Norwegian Tattoo Ideas

Many people do not think that the State as calmly Norway holds so many ideas to be leaders. Norwegian one of the most famous tattoo ideas is a Viking tattoo. Leading the Vikings were a tribe that is often identified with aggression, war and a symbol of strength. Symbols associated with the Vikings in the past ethnic groups are kind of popular Norwegian tattoo ideas today.

If the male descendants of Norwegian Norway enjoy masculinity tattoo ideas related to Norwegian folklore the Norwegian decorative flower and are very popular among women to be a tattoo idea. There are many similarities of Norwegian style to Celtic tattoo ideas and tattoo ideas. Models such as knots, use a variety of plants and animals is extremely common.

Norwegian Tattoo Ideas
norwegian tree tattoo

Norwegian patterns were brought to America a long time ago by the Norwegian immigrants. Norway pattern for design and craft are signified with the flowing pattern as well as its vibrant colours. This is why these patterns are also recognized and integrated into American traditional rural art style. If you please tattoo with philosophy and traditional meaning as a veiled meaning of your tattoo then try to see the Norwegian tattoo ideas.

Norwegian Tattoos

Norwegian Flowers Tattoo

Norwegian flowers tattoo is highly popular for women not only in Norway. Lotus and colourful rosemaling or decorative paintings in Norway style are good Norwegian tattoo ideas for those who want a girly, artistic, sweet and feminine tattoo. This decorative painting and art can be found everywhere such as in curtains, fabrics, clothes and building in Norway rural areas. Not only contain a curve and flowery line, but the geometric line and design is also part of resembling a pattern. This is why Norwegian tattoo ideas include flowers and all flowing pattern fit well to modern life.

norwegian tattoo

All About The Vikings Tattoos

Many men who like stories of Viking tribes or those who realized to have Norwegian blood are likely crazy into Viking as Norwegian tattoo ideas. Fat man with a long beard, with an angry face in the complete soldier uniform, is one of the most popular Viking tattoo ideas. Viking head, Viking ship, Viking warrior, Viking swords are just viewed from ideas that can be made as Norway style tattoo. Viking tattoo is often related to the symbols of bravery, powers and dignity. This is why men love this kind of tattoo.

Norwegian Animals

Dragon, dolphin, lions, bird and wolf are some popular Norwegian animals to be made as a tattoo. Both men and women love this animal. The different of these animal tattoos in Norway style and another tattoo style can be seen from the use of ornamentation and details of the tattoo. Other difference is the choice of colour. Norwegian tattoos are very close to the old school tattoo style, in which you will see many uses of red, blue, green, teal and orange. Most of them are considered as vibrant colours with a positive, sweet or cheerful character or nuance.

Norwegian Hero

Most of the Norway personification such as women warrior in Viking hat is highly popular for Norwegian tattoo ideas. This character symbolizes bravery and courage. Men will add black and grey traditional flowing design while women usually will go for flowers and rosemaling details to their hero.