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Foo Dog Tattoo Meaning & Designs

If you are one of the tattoo fans you may also have known about the Foo Dog tattoo which is in Asia and people also call it as the “Lion of Buddha” and that name is actually much more accurate because as we can see that the image is not a dog at all but it is a lion but we are not going to argue whether it is a dog or lion but we will know about the Foo Dog tattoo meaning.

That the Foo Dog is defined as the misinterpretation of Chinese guardian lion or Imperial guardian lion or people call this as Shishi or stone lion has already been known by many people. However, what do you think about this personally?

Table of Contents

  1. Foo Dog Tattoo Meaning

  2. Symbolized By The Foo Dog Tattoo Meaning

Foo Dog Tattoo Meaning

You may have already seen the Foo Dogs in Chinese culture as guardians and they are often placed in front of imperial palaces, official offices and temples and they are often considered as the rare properties so they are made as to the private ones for the very wealthy.

foo dog tattoo meaning

As mentioned before that we are not going to discuss whether it is actually a dog or a lion because the most important thing that should be known by you here is that the same significant meanings are still owned by Foo Dog tattoo meaning. Before deciding to get tattooed with this kind of design, the meaning must be understood by you.

This is also the popular fact that many pottery and painting experts have made the Foo Dogs in Western and Eastern culture and the people usually use them as ornamental pieces. Moreover, some tattoo artists and wearers also incorporate the Foo Dog tattoo meaning in large Eastern style tattoos as the traditions and beliefs of the cultures are complemented by this. The Foo Dog tattoo is also meant as the protector.

foo dog tattoo on leg

Symbolized By The Foo Dog Tattoo Meaning

Not only the protector meaning, but the strength, pride, justice, protection and guardianship are symbolized by the Foo Dog tattoo meaning. It can be seen from how the Foo Dogs are usually placed and yes they are always in a sitting position but not always and this is the reason why the Foo Dogs are interpreted as the guardian or protector.

Once again, it is something significant to know and understand deeper about the meaning of the tattoo that will be worn by you so the meaning itself can be shared to the people around you.

foo dog tattoo on arm

The other meaning of the Foo Dog tattoo that needs to be understood by you is the together meaning because as seen by you that the Foo Dogs are always made in pairs and people will place them with the position like male foo dog on the right while the female one is on the left.

If you think that it is fine to have a pair of Foo Dog tattoos just like the sculptures, the great look will also be yours. You can also see them as an item of togetherness and family protection because they are always in pairs.

The Foo Dog tattoos are nice to be worn by you but each Foo Dog tattoo meaning should be known first. Moreover, the tattoos can be worn either by men or women. Make your decision now after knowing the meaning of them.

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