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Family Tattoo Ideas & Inspirations

Table of Contents

  1. Family tattoo

  2. The First Tattoo Was The Name Of His First Son David

  3. This Tattoo Is a Cover Up Tattoo Of Billy Bob Her Old Husband’s Name

  4. Family Tattoo Ideas for Men

  5. The Custom Crest Family Tattoo Ideas For Men

  6. The Most Popular Family Tattoo Ideas For Men

  7. Family Tree Tattoo Designs

  8. Family over Everything Tattoo

  9. The Family Over Everything Tattoo Is On

  10. Your Tattoo Artists Related To The Family Over Everything Tattoo

  11. Tattoos Symbolizing Family

  12. They Normally Put The Names Of Each Family Member

  13. Meaningful Sister Tattoos

  14. Cute Sister Tattoos

  15. 2 Sister Tattoo Ideas

  16. 3 Sisters Tattoo Ideas

  17. Family Symbol Tattoo Ideas

  18. You Can Also Make Tribes Or Tribal Motive Certain To Be A Family Symbol Tattoo Ideas

  19. This Is One Of The Extraordinary Family Symbol Tattoo Ideas

  20. Family Symbol Tattoo Ideas Is A Picture Of Your Family Pet Or Favorite Plants

Family tattoo

Family tattoo designs are incredibly popular because they are very unique. Imagine the excitement and joy when you get to show off your new family tattoo with your own blood relatives! Family tattoos often incorporate symbols that represent unity, togetherness, or love. They can be as simple as a shared surname or last name on paper, which is an easy way to create a family tattoo without needing any ink at all!

Some celebrity’s family, for example, admit to having a family tattoo, one of them is Justin Bieber, where even the last time Bieber and his father together made tattoo. Tattoo ideas about family can actually be obtained from the people closest to us such as their name and date of birth.

family tattoo

Other tattoo enthusiasts families include family soccer player David Beckham and famous couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. David Beckham has a tattoo on his body almost. Some media said that Beckham obsession and addiction is very strange because he has a tattoo which is very diverse and irregular.

The First Tattoo Was The Name Of His First Son David

If you are looking for tattoo ideas about family then you can try to emulate David Beckham’s tattoo ideas. The first tattoo was the name of his first son David at the lower back “Brooklyn” in Gothic script typeface.

Love David on his family including his wife Victoria Beckham makes her feel needs to be expressed through body art or tattoo. As consequences, David Beckham has to receive many critics like media call him an exhibitionist because he seems to enjoy himself showing his tattoo to the public.

Actor Brad Pitt was not inferior to his wife Angelina Jolie. Both are very fond of various kinds of tattoo, including tattoo letters, numbers, images and words. Brad Pitt even had a hand graffiti or tattoo scratcher made his wife Angelina Jolie.

Long before he became the wife of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie was familiar with the tattoo. Angie has a tattoo that can be used as tattoo ideas about family. Angelina also has a tattoo with quotes for a deceased mother Marceline.

This Tattoo Is a Cover Up Tattoo Of Billy Bob Her Old Husband’s Name

Angelina Jolie has a tattoo mean coordinate positions where their children were born. This tattoo is a cover-up tattoo of Billy Bob her old husband’s name. On her shoulder top area, Angelina Jolie has a Buddhist Pali language tattoo in Cambodian letter.

She claimed to have this tattoo for her Cambodia adopted son, Maddox, as she wishes that he can be protected from bad luck. Other tattoo ideas about family in Angelina’s body are the letter ‘H’ that placed on her arms that symbolizes the name of her brother James Haven.

A tattoo is made to express feeling and the most recognized is love. Your love to your children, parents, siblings and other human beings can be made as tattoo ideas about family.

The variation of the tattoo ideas can be made from the date of birth, name, initial, quotes that remind you of a certain person in the family, the portrait, symbols, coordinates of date of birth or other important date and prayers to your family. Feel free to express your feeling and no one should protest as your body means you’re right.

Family Tattoo Ideas for Men

Personal strength, bravery, anger, pride and determination are the important things that will always be wanted to be represented by almost all men by tattooing their bodies and it is really important to find the right and the best tattoo designs for men so what they want to represent can be displayed correctly.

If you want something cool tattoo design, family tattoo ideas for men can also be considered by you because tattoo design is not always the strong or wild ones but you can also represent your love to your family here. If you are blank right now, these are some ideas in the following that can be checked out.

The first one of the highly recommended family tattoo ideas for men is sided neck tattoo and you can ask your tattoo artist to tattoo the family design on your neck, behind the ear, and the significance of family and friends in the life of this man can be kept on resonated.

The words “Friends Family Forever” can be Inked to that side and the meaning is already obvious here that you love your family and friends always. The meaning can still be represented with the black ink.

The Custom Crest Family Tattoo Ideas For Men

If you want something stronger, the custom crest family tattoo ideas for men can be tried by you because your pride in your family can be expressed with your arm tattoo by having the family motto saying “At All Seasons.”

Alternatively, the back family tattoo can be made as well and your love for your family can be expressed through a lettering tattoo carved in cursive font with shaded design and twirls which will be perfect for your body.

Or else, the family symbol can be used by you and you can carve the family crest with the name of family members around it and the wearer will be kept on track and you will also always be reminded of your responsibilities.

The other one of the most popular family tattoo ideas for men that can be considered by you is the tattoo you can carve on your chest and it can be done if a family reunion has been attended by you and for memorializing the event, the tattoo can be worn by you.

The family foot tattoo can be tried as well and that the family lucky for yourself can be considered by the wearer because it is symbolized by the Celtic cross along with two green clover leaves. A bird family can also be shown through your body because care and affection are symbolized by the tattoo.

The Most Popular Family Tattoo Ideas For Men

The forearm family tattoo can also be got by you and the “Winds of Change” sung by Scorpions can be tattooed on your body if this is desired by you. Memory tattoo for the family can also be chosen by you because the things reminding the wearer of his family will be able to be shown off and a sentimental portrait is made for by this arm tattoo. There are still many other family tattoos that can be considered by you.

Mystic family tattoo, shining family tattoo, tribal family tattoo and ambigram family tattoo are included in the family tattoo ideas for men that can be chosen from. Do some researches before getting tattooed so there will be no mistake happens. Have good luck and enjoy your new family-themed tattoo!

Family Tree Tattoo Designs

Family tree tattoo – just another form of tattoo which displays the ancestors of the individual who applies it to his body. In some instances, the tattoo is portrayed vice versa or upside down when the beginner of this family is placed at the top and vice versa when he is placed at the bottom.

It is also very common for the design of a family tree to include different branches that run from one generation to the other. These designs look good on people’s bodies when they are positioned in a line and are not spread all over the body. In order to make the design more appealing to the eye, people usually have their names along with a name of their ancestor’s printed on their right arm.

The most common family tree tattoos are those that show the lineage of the individual. In most cases, the tree has three branches that represent the three tribes and their different members. Each branch represents the generations of the individual.

Some examples are a tiger tattoo of the members of the “Tiger tribe”, a dragon tattoo of all the members of the “Drake tribe”, and a bear tattoo of all the members of the “Bear tribe.” Another popular choice for family tree tattoos is to use two or three circles as the branches and an oval as the top portion.

People normally place the name of their ancestors on the outside of the circle, while their relatives’ names are placed inside of it. A unique variation of family tree tattoos is to put the family history of the individual on the outside of the circle but on the inner side of this circle and then the name of the ancestor on top of this and the name of the descendant on the bottom of this circle.

Family over Everything Tattoo

Family is the most important thing for most people and there are also many ways that can be used by you when you want to express your love to your family or you want to show off your love toward your family to other people like your friends and one of the best ways here is getting the family over everything tattoo.

Getting tattooed is not something not good that is like often said by some people out there because a tattoo is usually identical to crime or bad things. However, tattoos now have universal meaning and the different person will have different interpretation about the tattoo you wear.

If you prefer to get tattooed with the custom design, the family over everything tattoo is one of the best tattoos that can be considered by you if you want to show your love to your family and show to other people that you are proud of your family so much.

However, the price of the tattoo service will not only be determined by how professional and popular your tattoo artists are but the difficulty level of the tattoo design picked by you will also be the factor of the expensive or cheap tattoo. However, the tattoo is not something cheaper because if it is, the quality must be very poor,

The Family Over Everything Tattoo Is On

Rather than keep worrying about the price or even keep wondering about how much that will be spent by you to get tattooed, a higher cost can directly be expected by you especially when every detail of your tattoo is customized because the dexterity and meticulous designing will be involved by the tattoo artist so your tattoo requirements and preference can be fitted.

Actually, the tattoo-like family over everything tattoo is not something new but you can make it customized just based on your creativity. After getting some inspirations about how this tattoo should be inked on your body, explain this to your tattoo artists as clear as possible.

Or, you can also make some consultations with your tattoo artists related to the family over everything tattoo, like what it should be designed and what does it look like after that and so on. Of course, when your tattoo artist is reputable and professional the fee will also be in the professional level meaning that more budget must be prepared by you because you will pay more expensive.

If the size of the tattoo wants to be made bigger, the more expensive cost must be prepared as well because more time will be needed by the artist to work on.

Your Tattoo Artists Related To The Family Over Everything Tattoo

The location of tattoo or the placement is also important to be decided because if the tattoos are going to be inked on your ankle, groin, underarm, lower back, neck, or head, the price will also be more professional.

The effort and time taken and expended by the artists on the inking of those difficult areas will determine the higher pricing of those areas. However, if you want the cheaper cost, the common areas can be tattooed then.

The family over everything tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos that can be inked on your body and it can be inked on your wrist or back for example. You will be reminded of your family a lot if you yourself can notice the tattoo. In the end, the placement and the size and the colour is all your choice.

There are many ways you can do to record the most important people or events in your life. Let us take our family, for example, we spend most of our life with them. No wonder when each of us considers our family as the most important and integral part of our life.

We are already accustomed to taking the pictures of our family in our special events and hang the framed photos on the walls in our living room. That would be one of the most old-fashioned ways to recognize the importance of our family.

Nowadays, we have many other ways to show the significance of our family. Many people tend to have their body tattooed by the tattoo designs that symbolize family. Despite the massive pain they have to endure, they believe the tattoo symbolizing family is a great way to pay a great amount of respect and affection to their family.

The family has meant so much in the life of any individual. When you argue with your close friend or having some troubled times in your life, there is nowhere else to go than your own home.

Your family will be there for you even before you ask for their help. Considering the significant role that a family play in our life, having a tattoo symbolizing family on or body would be a great way to acknowledge them.

The pain is simply no match to their significance. Therefore, should you wish to opt for tattooing your just to tell the world that you love your family so much, feel free to read the rest of this article?

Tattoos Symbolizing Family

Tattoos symbolizing family are the perfect and cool way to represent your love as well as your sense of price towards your family. You can also choose this cool way of family recognition to respect the history of your own family.

For those who wish to honour a specific member of the family, having tattoos symbolizing family on their body could be a great option as well. The tattoos symbolizing family have a wide variety of designs.

They Normally Put The Names Of Each Family Member

Some people choose to draw their own family tree on their body as their preferred tattoo design. They usually choose to have the image of a strong and thick tree to represent the strength of their family. The family will stick together no matter what it takes.

If you choose this design, you need to complete the tree image with plenty of intertwining branches. They normally put the names of each family member on each branch. Be sure that you pick the appropriate spot for this family tree tattoo.

A larger area of your body like your back, stomach, legs, shoulder or arms would provide enough space for the family tree. Drawing the family tree on some smaller parts of your body is never a good idea as the family tree requires plenty of spaces for the details.

Another popular design for the tattoos symbolizing family would be the family crest tattoo. This wonderful design could be a great way to show the pride of your family.

Meaningful Sister Tattoos

“The bond between sisters is one that’s supposed to last a lifetime. So it makes sense that many people would want to permanently commemorate their relationship with an inked design.”

“Of all the meaningful sister tattoos, these are our favorites: “I carry you in my heart, I will never let you go” written on the hand, wrist, or arm.

“A cross with each member’s name on it and their birth date underneath.” “The infinity heart symbol adorned with the words “sisters forever.””

“An arrow pointing up to show that you’ll always be there for them no matter what life throws at you.”

Cute Sister Tattoos

This design has an arrow pointing up with the words “sisters forever” written on it.

With this tattoo, you can show your sister how much they mean to you without having to use any of your other body parts!

It makes for a great starter idea and one that is sure to be a conversation starter too!

These tattoos are great for showing how much you care and love your sister.

The best part is that it can go with any type of sleeve or arm tattoo design. If the two of you decide to get matching sleeves, these designs will look amazing together!

2 Sister Tattoo Ideas

2 sisters getting matching tattoos

A great way to show your sister how much you care is with a symbol of togetherness like the heart.

Coincidentally, this design also happens to be one of the most popular ones for sisters as well!

The best part about it is that these tats can go along with any style and are sure to make a great starter outfit when the two of you eventually get matching sleeves!

3 Sisters Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos for 3 sisters are a really popular idea.

The 3 sisters usually have their own individual tattoo and then all get one that says “sisters” on it or something along those lines. The tattoos can be placed in different spots too, depending where they are located on the body!

One of the most common ones is when each sister has a rose with their name on it that can be placed anywhere from the wrist to the ankle. They come in a variety of color combinations and are really popular for 3 sisters tattoos!

Another idea is when each sister has their own individual tattoo, but they all have one large piece together with “sisters” written somewhere on it.

Family Symbol Tattoo Ideas

Modern family understand tattoos as body art than a traditional family. Many young people now think the tattoo as a cool way to express self instead of body art. Against mainstream tattoo ideas, modern people think tattoos as media to express a thought, identity, feeling and emotions.

Many people feel the need to express their love to their families through the tattoo. Young singer Justin Bieber admits that the bird tattoo is a tattoo on his stomach Bieber family crest.

Believe it or not, true or not, it looks like Bieber family does have a high tolerance for a tattoo. Last time Justin Bieber and his father made a matching tattoo together.

You Can Also Make Tribes Or Tribal Motive Certain To Be A Family Symbol Tattoo Ideas

There are many places where you can get family symbols of tattoo ideas. Start by observing and looking for inspiration from the people closest to you. For example, your children, your wife, or sacred objects in your home. You can also make tribes or tribal pattern tribal motive certain to be a family symbol tattoo ideas.

For example, if you have Norwegian blood, then try looking for a traditional motive Norway as rosemaling or war symbols Vikings for your family symbols tattoo ideas. When you have a psychological attachment to certain tribes, religions or then you should go for motifs and pattern related to that significance such as your ancestors that you will carry special meaning for you.

Symbol-symbol such as letters and numbers are also often used as a family symbol tattoo ideas. For example, the Roman numeral with your home phone number, date of the birth blend, your parent’s marriage date and so forth could be sensible to be a family symbol tattoo ideas.

This Is One Of The Extraordinary Family Symbol Tattoo Ideas

Angelina Jolie removed the name of his ex-husband on her left arm and replace it with the coordinates of the birthplaces of her children. This is one of the extraordinary family symbol tattoo ideas.

Another example of a tattoo that you can make is letter tattoos such as quotes, words, religious verses that fit with your family. Pictures of trees and roots are often also a tattoo that symbolizes one’s love for family. English singer Sophie Ellis Bexter has a red heart tattoo pictures with ‘family’ written in it.

Family Symbol Tattoo Ideas Is A Picture Of Your Family Pet Or Favorite Plants

Another idea which could be used as family symbol tattoo ideas is a picture of your family pet or favourite plants. For example, birds, portraits of dogs, cats, fish and other frequently used as models of tattoo for many people. Key and keyhole also often used as a symbol that is often used as a family crest tattoo.

Foreign letters are also often used as a symbol of a family tattoo. For example, for a family of Asian descent, their offspring are very happy to use the family name in the foreign letters as their family symbol tattoo ideas.

Therefore look for something unique in your family. The simplest way you can do is to try tattoo letters for initials or your family’s last name to be used as a tattoo.

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