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Taino Tattoos 

Taino Tattoos, A Tribal Movement In Art Tribal art is a simplified and beautiful form of art. Tribal tattoo art has a whole other meaning to most people. There are some of us who wish to escape the norm, wish to leave the modern world…


Unique Tattoos on Wrist 

Unique Tattoos on Wrist There are all sorts of fantastic tattoo ideas, with a rise in creativity. For instance, if someone was looking into wrist tattoo ideas for girls, they would not only find hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas for wrist tattoo ideas for…


Teardrop Tattoo on Face 

Teardrop Tattoo on Face There are so many tattoos designs that can be chosen by you and the ideas can be taken from the internet in some sites related to the tattoos and there are many different sizes, shapes and designs as well as colours…


Loyalty Tattoo on Arm 

Loyalty Tattoo on Arm Ever since Dan Brown’s book entitled “Angels and Demons” attracted many people’s attention, the trend of ambigram tattoos gain more and more popularity among tattoo fans. Furthermore, the popularity of the book itself has inspired Hollywood producers to come up with a…


The Lion King Tattoo 

The Lion King Tattoo If you are looking for a new design, you may want to look into the Lion King tattoo. This tattoo is an excellent choice for many reasons. The lion is one of the most popular animals to include in designs. This…