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Rose Tattoo on Wrist

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Rose Tattoo on Wrist

  2. Placing your pic of rose tattoos

  3. Pic of rose tattoos for men

  4. Pics of rose tattoos as a complement to the main design

Rose Tattoo on Wrist

Pics of rose tattoos are very popular among women. Rose is the most popular type of flower that made as a tattoo because it has lots of meaning.

Rose can mean love, passion, beauty, desire and strength. There are many types of the rose as well together with different meanings that make pics of rose tattoos become a great idea for a custom tattoo.

rose tattoo on wrist

You can design your own tattoo referring to different tattoo style, but a great pic of rose tattoos require great technique inlining, shading and colouring.

Design and choosing a design for your pic of rose tattoos

There are many ways to get inspiration for your rose tattoo ideas. The Internet has unlimited source to pick up ideas, but you can try to make your own design rose tattoos. Find painter friends, or a professional illustrator to draw a rose for you.

rose tattoo wrist

There are many types of rose and you can start with that. Pay attention to the meaning and its characters. Choose the type of rose with preferable personality or one with special meaning for you.  If you like bold colours, thick rose and green leaves, clear lining then I guess you should go for old school style parlour or tattoo artist to consult your design.

If you like freestyler tattoo artist, black and grey tattoo, realism and surrealism tattoo, you need to find experienced tattoo artist or senior tattoo artist to make your pics of rose tattoos.

Placing your pic of rose tattoos

Great design tattoo design deserves great placement. You need to consider the right size and right placement for your pic of rose tattoos. A place like arms, back, side body part, legs, feet and hips are some favourite placement for rose tattoos.

rose wrist tattoo

Best rose tattoo designs on arm

Women like to expose their body line and curve together with their feminine design rose tattoos. If you like the simple design you can choose or ask your tattoo artist to make a mini rose on your wrists, fingers, necks and breast area. This will make the rose tattoo looks both cute and elegant.

Pic of rose tattoos for men

Romantic men likes rose as well as women. As mentioned before, rose symbolized many things; Friendship, desire, love, affections, passions, power and strength. Most men like black and grey rose design to be put in arms, legs and chest areas.

wrist rose tattoos

Masculine rose tattoos need to be designed carefully with details such as thorns, barbs, chains, simply to add a masculine touch. Shading is also important for black and grey rose.

wrist rose tattoo

The great tattoo artist should be able to make the rose look natural or dimensional with great shading and lining technique. Consider also tribal rose design for a more masculine rose that usually use as complementary design to main design.

wrist tattoo hand

Pics of rose tattoos as a complement to the main design

If you already have cross tattoos or love tattoos, you can add rose as complement and make your tattoo look better.

wrist tattoo rose

A religious tattoo like praying hands, Jesus face, Maria’s face, cross and rosary usually use rose pictures to fill the design or as a compliment. As well as religious tattoo, pic of rose can be a great complement for feminine heart design.

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