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Infinity Tattoo with Birds

Table of Contents

  1. Infinity Tattoo with Birds Meaning

  2. Wrist

  3. Infinity – Religious Meaning

  4. Placement

  5. What does infinity tattoo symbol mean?

  6. What do birds mean on a tattoo?

  7. What does the feather mean in infinity tattoo?

  8. What does double infinity mean?

Infinity Tattoo with Birds Meaning

Infinity tattoos are often made out to be a symbol of eternity. It is said that they will last forever, therefore interminable. However many choose the infinity tattoo concept for various other reasons as well. Some consider it to be a sign of true love or something that is priceless within their lives.

Those who like this type of body artwork either have a personal or religious view on it.

Infinity tattoos with birds are often created as an expression of love towards freedom; to represent the idea that you never get too close to anyone because they might one day fly away. It is also associated with luck and prosperity, not only for yourself but also the people around you.

The infinity tattoo with a bird is the image of freedom, and it looks like the birds are carrying your love for them.

Infinity Tattoo with Birds Meaning

The infinity tattoos may also be representative of eternity but they can also refer to something that lasts forever – as you are able to keep your loved ones near you at all times by means of this art. The symbolism of infinity tattoo with a bird is more or less the same as the one that has no birds in it.

Infinity Tattoo with Birds


If you do choose the wrist as your placement, then try and keep it near your watch so that everyone will notice both of them. This is a very popular spot and one that will give your tattoo even more meaning.

Only you can decide where to place it, however if you do choose to get an infinity tattoo with a bird design in it then the wrist may be your best bet. It truly all depends on what message you want to send through your body art.

Being that this is a very popular tattoo design, it does not matter where you decide to get it done. However, just make sure that with an infinity tattoo you find a good and reputable place to get your work done at.

The cost of getting an infinity tattoo depend on what type of ink quality and the size of area taken up by the design. For example, if you decide to get a small and simple infinity tattoo without any birds in it then the cost will be a lot less than what it would be for one that is large and complex.

Infinity tattoos can truly be placed anywhere on your body that you like, however if you do not want the meaning behind them to be revealed, then choosing the wrist is your best bet.

When you get an infinity tattoo with birds it truly depends on if it represents freedom for you or if there is a specific meaning behind your choice of art. However, in terms of design placement and cost – all that matters is where you want it to be, and what message you want it to send out.

Infinity – Religious Meaning

Infinity tattoos will always have a religious meaning behind them, depending on what culture you are from and how religion is involved in your life. For example, if you are Buddhist then the infinity tattoo with birds design might represent some sort of reincarnation or eternity – whereas if you are Christian it could symbolize the concept of everlasting life.

Infinity tattoos are also a very popular form of body art for people in the western world, but there is usually a little bit more to these designs than what meets the eye. For example if you were to get an infinity tattoo with birds in it then surely you want it to symbolize the freedom that they represent. However, you might want the tattoo to represent something else as well, and that is where the religious meaning comes into play.


Infinity tattoos are usually placed on areas of the body which may be easily covered up with skin, so you might not actually see them if someone wears long sleeves. The reason for this is because there a number of meanings associated with this tattoo design and not everyone who gets this type of body art wants the meaning behind it to be revealed.

The most common place for an infinity tattoo with a bird in the design is on the hand or wrist; however you can also get one placed anywhere else if you want, even on your back. It all depends on what kind of message you want it to represent to other people. If you are the type of person who likes to show off, then it might make sense for you to get a large and noticeable infinity tattoo on an obvious body part. The choice is yours.

What does infinity tattoo symbol mean?

If you have decided to get an infinity tattoo with birds in the design, then you may want to know what this type of body art actually symbolizes. There is a number of different meanings associated with the infinity tattoo and depending on who’s opinion it is that you are asking they might not give you the same answer. For example if you asked a Hindu person, they may say that it represents an upward spiritual journey to overcome the earthly world – whereas if you asked someone who is Buddhist they might give you a completely different answer.

The most common religious meaning associated with the infinity tattoo is definitely the concept of everlasting life. This goes for both Christians and Jews; however other people may think that it means something completely different. For example, if you are a Buddhist then the infinity tattoo might be representative of reincarnation and how the soul never dies.

What do birds mean on a tattoo?

If you are considering an infinity tattoo that features birds, then surely the next thing on your mind is what the meaning of these designs might signify. The symbol can represent freedom, or it may be a way to emphasize something else–and there are multiple meanings associated with it as well. If you consider yourself to be religious and get this tattoo

What does the feather mean in infinity tattoo?

The feather is one of the most prominent symbols in many different religions; however its actual meaning is not as clear. However, what we do know is that it often represents peace, and the flight of a bird can be symbolic for freedom.

What does double infinity mean?

Double infinity is an infinity tattoo that is represented by two mirrored O’s. The double infinity symbol can also be used as a way to signify your love for someone or something, and some people even like to use it because it looks great in the design. If you end up choosing this type of infinity tattoo then here are some things worth considering:

To make sure that the tattoo is going to look really good, you should definitely make sure that your artist knows exactly how big of a design you want. Not only does this matter because it has to fit in with whatever else you have on your body, but also because some tattoos can be incredibly painful if they are not done correctly.

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