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Gengar Tattoo

The gengar tattoo is a popular choice for many. The ghost type pokemon gengar can have the ability levitate, so it has become very popular amongst pikachu lovers as well.

Gengar has been around since 1995, however in the game series it was introduced much later on in which 2005 under generation three and was part of the ghost/poison type.

Gengar is a powerful pokemon with it’s own unique moves. Gengar has the ability to learn curse, glean and pain split just to name a few of it’s many other abilities. It also learns psychic as one of it’s elemental attacks in which can be very useful against dark type pokemon. The gengar tattoo can be made in many different colours, but black is the most popular.

The gengar tattoo can be placed on various body parts as well. The torso is where it’s seen most often but arms are also a common area to place the tattoo.

Gengar’s age is unknown, however gengar is known to have a cunning personality. Gengar can’t be seen by humans and is often invisible. It is said to appear in the dreams of it’s enemy to get close without them noticing!

Gengar’s diet mostly consists of other pokemon, however when there are no pokemon around it will happily eat human food too!

gengar tattoo

Table of Contents

  1. Ghost Pokemon Tattoo

  2. Gastly Haunter Gengar Tattoo

  3. Charmander Tattoo

  4. Squirtle Tattoo

  5. Bulbasaur Tattoo

  6. Gastly, Haunter, Gengar Tattoo

  7. Haunter Tattoo

Ghost Pokemon Tattoo

With a wide variety of Pokemon tattoo designs to chose from, it is hard not to find one that becomes the perfect tattoo. This article will examine three of my favorites: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. What I like best about these characters is the leaf on Bulbasaur’s back and how neatly he coexists with

The pokemon tattoo is a popular choice for many people. It has been around since 1996 and was introduced to game boy that same year under generation one.

Ghost pokemon tattoo with three of the most popular ghost type pokemon – gengar, haunter and grimer.

This tattoo shows bulbasaur, squirtle, chikorita, charmander and more from the first generation of pet monsters.

Cookies to friends and family. The charmander tattoo is a reflection of the fire type pokemon itself…. Photos of Tattoo Designs.

Gastly Haunter Gengar Tattoo

This banner has gengar, haunter and gastly. It is a blackwork tattoo design that looks great on the leg or lower back.

The two pokemon tattoo shows charmander and squirtle happily gathered around bulbasaur with arms outstretched to him in friendship. This is a really nice piece if you want a scene from the game to be recreated in a tattoo.

A black and grey snake sleeve with pokemon themed tattoos on it. The top left part of the arm has charizard and squirtle fighting whilst below them bulbasaur is being hugged by charmander with his legs.

Charmander Tattoo

Charmander is a fire type pokemon and is one of the original three starters from the first generation. Charmander’s name comes from a combination of words char (to burn) + man (a mythical creature which resembles a human). It is believed that Tepig was originally going to be the fire starter but they thought it would have been too similar to Charmander.

The charmander’s tail can flare up as a defence mechanism, which is what this design portrays. A great tattoo for anyone who loves Pokemon or wants to express themselves in an unconventional way!

Squirtle Tattoo

Squirtle is the second of the original three starters from generation one. His name comes from the word squirt which refers to how he shoots water out of his shell when frightened.

A great design with so much detail, a true masterpiece! It features squirtle, chikorita and treecko as well as many others.

Squirtle is one of my favorites; he is so cute! The design features squirtle and many other Pokemon from the first generation such as charmander, bulbasaur and more.

Bulbasaur Tattoo

Bulbasaur is the third of the original three starters from generation one. It’s name comes from it’s bulb (another word for onion) like shape and saur (lizard). It is also known as the dinosaur pokemon!

I love this design because Bulbasaur looks so cute, I think it would really suit people who have a wide range of interests rather than just Pokemon.

When I think about a Pokemon tattoo, my imagination goes wild and it becomes difficult to choose a single design that I love. But if I had to choose one, it would be Charizard, Charmander’s older brother. A fierce fire-breathing dragon (with the ability to fly!), he has a special place in my heart as the original starter pokemon and symbol of Pokemon itself.

Gastly, Haunter, Gengar Tattoo

This tattoo shows the three stages of a ghost type pokemon. This looks great on the arm and works well with other designs or even as a stand alone tattoo! It is up to you whether you choose just one of these ghost Pokemon or have all three, it really is entirely up to personal preference.

Haunter Tattoo

Haunter is a ghost type and the evolved form of Gastly. He first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue as a tradeable pokemon via an event. In earlier games he was known as Ghastly but his name has changed depending on which version you have. A great tattoo with plenty of detail, this design works well as part of a sleeve design. As you can see it has been combined with an Eevee, Pikachu and Charmander tattoo which look great together!

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