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Life’s a Gamble Tattoo Ideas & Inspirations

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Lifes a Gamble Tattoo

  2. Gambling Tattoo Meanings

  3. Ace of Spades Tattoo Designs:

  4. Poker Chip Tattoo Designs

  5. Flaming Dice Tattoo Designs

  6. Lady Luck Tattoo Designs

  7. Pocket Ace Tattoo Designs

  8. Eight Ball Tattoo Designs

Lifes a Gamble Tattoo

These inks say to an observer that life is not always fair- it’s not always about winning or losing; sometimes you win if you lose. Whereas gambling involves money, lifestyles a gamble tattoo does not. Depending on what one faces in life, lifestyles a gamble tattoo can be seen as something negative of positive – but also as a reminder that we have choices and options for ourselves every day.

The lifes a gamble tattoo is an ambiguous symbol that means many things to many people.

A lifes a gamble tattoo, in simplest terms, presents the idea of self-reliance and independence from exterior forces. When combined with other symbols or words, it may represent hope for change and the dangers involved in doing something new. The beauty of these less specific meanings allow readers to decide what story they want their lives a gamble tattoos say on their own skin – one they feel completely true to who they are today.

lifes a gamble tattoo
gambling tattoo designs

lifes a gamble tattoo

Gambling Tattoo Meanings

Gamblers are both risk takers, so gambling themed tattoos are becoming more popular. In fact, these symbols resonate with more than just casino gamblers. Below, we’ve put together a gambling tattoo dictionary, explaining some of the meanings behind each one of the tattoos. We all deal in risk, and we are all blind to the future. We don’t know what we’re looking for. Here’s a gambling symbol for the sake of our own life.

The dice tattoo is like a warning sign to those around you: that you are at your best when you’re taking risks, and while the results of this risky behavior may not always be positive, you should never regret them. If you love gambling or just its aesthetics, then by all means, get a dice tattoo on your body. It can also mean that you have a lucky streak in your favor–one day it might show up! The problem with gambling tattoos is that there’s no way for the wearer to know exactly what they mean-except for the artist who put them there. While some people want their love of gambling to be known immediately, others prefer to keep it more secret.

Ace of Spades Tattoo Designs:

A tattoo design of an Ace of Spades, a symbol of good luck and death. For Americans, the Ace represented good fortune for soldiers during the Vietnam War-while their Vietnamese opponents saw it as a sign that meant bad luck and impending death.

In Vietnam, the ace of spades was painted on soldiers’ helmets to intimidate their opponents. For opponents, it represented bad fortune and death, but for the Americans, it was a symbol of good luck. It was painted on their helmet to intimidate the opponents, instead symbolizing good luck and death.

Poker Chip Tattoo Designs

Poker chips have come to represent a love for gambling as tattoo designs. Poker chip chips are used to determine a game of poker. Poker chips can be used as a poker chip to determine who wins a game. Players can find out what their own gambling theme is, as well as the love of life-changing risks.

Flaming Dice Tattoo Designs

Rolled dice in ancient times have been associated with gambling and gaming. Depicted with flames, dice represent ‘having luck on your side’ or a passion for gambling. Since ancient times, dice have symbolized an unknown future.

Lady Luck Tattoo Designs

Lady Luck is a tattoo design of a woman sitting in a pool of dice, cards and treasure. Lady Luck was a classic symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

Pocket Ace Tattoo Designs

The pocket ace is a tattoo design of a single card, an Ace. The Aces have the highest value in the pack; they are kept in a compartment at the top of the player’s pocket to denote that these cards are held back from play. An Ace represents courage and strength.

Eight Ball Tattoo Designs

The eight ball symbolises a blend of good and bad luck, with good luck represented by the colour black and bad luck represented by the colour red. To win a game of pool, you must sink the eight balls. In this case, the eight ball serves as a representation of chance.

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