The Moon Phase Tattoo

The lunar phase tattoo is a perfect choice for anyone that wishes to express their love of the Moon. In fact, the tattoo symbolizes love and the life that it provides. This is a design that goes back many hundreds of years and has been associated with different cultures.

moon phase tattoo

It is often associated with women because the Moon is the female sign. For example, the Moon is associated with the month of September, which is a time when most relationships are ending.

Moon phase tattoo

Tattoos are a way of life for many people. From the simplest designs to more complicated tattoos, they’re all about personal expression. However, there is one detail that most people don’t think of when designing their tattoo: moon phase.

This blog post will talk you through the different phases and meanings behind each phase of the moon cycle so you can design your next tattoo with a little extra knowledge!

What is a moon phase tattoo and what does it mean to get one?

A moon phase tattoo is a design that’s based on the phases of the moon. People might get it because they are remembering someone who has died, or because they love astronomy and want something more personal than an emoji!

The moon cycles through various phases from waxing (growing) to waning (shrinking).

The moon is a common symbol. There are many meanings for the moon. Some people think that the moon is God or Jesus Christ, and some people think that it can symbolize fertility in a woman.

Moon phase tattoos can be a lot of things, depending on what you’re looking for. There is the actual image of the moon, as well as a moon phase calendar. A lot of people like to get a tattoo of the moon and cross it with a sun or the Earth, and it isn’t difficult. While this is the most common type of moon phase tattoo, people can also get a tattoo of the moon phases to represent a certain time in their lives.

The moon phase tattoo is a great way to showcase your love for all things celestial. There are many different and beautiful designs to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your style. If you’re interested in showing your love of the moon, but you’re not sure where to start, we can help. We’ve found some of the most beautiful moon phase tattoos out there.

Though not as intricate as other tattoos, moon phase tattoo do take time and care to complete and are therefore not cheap to acquire. The size and intricacy of the tattoo also determines its price. For such a small design, it is common for artists to charge anywhere from $50 to over $100 for the design.

moon phase tattoo on spine
spine moon phase tattoo
sternum moon phase tattoo
moon phase tattoo on hand
moon phase tattoo on arm
moon phase tattoo on shoulder
moon phase tattoo on hand
moon phase tattoo on back
full moon tattoo on hand
moon phase tattoo
moon phase tattoo on hand
hand moon phase tattoo
moon phase tattoo on foot

Moon Phase Tattoo in Greek Mythology

In Greek myhology, Selene is the greek goddess of the moon. She was known as Helios’ lover and pursued him relentlessly, and she would shape shift into a horse to pursue Helios. Selene is also one of the seven ides in greek mythology.

The word moone can be traced back to an old english term for “menses.”

A Full Moon Tattoo

A full moon is often linked to mysticism and change. It’s a beautiful sight to see, and it can be serene or spooky depending on the person.

There are many different moon-related meanings that people might associate with this tattoo design. It could represent an important event in someone’s life that happened during one of these phases, like their wedding day!

Regardless of what they chose to have done on their skin during this phase of life, it’s definitely an interesting way to commemorate something that happened at just one point.

Another thing people may associate with these tattoos is fertility cycles and rebirth – both common ideas for things linked with the moon.

The moon is a very powerful symbol in many cultures. It’s said that people are affected by a moon “lunar cycle”, and that women’s menstrual cycles are affected by the moon as well.

Different Types of Tattoos That are Related to The Phases of The Moon 

Moon and Stars Tattoo

A moon and stars tattoo is often used to show something that is full of hope or happiness. It can be found in pop culture with the Virgin Mary. She was happy when Jesus Christ was born. People will sometimes get a moon and stars tattoo to represent luck, personal happiness, or dreams for the future.

Blood Moon Tattoo

A blood moon tattoo is a tattoo with moon images and spilled blood. It is often done in red ink or graffiti style artwork to represent the way light looks during a total lunar eclipse.

Crescent Moon Tattoo

A crescent moon tattoo can be used as part of other designs – for instance if it’s significant in their culture.

The crescent moon is one of the most popular moon tattoos, but it is also the one most often misunderstood. The crescent moon is usually worn on the arm of woman and symbolizes fertility, but the moon is also one of the most popular tattoos for men as well.

Dark Side of the Moon Tattoo

Pink Floydds’ album, Dark Side of the Moon

If you’re a fan of Pink Floyd’s iconic album, then this one is for you. The moon and its phases are often referenced in lyrics throughout the band’s albums so it makes sense that someone would want to memorialize those memories with an artistic tattoo design like this.

Full Moon Tattoo

A full moon tattoo can symbolize a need for balance in one’s life, as the moon represents both light and darkness.

Half Moon Tattoo

A half moon tattoo is said to symbolize the balance between light and darkness, as well as new beginnings. It can also be used in conjunction with other designs or symbols that are connected to these ideas.

Waxing gibbous moon tattoo

A waxing gibbous moon tattoo is symbolic of a need to push oneself forward in life, as it’s the time when one has reached their full potential and needs to continue striving for more.

Full Gibbous Moon Tattoo

A full gibbous moon tattoo is symbolic of a need for balance in one’s life, as the moon represents both light and darkness. This can also be used in conjunction with other designs or symbols that are connected to these ideas.

Gibbous Moon Tattoo

A gibbous moon tattoo means that someone is a natural born leader with an innate ability to draw others in. It can be part of other designs.

Waning Moon Tattoo

A waning moon tattoo can be a symbol of power and wisdom, or it could mean that someone is an introvert. It’s all about the interpretation you want to give it.

Fluid Moon Tattoo

A fluid moon tattoo is about change, but not a destructive one. It’s more of an ever-evolving state that can symbolize someone who has seen the light and doesn’t want to return to darkness.

They’re open to new experiences and are willing to take risks in order to grow as human beings. That may include leaving their partner or friends behind if it means they’ll be able to find themselves again with this fresh start.

Semi-Fluid Moon Tattoo

A semi fluid moon tattoo is about the time when someone is in between choices and isn’t sure which way to go. They’re stuck somewhere in-between despair and enlightenment, but they still have a fighting chance.

This tattoo can also symbolize periods of transition, such as moving homes or changing careers.

Cat and Moon Tattoo

Can and moon tattoos are often based on the idea of cat symbolism and lunar cycles.

The most popular interpretation is that this tattoo shows a person’s connection to ancient ancestors, or how they derive their power from nature.

It can also signify rebirth in many cultures, which makes it the perfect option for someone transitioning between phases in life–like retirement.

Moon and Rose Tattoo

Moon and rose tattoo meanings are also based in ancient traditions.

The moon is often associated with the feminine, and thus a rose as well–making it an excellent option for women who want to express their femininity or independence.

It can mean balance between two polarities, which might include emotions like love and fear, joy and sadness–or past versus present.

Lunar Eclipse Tattoo Meaning

Although not as common of a tattoo design, some people opt for lunar eclipse tattoos because they symbolize how our human lives cycle through phases: birth, maturation/education period (maturity), creativity (creativity). .eclipse means “to pass into” from one phase into another; this makes these designs ideal for those seeking change in their lives.

Sun Moon & Stars Tattoo Meaning

Sun, moon and stars designs are typically more masculine in nature. This is because the sun represents masculinity; it’s a symbol of power, light, life (as opposed to the moon which represents femininity), mystery or darkness.

The sun often appears with two babies on its back to represent new beginnings or birth/rebirth symbolism where one “dies” before being reborn into another phase of their lives–like adolescence through adulthood.

The star can be used as a guiding force; it points us towards our desired destination much like we use them for navigation when taking long trips by car at night time.” For this reason they also incorporate an arrow motif that mimics a compass needle pointing northward toward what you want in your life:

Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun and moon tattoos are a great way to represent the balance between masculine and feminine that exists in all of us.

“As far as placement goes I recommend getting these designs somewhere they will be visible depending on how you dress such as your backside, chest, or arms.”

The sun is masculine–it provides heat, light, power; it brings forth life on earth. The moon is feminine–in her waxing phase she creates fertility and growth by drawing water to herself from the oceans; when full (waxed), she reflects back sunlight at night time so we can see each other.

minimalistic moon phase tattoo

Sternum Moon Phase Tattoo

A moon phase tattoo on the sternum is a unique way to show your commitment to any path you are already following. “I recommend getting these designs somewhere they will be visible depending on how you dress.”

A sternum moon phase tattoo has one of the most unique designs on the chest. The fact that it is also the most visible tattoo on your body means that you need to find the perfect design. Make sure that you take your time and do a lot of research into moon phase tattoos before making a final decision. This way you will know that you have the perfect tattoo and not regret it in the future.

There are too many options for moon phase tattoos to know which design you should get. The reason is that it depends on your personality and what the meaning of the tattoo means to you. When figuring out a good design, think about how much time or attention goes into this symbol’s cycle on Earth versus other ones like stars or suns.

moon phase tattoo on hand

Moon Phase Tattoo on Spine

Spine tattoo ideas are often popular for those that want to get a tattoo on their back. There’s plenty of space and it can be a great way to show off your personal style.

– A moon phase tattoo with the phases in sequence from new moon, waning gibbous, full moon, waning crescent, etc., is one design idea.

The moon is the main object in this tattoo. The phases of the moon are shown as a sequence, from new to full and back again.

– Another idea for spine tattoos include incorporating the spinal cord or other design elements that signify movement into your body’s center.

– A lotus flower motif on the lower back represents good health and prosperity.

– A black widow spider on one’s back is symbolic of protection, with the red hourglass representing time running out for those who pose a threat to us.

moon phase tattoo on chest