A medusa tattoo stencil is a type of “stencil art”. It is an image that helps you to create a design for your tattoo.

A medusa tattoo stencil is a type of “stencil art”. It is an image that helps you to create a design for your tattoo. The way it works is, you print out the image and place it over your skin. Then you trace over the lines in order to get the desired effect, size and placement on your skin.

Greek Mythology

The word “medusa” means something similar to terrifying. The icon that we now associate with the word medusa is a sculpture of her head on the greek vase. It is also depicted in greek mythology as having snakes for hair, she would turn people into stone when they looked at her, and had a gaze that would turn people to stone.

Medusa Tattoo Stencil Design

Medusa can have a lot of different meanings based on the type of tattoo design that you choose. You might choose to get a tattoo design based upon her being one of the gorgons, or vipers. It could also be about her turning people into stone. This is where you get a tattoo made up like a statue. For others, the idea is to get a medusa tattoo design that represents her turning people into stone. This is where you can have an abstract looking tattoo or even one with a rose in place of where the person’s eyes would be.

medusa tattoo stencil

Medusa Tattoo Stencil

Medusa as a Female Symbol

Women are the most common recipients of this type of body art, and they usually have it done for one main reason. It’s a way to permanently etch their inner strength onto their skin through a physical representation of power.

Medusa Tattoo Designs for Men

A lot of men who like tattoo designs use this as one of them. These are generally used for forearms, upper arms, shoulders and chest. It is not a good idea to get one on your back or neck as it can be seen by people you do not want to see the tattoo, like bosses and in some cases business colleagues.

When guys are looking at medusa tattoo designs, they generally look for something that meets their personality type. For example if you’re into sports, getting a tattoo design that has the myth about how medusa turned people into stone while running or throwing discus can be quite interesting.

What does Medusa tattoo symbolize?

A medusa tattoo symbolizes a multitude of things, most commonly who someone is or what they represent. The snake tattoos and images are representative of the gorgon’s hair that she was said to have had. They are also used because many people feel that snakes represent movement and transformation.

How much is a Medusa Tattoo?

The cost of a Medusa tattoo varies by the size of the work and on where it will be placed. The most basic designs can run around $50 but more detailed parts can cost up to $300 or even more.

How do I turn a picture into a tattoo stencil?

You start by selecting your image on a computer. Once you find the one you want to turn into a tattoo, it should be relatively easy to size it correctly. The most difficult part of this will be getting the angles correct for things like facial features and body joints.

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