A tattoo is an art that expresses your feeling, whether about love, life, or random. A tattoo is an art that application on your body by inserting indelible ink into the dermis. There are so many tattoo designs all around the world.

Feather with Birds Tattoo Meaning

In the past, some people assumed that tattoo give impressed of cruel and ruthless. But now, everyone has a tattoo in some of his/her body. Not of all the tattoos gives bad impresses, it is just depending on the picture that uses for it.

feather tattoo with birds

Types Of Feather And Bird Tattoo Meaning

Do you have a plan to get a tattoo? Are you wondering for the tattoo that covers a lot of symbolic freedom? Consider choosing a feather and bird tattoos. Feather and bird is the right tattoo that you are looking for.

Feather and bird are among the more common tattoos design chosen by body art enthusiasts. One exact fact of feather and bird tattoos is about freedom. Show your love of freedom and flight with a feather tattoo design.

These feather and bird tattoos can create in some part of your body. This tattoo lends itself to being made in many designs, colour, and sizes. Whether you want large or small design depends on you want that considering your comfort level.

You can go with the design with different colour schemes. Combine your creativity to make it look good. What the idea you can come up with yourself. Make it an interesting design element with your creativity.

These tattoos can have any of number meanings. There are a few types of bird tattoo as well as there are different meanings of it. Get the feather and birds tattoo there even more meaningful. Here are the type of feather and birds tattoo meaning.


Peacock is a tattoo fit for royalty. A colourful peacock makes a vivid and beautiful tattoos design in some part of your body such as ribcage, arms, and back. The peacocks signify kindness, compassion, and luck. And in some cultures, the birds are etched amongst the thrones of royalty. A beautiful bird that represents holiness is sought for men and women.


Seagull tattoos will represent many things including rising above life’s tides and a love for the ocean. The accordance of the book of Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, an outcast seagull learns about purpose and flight by staying true to himself. The seagull wings can depict the same message to fly high above doubt and believe in you.


Even though the owl is a symbol of death, however, Native American believes that the owl offers protection against evil spirits. An owl is symbolic of mystery and intelligence.


Eagle can depict freedom and bravery. Eagle tattoos make wonderful memorial and military tattoos and can even incorporate dates for more personal meaning. No wonder, most of the people choose eagle tattoos. Make a unique design when inked in full colour or white and black.