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Dragonfly Tattoo Pictures


The art form of tattooing has been around for centuries. There are many cultures that use tattoos to state who they are in their society and their family ranking. There are many cultures that have used tattooing as a way of life.

Tribal tattooing has gone on for many centuries, and there are pictures and records of Chiefs in villages with complete facial tattooing. The world over has had periods in time when the native people used various forms of tattooing, from lots of countries in Africa to the pacific island of Hawaii and the Samoans. The Māori people of New Zealand use to practice a form of tattooing that was known as Tā moko.

Table of Contents

  1. Dragonfly Tattoos Pictures

  2. The Dragonfly Tattoo Designs Is Often Seen As A Tattoo On Woman

  3. Dragonfly Tattoos Pictures Can Be Extremely Beautiful

Dragonfly Tattoos Pictures

Due to the fact that Europeans began to collect the Mokomokai (tattooed heads) this practice ceased. As far as history shows, the existence of tattooing dates back more than 5000 years, the word tattoo itself is said to have two major derivations, one from the Polynesian word ‘ta’ which means striking something and the other from the Tahitian word ‘tatau’ which means ‘to mark something’.

dragonfly tattoo

There have been mummies uncovered with tattoos still intact, which shows the dedication and mastery of this art form. A perfect example would be the discovery of ‘ötzi the iceman’ who had been frozen in the mountains between Austria and Italy since the Bronze Age. He is the best-preserved corpse of that period ever found and his body bears 57 tattoos.

dragonfly tattoos

The Dragonfly Tattoo Designs Is Often Seen As A Tattoo On Woman

Today the art of decorating the body is still alive and well there are television shows dedicated to the art and lifestyle of tattooing in America. The art form is respected and looked at as a true talent.  The dragonfly tattoo designs are often seen as a tattoo on woman.

dragonfly tattoo back

There are many reasons why someone might adopt to have this tattoo on their skin. In Native American culture, it is said that the dragon-fly holds the souls of those who have passed on. In Japan, the insect is a symbol of happiness and joy, and in China and Japan, the insect is used for medical purposes.


Dragonfly Tattoos Pictures Can Be Extremely Beautiful

The Vietnamese use the dragonfly as a way in which they can read the signs of the weather. The life of the dragonfly can also be considered when analyzing why a woman would choose to have this insect permanently tattooed on her skin, dragonfly tattoos pictures can be extremely beautiful.

dragonfly tattoo.

The Navajo believe that this insect represents pure water. It also symbolizes both air and water, due to the fact that the Dragonfly life begins in the water and upon maturity, they take flight and live out the rest of their lives in the air.

dragonfly tattoo on back
best dragonfly tattoo

It is these qualities that make the Dragonfly tattoos pictures, a symbol of great changes, achieving each goal, and taking a stand. No matter the reason for choosing to permanently stain your skin with the symbol of Dragonfly tattoo designs, the beauty and delicacy of this creature with transparent colour reflecting wings cannot be denied.


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