with criminals in many countries. The tattoo that worn by the gang members will be used as a mark of identity which proved their allegiance to a particular group and symbol of pride.

Among the criminal tattoos, a rich history full of intriguing facts has been held by Russian prison tattoos. The body parts carved with tattoos is quite old and dates back to the times of 1920s and 30s can be gotten by the practice of prisoners. Interesting facts about the various facets of the life of criminals have been yielded on these Russian prison tattoos through a lot of research.

 Ideas For Cool Russian Prison Tattoos

Varied symbols like crucifix, church, tigers, cats, skulls, snakes, barbed wire, eyes, etc might be included in the Russian prison tattoos. All of these are many or in other way related to the future and past of the prisoners. For example, the number of prison terms or the years of the sentence the prisoner has served can be indicated by the number of church domes.

In here, you can see some Russian prison tattoos that show the hardened men in their different tattoos that you can take for your reference if you have a plan to create a tattoo on your body and you are looking for the inspirations to get the coolest result.

So you can consider the mentioning Russian prison tattoo ideas below that can help you to complete and even realize your plan and guide you to get the coolest result as well as your wishes. So, let’s check these out!


The fact that bowing before no authority can be pointed by stars tattooed on knees.


The angel is one of favorite tattoo in the prison with the cloud surrounding the angel.

Number Games

The prison term in years can be indicated by the barbed wire tattoo on the forehead.

Seducing Tattoo Art

The failure of the prisoner to pay a gambling debt that indicated by the pornographic image on the torso and hands.


The prisoner that might have had many women in his life will be indicated by col images of girls carved on the chest.

Kickass Tattoo

An amazing artistic look can build by this tattoo and an attractive piece can also be made by this tattoo.

Borne The Pain

Travis Barker with torso and hands carved with multiple images placed at some distance to give a neat look.

My Hero

The love of the prisoner for the political leader that signified by the image of Stalin carved with a castle on the back.

Prisoner Holy Tattoo

This is a symbol that built for the prisoner that has been criminal from his early years.

Bold Prisoner

This is the prisoner that has full body tattoo that include more hundred image from his experience.

Bear Tattoo

This prisoner creating a bear along with addition images on the back side of his palm seems to be an animal lover.