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Female Wrist Tattoo Ideas & Inspirations

Table of Contents

  1. Female Wrist Tattoos

  2. The Best Wrist Word Tattoo Ideas

  3. Wrist tattoos writing

  4. The Pain Scale of Female Wrist Tattoos

Female Wrist Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a serious decision. Tattoos can be beautiful works of body art that are enjoyed for your entire life, or they can be mars on an otherwise beautiful human being. Some people regret getting specific tattoos on specific places on their body because they no longer like what they got.

One place that people seem to really like getting tattoos is their wrists. There are many different wrist word tattoo ideas and many of these ideas will age well with a person. It is a good idea for wrist word tattoo ideas to be focused on something sentimental and timeless. It is a bad idea for them to be about a significant other unless you are in a long-term committed relationship.

It is a bad idea to get a wrist word tattoo of a fad that may soon be over, for it will become quickly dated. Some people put religious symbols on their wrists, which can be a good decision if the religion, or the symbol, have long term significance for the individual.

The Best Wrist Word Tattoo Ideas

When considering words to get tattooed on the wrist it is important to consider the long term look of the wrist. You will not always be the same age that you are now. Getting something like “YOLO” tattooed on your wrist may seem like a good idea when you are eighteen, but you are likely to regret it by the time you are thirty.

Choosing the words to get tattooed on the wrist is something that should be done with much thought and consideration. The names of family members or classic songs that have impacted you are a good choice. An encouraging phrase or thought that will inspire you to greatness may also be a good idea.

Since the wrist will often not be covered up words that may offend should probably not be tattooed in that location. It is important to think through the possible repercussions of a poor tattoo choice. One of the safest options for a wrist word tattoo is tattooing something about your children or your family.

Wrist tattoos writing

Another thing to consider is the form of wrist tattoos writing you will choose. Block letters can be a classic choice that is easier to read, but a skilled tattoo artist should be able to do many different fonts. Some of the more script fonts can still easily be read, but are also beautiful to look at.

The more elaborate the lettering the more difficult it can be to read. The different types of wrist tattoos writings that are available will depend on your specific tattoo artist. It may be wise to write out the statement that you want on your wrist in the font that you desire before permanently placing it onto the skin.

This tattoo will become a permanent part of your body so you must consider and choose with caution. You want a tattoo that has meaning and will impress others, you do not want something that you regret in just a few short years.

The Pain Scale of Female Wrist Tattoos

Female wrist tattoos scale a variety of different styles with different levels of pain. Most wrist tattoos usually start out with a lot of mild pain that fades into numbness. This process usually takes about three weeks to complete.

If you do decide to wait that long, you will have to do it in the privacy of your own home. Once this is over, you should be able to start feeling some pain again.

The pain scales with wrist tattoos based on the type of tattoo and the location. It can be a very deep representation of your inner feelings, an expression of love for another person or thing, a cry of gratitude and good fortune, and another form of self-expression.

For finding a great design for your wrist, just look no further than these wonderful female wrist tattoo designs. These are tattoos that are usually going to be a lot of fun but most of all, they are very sexy.

You should make sure that you choose one that is going to make a good first impression, as well. If you do choose one of the very feminine designs, make sure that it is one that has a lot of colours or something that is in a bright, vibrant colour.

Female wrist tattoos are a great way to make a statement, especially if you have been stuck inside all day. You can express your love for another person or want a simple message of peace. No matter what the tattoo says, you can find one that is going to fit your personality. With the right design, it can be a great gift for a friend.

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