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FTP Tattoo Designs

FTP Tattoo Designs

ftp tattoo designs

Whether you’re an activist, a teen, or just a total geek, you’ll find a great tattoo design for your FTP! These designs represent the subculture known as FTP. You’ll find a lot of inspiration for this design in a variety of media, and they’ll help you make a statement about your personality and personal style. This collection of designs includes everything from tribal to gang symbols to flamboyantly-themed ink.

Latin Kings: Among the most famous prison tattoos, this group has a long history. Their tattoos often have hidden meanings. A popular design is the three-dot, which symbolizes gang life and Christianity’s holy trinity. These tattoos are typically created with stick-and-poke techniques and require only basic tools. They can be very intricate, so the details are important!

Prison and jail gangs: Many of the prisons are notorious for their gangs. Their tats carry their own meanings. The three-dot tattoo represents a gang’s lifestyle, while the tiger tattoo depicts a person’s aggression toward the police. Another common prison tattoo is the A.C.A.B. design, which stands for “Always Carry a Bible” and is often found on knuckles. This means that the person is willing to spend time in jail.

The tiger, teardrop, and skull are common prison tattoos. The tiger is the symbol of freedom, while bells are a symbol of aggressiveness toward police. Other prison tattoos include the ‘A.C.A.B.’ design. This represents the willingness to go to prison. It is also a popular design among gang members. The design is often simple, but the detail of the three dots can be extremely elaborate.

The tiger is a symbol of freedom and strength. While some people think of a tiger as a symbol of a gang, it is the same symbol for a gang. It symbolizes the gang’s lifestyle, but it can also stand for the Trinity, which is Christian. The tiger is a favourite prison tattoo among a tiger. Despite its size, the tiger represents courage and the heart.

The tiger is the ultimate symbol of freedom and is used in tattoos by gang members to show loyalty to their mates. This design has a long history in prisons but is particularly prevalent among Latin Kings. While a tiger may symbolize freedom, the tiger is a sign of aggression toward police, and the tiger is a symbol of retribution. A tiger is a fierce predator, so it should be a tiger.

A tiger tattoo is a powerful symbol in the West Coast gang culture. It may mean revenge in some circles. The tiger may symbolize freedom, while the bells represent freedom. A tiger tattoo in prison is a symbol of aggression towards the police. It can also be a gang member. In addition to the tiger, a tiger can also signify a thief.

Other types of tiger tattoos have meanings of their own. Inmates who belong to gangs are often considered to be “punks,” and they tend to look like rock stars. They wear tiger-like symbols, which are popular in the alternative scene. A tiger’s head is a tattooed animal, and it’s an extremely important part of a man’s life.

While tiger tattoos are popular amongst punks, Latin Kings are particularly common in prisons. The origins of these gangs date back to the 1940s, and the details in these tattoos can mean a lot. For example, the three-dot tattoo is a popular tattoo in prisons, representing the gang lifestyle. It can also symbolize Christianity’s holy trinity.

There are many reasons to get a tattoo. Some people have a racial background, and some people feel it makes them more attractive. But if you have no preference, you may be the perfect candidate for a tat. If you have an ethnic background, you might want to get an ethnic-based tattoo, which is often considered provocative. In addition, if you’re a woman, you’ll want to get a tat that says something about your personality.

While FTP tattoo designs may not be for everyone, they can make a statement about your values. It’s not uncommon for someone to have a symbol of their beliefs on their body. However, it’s best to seek professional advice before you get a tattoo, as you may end up regretting it in the future. When it comes to the FTP symbol, you’ll find it in the logo of your website.

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