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Irish Tattoos for Men


Irish Tattoos for Men 


Irish tattoos are inked onto many people, even some who aren’t Irish. Sometimes people may think that an Irish tattoo can bring luck, and other people just think it’s attractive. Some just get in the spirit on St. Patrick’s Day, and others just like the colour green. There are many types of Irish tattoos: Celtic tattoos, Irish saying tattoos, shamrock tattoos, leprechaun tattoos and so on. All of them represent one thing, having the luck of the Irish.

irish tattoos for men

Table of Contents

  1. Shamrock Tattoos

  2. The Luck Of The Irish

  3. Celtic Art Has Large Pieces Of Irish Art Ingrained

Shamrock Tattoos

There are many variations of the tattoos mentioned above. You can customize a tattoo any way you want. Tattoo artists themselves are normally very creative and can give you great ideas on how to make the tattoo idea you saw unique and fit you perfectly. Shamrock tattoos could be customized to have the names of your loved ones written along with the outside clovers, or have a dragon clutching the shamrock in its ferocious claws. A shamrock tattoo is probably the most popular of all Irish or Celtic tattoos. I myself have one on my left arm, with a tribal background. It can be interesting, unique, and very fun to customize a tattoo to fit your lifestyle.

shamarock tattoo for men

The Luck Of The Irish

Another important and oftentimes very meaningful Irish tattoo is an Irish saying tattoo. Irish saying tattoos are usually on the back, leg, or in smaller print on the upper arm. They’re meaningful, and carry a message that the person who has the tattoo thinks is important. Not only can an Irish saying tattoo have an important meaning, but you can also customize it to your liking as well. My next tattoo will probably have a shamrock and some Irish saying inside the shamrock. The best way one can show off their heritage is by getting something representative of that heritage. Tattoos can be that representation.

Probably the best thing about Irish tattoos is that anyone can get them. Whether or not you are Irish, you can show off that lucky green leaf, or that dancing leprechaun holding his glass of golden ale. A non-Irish person can feel the luck of the Irish by getting a lucky tattoo.

irish tattoos for men

irish tattoos for men

Celtic Art Has Large Pieces Of Irish Art Ingrained

People often confuse Celtic art with Irish art. Although the two are similar, they aren’t the same. Although they aren’t quite exactly alike, Celtic art has large pieces of Irish art ingrained, and Irish art has large pieces of Celtic art ingrained. A Celtic knot tattoo will often be called an Irish tattoo, and there is no need to correct anyone. A lot of the time, people will get a shamrock tattoo, and around the tattoo will be a ring of Celtic knots. This is a highly popular Irish tattoo.

Getting an Irish tattoo will be exciting and interesting because the Irish heritage and culture are so interesting themselves. Every time you look down and see that Irish tattoo, you will feel a sense of what the Irish themselves feel, which is a huge enjoyment in life itself and a sense of heritage. Every time you look at that tattoo, you will feel a bit of the luck of the Irish!

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