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Galaxy Tattoo – Amazing Space Tattoo Ideas

A galaxy tattoo is a great way to symbolize your own personal universe. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the design of these tattoos, so you can choose one that best fits your personality and interests. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some examples of dreamy Galaxy Tattoo Designs!

Galaxy tattoo ideas are designed to represent your own personal journey through life and the universe.

The tattoo itself often depicts a constellation of stars-for example, those in Orion’s belt or Wren (constellation)

It can also symbolize enlightenment via merging with infinite energy sources such as light and sound.

Table of Contents

  1. Creative Galaxy Tattoo Designs:

  2. Dreamy Girl Tattoo

  3. Dreams Tattoo Idea

  4. Nautical Star Tattoo

  5. Amazing space tattoo ideas

  6. Planetary Tattoos

  7. Black and White Saturn Tattoo

  8. Yellow Sun Tattoo with Outer Space Background

  9. Green Jupiter Tattoo

  10. The Milky Way Tattoo

  11. Science Fiction Tattoo Designs:

  12. Geometrical Galaxy Tattoo Designs:

  13. Zodiac Galaxy Tattoo Designs:

  14. Abstract Galaxy Tattoo Designs:

  15. Minimalist Galaxy Tattoo

  16. Black and White Galaxy Tattoo

  17. Water Colored Galaxy Tattoo

  18. Watercolor Galaxy Fox Tattoo

  19. Water Color Space Tattoo

  20. Astronomer Sleeve Tattoo

  21. 3-D Galaxy Tattoo

  22. Cosmic Tattoo

  23. Leo Constellation Tattoo Designs

  24. Taurus Constellation Tattoos

  25. Aries Constellation Tattoos

  26. Gemini Constellation Tattoos

  27. Cancer Constellation Tattoos

  28. The Scorpion Constellation Tattoos

  29. Libra Constellation Tattoos

  30. Pisces Constellation Tattoos

  31. Virgo Constellation Tattoos

  32. Placement of Space Tattoos:

  33. Choosing Your Galaxy Design:

  34. In Conclusion:

Creative Galaxy Tattoo Designs:

One of the most popular forms of galaxy tattooing is tattoos that look like fireworks in space or stars exploding into a bright light. These designs usually sport cosmic colors and faded edges to give them an otherworldly feel.

Dreamy Girl Tattoo

A dreamy girl’s tattoo represents contemplation of the soul. It may also symbolize a deep love for something or someone that is unattainable, and represents hope.

The size of this tattoo can be anywhere from small to large-in some cases, it might even cover your whole back! You’ll want to think about placement so as not to put too much emphasis on any one area.

Dreams Tattoo Idea

The idea of a dream tattoo is often associated with personal goals and aspirations. This can also be seen as symbolizing the power of dreaming despite difficulties or setbacks that may arise in your life. Dreams are not realistic, but they do inspire you to reach for them all the same!

Nautical Star Tattoo

The nautical star tattoo is a common symbol of hope and guidance on the sea or on land. This timeless design has been used as an important emblem by sailors since ancient times, to guide them home safely and find their way through uncharted territory while at sea. A lotus flower with wings and a star was the symbol of the goddess Nuit in Ancient Egypt.

The tattoo can be easily recognized by its five points, which represent different aspects of life: earth, wind, fire and water as well as spirit. These elements are all encompassed by a circle representing eternity or infinity-this is often illustrated with wings on either side of the star to symbolize that you are never alone.

In Ancient Greece, the asterism formed by five stars in a row from north-east to south-west was known as Pentelicos; it is also referred to today as Lyra’s tail or Eridanus’ foot (after river Eridanus).

Planetary tattoos are not limited to the solar system. They also represent constellations, star formations and other astronomical bodies.

In Ancient Egypt, people believed that dreaming about stars was a sign of good fortune coming their way. The dreamer’s power would be strengthened by harnessing the energy of these mystical objects in ink on your body for all time.

Amazing space tattoo ideas

Galaxies, planets, the moon and stars are just a few of what an astrologer could incorporate into your next tattoo. The design is very important when it comes to thinking about this type of tattoo. The more detail you put in will make for better results!

Planetary Tattoos

One of the most popular tattoo designs in history is that of celestial bodies. From stars to constellations, these images represent a lifetime’s worth of wanderlust and dreams. This article will explore the meaning behind space tattoos with an emphasis on planetary symbols as well as their tribal origins.

The first and most important thing to know is that the planets in ancient times were considered gods, so a tattoo of them was like an homage or tribute.

The following are just some examples of planetary tattoos:

Black and White Saturn Tattoo

The world’s largest planet, Saturn, is famous for its rings. This black and white tattoo of the Roman god would be perfect for someone who loves travel or a more subtle design.

Yellow Sun Tattoo with Outer Space Background

This yellow sun tattoo features an outer space background that looks like it could be from NASA footage of our solar system.

Green Jupiter Tattoo

Jupiter is the Roman god of sky and thunder, so a green tattoo like this one would be perfect for someone who loves to explore or enjoys listening to peals of distant thunderstorms.

Like the other planets on our list, Jupiter was seen as a deity in ancient times and wearing a tattoo like this would be a great way to honor that cultural tradition.

The Milky Way Tattoo

This tattoo is for someone who thinks of the galaxy as their home and wants others to know it, too! It’s not every day you see such an intricate design with so much detail packed into one small space.

Mercury: Symbolizes speed as well as carefree spontaneity. It also represents communication skills and intellect. This planet has a dual nature in that it is both masculine and feminine.A winged messenger, this tattoo can be a symbol of communication or travel.

Venus: The planet of love, represented by plants or flowers as well as birds to symbolize the harmony between heaven and earth. It also represents creativity, beauty and fertility.

Mars: This tattoo might be a scarab beetle for protection from negative energy or a red dragon to represent the fire of anger.

Jupiter: It is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune as well as power, honor or strength.

Saturn: Its tattoos often include an image depicting time such as clocks, hourglasses or sundials, but it can also be represented by rings that mean eternity.

Uranus: This tattoo can be an abstract design or something more literal, such as a lightning bolt.

Neptune: Its tattoos often include water and waves, represented by dolphins, fish or other sea creatures, but it can also be a symbol of spirituality.

Earth: The tattoo might include images depicting life forces like plants and animals along with tribal patterns or abstract shapes.

Science Fiction Tattoo Designs:

-This tattoo can be represented by a spaceship or something from your favorite sci-fi movie.

Geometrical Galaxy Tattoo Designs:

-These tattoos are made up of geometric shapes and lines in different patterns. They can be a single shape or multiple shapes together that form an image like flowers, stars or animals.

Zodiac Galaxy Tattoo Designs:

-This tattoo usually features symbols from your zodiac sign such as the sun, moon, planets, animals and other images that all represent your sign.

-The symbol for Pisces features the image of a fish with wings, the symbol for Virgo has an image of a maiden holding wheat stalks, and so on.

-Some famous zodiac symbols from mythology are also popular tattoo designs, such as the symbol for Scorpio, which is a scorpion with its tail rising up. This design comes from Greek mythology where it was believed to be associated with death and destruction.

Abstract Galaxy Tattoo Designs:

-These tattoos feature geometric shapes like circles, lines, dots and other shapes that give the tattoo a modern or futuristic look.

-These tattoos can also be done in black and white, which will contrast nicely with any color of skin tone.

-Abstract designs are perfect for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd as they don’t have any specific meaning outside of the one the wearer assigns.

-Some other popular designs in this category are spirals, stars and shooting stars, which can represent a new beginning or a wish for something better to come your way, while others will see them as reminders of loved ones that have passed on.

Minimalist Galaxy Tattoo

This design is not only amazing, but also very easy to make. Simply find a drawing of the galaxy and outline it with shapes that are reminiscent of stars or planets in space. Next, add dots in certain spots for extra decoration.

The end result will be an awesome tattoo any fan would love to have!

Black and White Galaxy Tattoo

Black and white space tattoos are equally pleasing to look at. They are perfect for the more understated type of person who wants something simple.

-The black and white contrasts create a calm, peaceful vibe. The simplicity is also an attractive feature because it’s much easier to do than other galaxy tattoos which can be intricate in detail.

-It might seem like the design is boring, but this is actually a good thing because it’s easy to mess up when tattooing. With black and white, you can’t make any mistakes!

Water Colored Galaxy Tattoo

This is another type of galaxy tattoo. It’s a bit more complicated because it includes watercolors and other colors, but the end result is worth all that effort!

-The design will be filled with swirls, dots, and lines in various sizes, which creates an awesome effect when the tattoo heals. The simplicity of these designs is also a plus.

-The colors you can use are limitless because they’re watercolors, which means that they will blend together beautifully to create an awesome spectrum of hues. The result is something like this:

This galaxy tattoo design has some of the most beautiful patterns and designs I’ve ever seen!

Watercolor Galaxy Fox Tattoo

A watercolor galaxy fox tattoo is perfect for someone who wants something more colorful.

-The colors are vibrant and beautiful, making it an appealing design for anyone to look at. The different shades of blue, green, pink make this a unique style that not many people have! It’s also small enough to cover up any mistakes if you make any.

-The watercolor gives it a messy, vibrant look that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go! It’s the perfect design for anyone who is looking to stand out. The colors are also calming, which can be good or bad depending on what mood you’re in!

Water Color Space Tattoo

Another watercolor design is the space tattoo! Its many colors and lines make for a beautiful, realistic look that can be used as an arm or leg piece.

-The bright colors are perfect to help you stand out in any situation, with its black galaxy background making it pop. The mixture of stars and planets creates a sense of movement which is perfect for anyone who wants their tattoo to be more than just skin deep.

Astronomer Sleeve Tattoo

The astronomer sleeve tattoo is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to show off their love of space. The design has many different colors and elements that are sure to catch your eye!

-It’s the best choice if you want something small, but colorful on your arm or leg. It will draw attention because of its vibrant background with floating stars.

3-D Galaxy Tattoo

The three-dimensional galaxy tattoo is perfect for someone who wants to show off their love of space in a unique way. It’s the best choice if you want something that stands out and feels more personalized. The design has many different colors and elements that are sure to catch your eye!

It doesn’t matter what size this type of tattoo is, the color palette will be sure to make it stand out.

This type of tattoo doesn’t have a lot of lines or minimal shading, so you can also get creative with your design and integrate other meaningful objects into space.

Cosmic Tattoo

Cosmic tattoos are often colorful and have plenty of different patterns that you can work with. They don’t require as much detail because they take up a large area of your body, but the designs themselves are still gorgeous!

Some people use this style to memorialize loved ones who have passed away, while others choose it for their own personal reasons.

Leo Constellation Tattoo Designs

Leo constellation tattoos are some of the most beautiful. There is a lot of detailed work that goes into each one, and they make for an excellent tattoo in large areas or small spaces.

The lion symbolizes strength and bravery, which makes it an amazing choice if you want to be strong!

Taurus Constellation Tattoos

These tattoos are usually done in black and white, but they look amazing. The bull symbolizes strength, fertility, and wealth, which is perfect for anyone who wants to be more successful in life!

The cow is a sign of motherhood, so it’s an excellent tattoo choice if you have children or plan on having them one day as well.

Aries Constellation Tattoos

It represents masculinity and bravery, which means it’s an excellent tattoo for men or women who want to feel more empowered!

There are many different meanings behind these symbols, such that they can make amazing tattoos for anyone.

When you get a constellation tattoo, it’s because you want to stand out in the crowd and show everyone who you are.

Gemini Constellation Tattoos

This is an astrological sign which means that they represent duality or balance between two different entities such as masculine/feminine, day/night, good/evil, etc.

Cancer Constellation Tattoos

This sign is a representation of home, family and motherhood, which can make for an excellent tattoo if you have children or plan on having them one day as well.

The Scorpion Constellation Tattoos

This constellation is one of the most popular, because it’s a symbol of death and rebirth. As they shed their skin, they are given new life which can represent needing to break out of their shell or go through some major changes in order to get what you want.

Libra Constellation Tattoos

This constellation is a representation of balance, justice and fairness in the world. It’s also known as “the Scales”, which often represents justice or law-making abilities. Libra tattoos can symbolize that you are balancing two different sides of your life, such as work and free time or being at peace with yourself.

Pisces Constellation Tattoos

This is a symbol for the fish and it represents change, fertility, innocence, escape from reality’s troubles or possessing inner strength. Pisces tattoos can have many different meanings that are often more personal, but they’re also seen as symbols of love, which may be why you chose to get them.

Virgo Constellation Tattoos

This tattoo represents the Maiden or Mother Goddess. Virgos are often seen as being hard-working, helpful and “perfectionists”, which could be why you chose to get it. It is also associated with fertility and good fortune, so if you’re feeling lucky, then this constellation might be for you.

Placement of Space Tattoos:

-Your tattoo can be on your arm, shoulder or chest.

-It’s also common for people to put it in a more intimate area like the back of their neck, ankle or wrist.

-The style you choose will affect placement because an elaborate design may not look good paired with skin that is stretched too tight.

Choosing Your Galaxy Design:

-An open galaxy design would work well for someone who wants to express the beauty of space, while closed designs might represent things like protection and safety.

-You may want an outline of the Milky Way, a depiction of planets and moons or just stars.

-The color palette for your design should be chosen depending on what you want to express: Earthy tones can represent life, while black or gray might signify death.

-Space is vast and full of mystery, so it’s up to you how detailed your design is.

I hope you found this article interesting and inspiring! I would love to hear about your favorite tattoos in the comments below! Thank you for reading.:)

For more information on each planet, please check out my blog post “

In Conclusion:

Galaxy tattoos are fun and unique ways of expressing your personality through ink on the skin. There are many different types to choose from, so be sure to find one that suits

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