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Igorot Tattoo Designs

Igorot Tattoo Designs

igorot tattoo designs

Igorot tattoos are considered a religious practice in the Philippines. The flowing blood attracted spirits and was believed to protect the community. These spirits could either destroy the community, or protect it. Anito, or blood, was also believed to cause all diseases. Malevolent spirits often demanded human trophy heads. A tattooed person’s advantage in combat was further enhanced by the fact that the other person would not be able to tell if they had a tattoo or not.

The different types of Igorot tattoos are highly symbolic. They represent rank and rites. A bontoc Igorot tattoo symbolizes the number of human heads taken during a headhunting raid. A chaklag Igorot tattoo represents the number of fresh trophy heads taken during an inter-tribal raid. A pong’-o woman’s Igorot tattoo represents the number of heads she’s taken in the same incident.

An Igorot tattoo may symbolize the number of heads successfully taken during a headhunting raid. Its meaning varies between tribes, but the Igorot are very unique in their tribal designs. The tribal group has distinct tattoo patterns that symbolize rites and ranks. The chaklag tattoo is a popular choice for women and men alike. If you’d like to get one of these designs, read on!

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