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Puerto Rican Tattoo: Symbolic And Meaningful

Table of Contents

  1. Puerto Rican Tribal Tattoo

  2. Puerto Rican Tattoo: Symbolic And Meaningful

Puerto Rican Tribal Tattoo

Do you want to show your admiration and pride for being a Puerto Rican in a more inked and permanent way? There are several types of Puerto Rican tattoos to choose from that are becoming more popular in today’s society. Listed below are ideas of Puerto Rican tattoos that are both popular and symbolic.

A symbolic and meaningful Puerto Rican tattoo is the coqui frog. The coqui frog is an endangered species and a native frog to Puerto Rico. This type of tree frog has become well admired by the Puerto Rican population. Getting a coqui frog on your body is a native symbolization to the Puerto Rican heritage. The coqui frog is becoming a beautiful type of artwork for many women to have on their body.

puerto rican tribal tattoo

Puerto Rican Tattoo: Symbolic And Meaningful

Also, another popular Puerto Rican tattoo is the flag. Getting the flag of Puerto Rico on your body shows admiration and great pride. The Puerto Rican flag goes great on someone’s back area.

Also along with getting the flag on the body to add more detail you can add wording to the flag. For instance, it is becoming more and more popular for this Puerto Rican tattoo to have the word Puerto Rico on it or something along the lines of I love Puerto Rico.

Another idea that will connect your roots to this tattoo on your body is to have the city you were born in from Puerto Rico inside the star of the flag. This is a creative way to add more detail to your tattoo and show great pride for your Puerto Rican roots all in one geographical based tattoo.

Another popular Puerto Rican tattoo is the coat of arms which has pride and Puerto Rican heritage inked all over it. The coat of arms resembles a badge with green as its dominant color. The color green symbolizes Saint John the Baptist and his teachings that were done in Judea. The lamb on the badge symbolizes Jesus Christ.

puerto rico tribal tattoo

The red cross that the lamb is holding symbolizes the monarchs fleeing away individuals that were not Christians from the Spanish peninsula. The rim of this tattoo has sixteen symbolic meanings. Four of the symbols are castles which symbolize the Kingdom of Castilla. The four lions on the coat of arms symbolize the Kingdom of Leon and combined the unity of these symbols refer to the union of the kingdoms.

puerto rico tattoo

There is also four flags and four Jerusalem crosses which is symbolic to Saint John the Baptist. The top portion of the coat of arms is a symbolization of Royalty. The letter F on the coat of arms symbolizes Fernando and the Y symbolizes Ysabel. Fernando and Ysabel were the queen and king of the empire when Puerto Rico was founded.

tribal tattoo puerto rico

There is also an inscription on the Puerto Rican tattoo that means Juan. Juan is the present-day capital of Puerto Rico. This tattoo has become a very popular tattoo to have on the body due to its very closely linked symbolic meaning and representation of the roots of Puerto Rico.

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