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Meaning of Teardrop Tattoo


Table of Contents

  1. Meaning of Teardrop Tattoo

  2. Meaning of Teardrop Tattoo

  3. The Teardrop Tattoo And The Meaning Of The Teardrop

  4. The Teardrop Tattoo Meaning That In Prisons Throughout The United States

Meaning of Teardrop Tattoo

There are indeed so many tattoo designs that can be chosen from and they are also even available on the internet but getting tattooed is not only about how beautiful and cool the look of the tattoo designs but it is also about the meaning because not all tattoos contain good meanings and hope for being worn. Just like the meaning of the teardrop tattoo which is already popular among us and you must also have already known about the meaning. People can judge your tattoo is cool but you can also be the judge as a criminal when the wrong tattoo is worn by you.

teardrop tattoo meaning

Meaning of Teardrop Tattoo

Actually, when it comes to talking about the meaning of the teardrop, there are so many assumptions appear and that many different meanings owned by this tattoo have also been stated by some sites and people. However, the popular one must have already been heard by you that when this kind of tattoo is worn especially under eyes, then it means that someone was ever killed by you or you are committing crime and criminality. This also means that you have experienced to be in prison so it will never be considered as something good to have this kind of tattoo design.

teardrop tattoo

The Teardrop Tattoo And The Meaning Of The Teardrop

Just like what we have mentioned before that there are different meanings contained by the teardrop tattoo and the meaning of the teardrop is confusing people these days like if it is actually good or bad and whether it is nice to be worn or not. As time goes by, the meaning of the teardrop has changed lately and a friend or fellow gang member or even family member died while the wearer is incarcerated is symbolized by the teardrop tattoo. So, what is the right image and interpretation of this kind of tattoo actually?

Perhaps, you are one of many people seeing that the meaning of the teardrop has become a fad which granted and has gotten people in trouble and some people still wear and use this teardrop tattoo as a gang identifier and this is still not good to be worn actually. At a glance for a newbie in the tattoo world, the teardrop sign placed under the eye will be fine and the impression that the person is crying can be created well without seeing any negative sides. Therefore, before deciding what tattoo design wore by you, the history and the meaning should be made sure first.

The Teardrop Tattoo Meaning That In Prisons Throughout The United States

This is also one of the facts about the teardrop tattoo meaning that in prisons throughout the United States, the “sugar daddies” will force the accounts of prisoners to have the tattoo so that the prisoner is a sissy will be signified. So, whenever you see the teardrop tattoos, you may be able to identify what meaning behind those tattoos from the meaning interpreted here. Just add new knowledge related to the tattoo meanings before you get tattooed.

It will definitely be considered as a ridiculous thing whenever the wrong tattoo is worn by you because it means that you know nothing about the tattoo itself. A cool or stylish tattoo is not always good. Be careful and know every meaning of the tattoo-like the meaning of the teardrop.


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