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I Hope You Dance Tattoo

I Hope You Dance Tattoo

Having a tattoo on your skin is a great way to express your feelings. Many different tattoo designs are available for you to express your happiness, sadness or even mourning situations. In other words, whatever feeling you may have in your heart, you will always find a great tattoo design to express it.

When you have someone special in your life and he or she has to go to the other side before you, a tattoo could be a great option to remember the great time you had together.

i hope you dance tattoo

Tattoo artists have come up with a great number of memorial tattoo designs to help commemorate the life of your beloved ones. Like any other tattoo, memorial tattoos come with some amount of pain to endure.

This would be a painful way to keep the lost loved ones in our memory. Many people see the memorial tattoo as a cool way to help them recover from mourning situations. They find the grieving tattoos very helpful to heal their hollow feelings once their loved ones go to the other side.

i hope you dance tattoo

A tattoo to pay your tribute to a deceased loved one may come in many different designs. Many people tend to opt for having the initials of the lost loved one on the tattoo design. They also complete the tattoo design with the life dates.

This kind of memorial tattoo will become more personalized when you can come up with a special font. There would be nothing abstract about this memorial tattoo as it features a simple design with meaningful and direct characteristics. Some other people choose to commemorate their love to the deceased one through some word tattoos.

One of the most popular word tattoos for mourning situation is the one that says “I hope you dance”. The phrase was made famous by award-winning country singer Lee Ann Womack.

i hope you dance tattoo on leg

If we compare the memorial tattoos that feature some words against other grieving tattoo designs which just have images on them, the word tattoo seems to be more preferable for most people. Let us talk about the “I hope you dance tattoo” design.

This type of word tattoo will not cost you a fortune to have it done on your skin. Most tattoo artists will have no problems creating an “I hope you dance” tattoo on your foot or arm. This tattoo normally does not require any extravagant color ink that costs a lot of money.

Perhaps, the tattoo artists should be more cautious with the spelling of the words. There are many other word tattoos you can opt for when it comes to commemorating your lost loved ones.

The word tattoo that says “you will always be missed” or “in loving memory” are easily found in our community as well. Other than that, you can also choose the word tattoo that features the favourite quotes of the deceased or a popular saying that represents the personality of the deceased loved one.

i hope you dace tattoo on foot

A memorial tattoo like Womack’s “I hope you dance” tattoo would be a cool way to honor the passed loved one and it only requires a flat surface on your skin. Most tattoo artists would recommend you put this tattoo on your feet.

You might have to endure more amount of pain, yet you will be more pleased once you see the end result. You can add some cute images like flowers to make this tattoo more appealing.

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