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Loyalty Tattoo on Arm

Table of Contents

  1. Loyalty Tattoo on Arm

  2. Loyalty And Respect Tattoo

  3. Popular Ambigram Tattoo Design

Loyalty Tattoo on Arm

Ever since Dan Brown’s book entitled “Angels and Demons” attracted many people’s attention, the trend of ambigram tattoos gain more and more popularity among tattoo fans. Furthermore, the popularity of the book itself has inspired Hollywood producers to come up with a Box Office movie with the same title.

A high calibre Hollywood actor like Tom Hanks even took a big part in the movie project. The best selling book as well as the Box Office movie have taken the popularity of ambigram tattoos to another level. There are many ambigram tattoo option available for any individual who is fascinated by the tricky design.

Many tattoo fans have opted for an ambigram tattoo design to express almost everything from philosophies of life to family bonds. Ambigram tattoos come with various styles and all of them look very interesting by their capacity to be readable in two different ways.

You can either see it backwards or forwards and yet find a meaningful word. An ambigram tattoo may feature only a single word in its design. You can read the same word both in a normal way or backward. However, the capacity of an ambigram tattoo to show a pair of words on a single image has made this attractive tattoo design even more popular these days.

The tattoo artists have come up with brilliant ideas and techniques to put two different words like “family and forever”, “true and love”, “courage and strength”, “dream and believe” or “loyalty and respect” on the same tattoo design. Loyalty and respect tattoo is one of the most favourable ambigram tattoo options as it features two meaningful, universal and strong words for most of us.

Loyalty And Respect Tattoo

Loyalty and respect ambigram tattoo design would be a nice option of ambigram artistry work of art as both words have medium length to form an asymmetric ambigram design. The location for loyalty and respect tattoo could be anywhere.

Once you have tattooed your skin loyalty and respect tattoo, you read the word “loyalty” in an upright position and the word “respect” will be readable when you read the tattoo upside-down. The loyalty and respect tattoo presents a great ambigram example. The display of loyalty and respect tattoo to the left shows a great appearance as you can see the letters come together perfectly.

Like many other ambigram tattoo designs, loyalty and respect tattoo gives you an ambiguous appearance. It all depends on the way you look at the tattoo. Loyalty and respect tattoo design features a versatile style for anyone to express themselves through on their body.

Popular Ambigram Tattoo Design

Besides the loyalty and respect tattoo option, ambigram tattoo designs still hold so many other interesting options. The word “loyalty” has found some other attractive partner than respect. An ambigram tattoo may feature two contradicting words like loyalty and betrayal.

Those two negating words make a great combination in an ambigram design. Some other pairs of words like “blessed and cursed”, “angel and devil”, or “beautiful and disaster” could be a great choice for ambigram tattoo as well.

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