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Rib Tattoo Quotes 

Rib Tattoo for Guys There is always a debate as to what the best place for a tattoo is, as far as the location on a person’s body. One of the most popular places, for both men, as well as women, are rib tattoos. A…


Tattoo Shops 

Tattoo Shops In Pensacola FL Before you ink the tattoo, you should consider what tattoo you want. One thing which is should be considered is the tattoo design. Each tattoo has it is own meaning. So, now are you wondering what tattoo you want to…


Megan Rapinoe Tattoo 

Megan Rapinoe Tattoo These days, the tattoo has become a very familiar issue for almost everyone on the planet. Many people with different kind of occupation and various social background have their own unique tattoo designs on their body parts. When you turn on your…


Shamrock Tattoo Designs 

Shamrock Tattoo – Celtic Design Tattoos The sheer intricacies of Celtic artwork lend itself to complicated and intriguing tattoos. Even the simplest of designs are made into a labyrinth of crossed lines and colours as the knotwork seemingly wraps around itself endlessly. From a stout…