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Dragon Ball Tattoo Designs & Inspirations

Dragon Ball tattoo is one of the most popular Japanese tattoos in the world. Maybe not in your country, but I’m pretty sure it is a BIG deal if you live somewhere near Japan.

The manga has been adapted into an anime series produced by Toei Animation and broadcast in Japan from 1986 to 1996. The manga series was licensed for an English language release in North America and the United Kingdom by Viz Media, which has released all 18 volumes thus far. It is also one of the most important piece of Japanese popular culture that has ever existed outside Japan

Table of Contents

  1. Dragon Ball Tattoo Meaning

  2. Anime Tattoos For Dragon Ball Z Fans

  3. Dragon Ball Z Tattoo

  4. Dragon Ball Z Black and White Tattoos

  5. Dragon Ball Black and White Tattoos Meaning

  6. Dragon Ball Z Tattoos in Color

  7. Saiyan Tattoo

  8. Goku Tattoo

  9. Gohan Tattoo

  10. Shenron Tattoo

  11. Vegeta Tattoos

  12. Majin Vegeta Tattoo

  13. Piccolo Tattoos

  14. Master Roshi Tattoo

  15. Fairy Tail Tattoo Ideas

  16. Luffy’s Tattoo

  17. Natsu’s Tattoo

  18. Tokyo Ghoul Tattoos

  19. Tokyo Ghoul

Dragon Ball Tattoo Meaning

The dragon ball tattoo might be hard to see at first, but if you look closely, you can make out the outline of a “super saiyan” dragon. The design is very well done and I think that this person connected with the meaning behind this tattoo.

The word “dragon ball” is written in Japanese on top of the head and on both sides of the body, with a kanji meaning “ultimate”.

The dragon ball tattoo was brilliantly designed to fit in with the theme of the picture. The colors had to be perfect and it took a lot of knowledge of color theory for this artist to do this.

Anime Tattoos For Dragon Ball Z Fans

Many fans love Dragon Ball because of its action, adventure and comedy. To express their fandom towards the show, they sometimes get tattoos. They don’t always do so for purely cosmetic purposes either as some of them have deep meanings behind each tattoo.

Their designs are similar to that which is seen in the show or manga series. Some of the most common designs are those of the dragon balls. And the tattoo artists who create them use each character as a separate design so that it can be put together to form a whole image of a single orb rather than just one which looks like an incomplete circle or oval.

After all, what is Dragon Ball without Goku, Bulma, Master Roshi and all the characters?

Dragon Ball Z Tattoo

Here are some Dragon Ball character designs in black-and-white for tattoos. The one on top is of Goku, while the other 3 are of Bulma. Each has a box on the side with its name and corresponding number.

The fonts used in these designs are that from the manga. The last one is a little different in that the lettering has been redone to make it look like it’s fading away.

These designs were done for fans who wanted their body covered with characters from Dragon Ball Z . They’re of adult Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo as well as Toriyama-san’s self-portrait.

Dragon Ball Z Black and White Tattoos

Black and white tattoos are rather common among fans as they’re easier to conceal when worn in places like the wrist or ankle. But while some get these types of tattoos just for practical purposes, others use them to pay tribute to their favorite characters as well. In each of these, you will see that some of the characters’ names are written in Japanese.

This is because the series has been fairly popular in Japan for years since it first came out.

Dragon Ball Black and White Tattoos Meaning

The meaning behind each black and white tattoo varies from one individual to another. But allude to the things that are important to them as well as their love of the series. Some get these just to show support for Goku and the other characters while others regard this as a part of their lives.

Dragon Ball Z Tattoos in Color

I suppose that if you really want to show your love for a particular character, you could have their face or even the whole body inked on your skin. But be careful that you don’t end up regretting that decision and having it removed through laser surgery.

Saiyan Tattoo

A saiyan is a humanoid race from planet Vegeta in the Dragon World.

A tattoo of a saiyan might look like this. It’s hard to make out most of the details on it, but you can see that it’s in full color and not black-and-white like his other tattoos. It’s also a line drawing.

It looks like the one that’s not in color is just rough draft drawings of other saiyan tattoos that he ended up not using for whatever reason.

Goku Tattoo

Goku is the central character in the Dragon Ball series. He’s hardworking, good-hearted and courageous. The tattoo above shows off all these qualities about him as it looks like he’s fighting Frieza while standing on top of a pile of people. Goku has always stood up for what is right no matter what he may face so this design is perfect for a tattoo. It’s also great that it’s in black-and-white because Goku’s outfit almost always is, too.

The most iconic design of Goku is the one from the original Dragon Ball series where he looks like he has just transformed into a super saiyan. Since then, there have been many other character designs since and these are some of them.

Goku tattoos are very common among Dragon Ball fans as they see him as their hero.

Gohan Tattoo

Gohan is one of the most popular characters in the dragon ball series. He was raised by his father, Goku, to be a fighter and hero. During his youth, he sported spiky black hair like his dad but has since changed it to a more traditional samurai haircut that hangs over his forehead.

However, Gohan is also popular because of his powerful abilities. He has access to all seven dragon balls, and he can even transform into a super saiyan at will when he becomes an adult. One thing that fans really like about this character is how well-meaning and kind (almost innocent) he is in comparison to his father who often acts like a jerk.

Shenron Tattoo

Shenron is the wish-granting dragon in the series. He has been seen many times throughout the different sagas and his purpose hasn’t changed all that much. He grants wishes to those who summon him by gathering all of the Dragon Balls. This tattoo is a simple design, like most tattoos are, and looks kind of cool.

If you look at the whole arm, not just the tattoo, it looks like a dragon ball with 4 stars around it and 8 on top of that. This represents Shenron as he’s commonly seen in the series when someone is making their wish.

Vegeta Tattoos

Vegeta is the arch-rival of Goku. He’s very powerful and an excellent tactician who uses this to his advantage during a fight. While he’s not as strong or kind as Goku, he does have some good qualities about him that make him lovable such as his love for Bulma and his son Trunks.

The tattoo above shows him standing on top of his son’s head and raising one arm up as if he just went Super Saiyan. It looks a lot like Dragon Ball Z when Vegeta goes SSJ to fight Goku.

Vegeta tattoos are popular because fans see him as the epitome of what it takes to be strong in the series; he actually surpassed Goku in strength near the end of DBZ .

Majin Vegeta Tattoo

Majin means magic user. In Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta became a Majin because he was controlled by Babidi. After some time, he broke free from control and went Super Saiyan to save the Earth from being destroyed. He is also called Evil Prince (but that’s not his name).

Piccolo Tattoos

The piccolo above is a simple black-and-white design which shows off part of his body. He has been around for as long as anyone can remember and is still seen in Dragon Ball Super where he’s one of the main allies fighting against Frieza and the other villains. It’s always great to see an original character get some love after all these years.

This tattoo is a little different in that it looks like there are three separate tattoos with one being of Piccolo sitting down, another flying through the air and what looks like Kid Gohan standing on his head looking at me.

Master Roshi Tattoo

Master Roshi is an old martial arts master who trained Goku when he was young. He still trains to this day, but not as much as before. His main goal in life is women and training his students so that they may get stronger.

People like this tattoo because it’s simple and yet it still shows off everything about him. The Dragon Ball is his most prized possession and it’s nice to see that the tattoo artist decided not to leave him out.

Fairy Tail Tattoo Ideas

This is a trending tattoo design that many fans like to have inked on their body. The fanatics of this anime series want to get inked with the characters of the show. They just want to emphasize their fandom towards the series. This is why they choose to get their favorite characters’ tattoos inked.

Luffy’s Tattoo

Luffy is a pirate and the main character in One Piece. He has a magic called gum-gum fruit, which gives him special powers as well as making his body elastic.

and he also ate another magical fruit that made him immune to most physical attacks such as bullets, knifes, and other sword attacks. Apart from this, One Piece has given many tattoo ideas to the fans because of its beautiful characters.

Natsu’s Tattoo

Natsu is another main character in One Piece. Natsu along with his team, called the Fairy Tail guild, travels around different islands for their various adventures. He also has a dragon slayer magic which enables him to defeat his enemies with the help of a dragon. Natsu tattoo has become popular among many other One Piece tattoos.

Tokyo Ghoul Tattoos

Last but not the least, the Tokyo Ghoul Tattoos are also very popular among many other fans around the globe. This is the most famous tattoo designs among all other anime tattoo designs. The characters of this series have been so much inked that this has become a trending topic among many fans.

Tokyo Ghoul has given many tattoo designs to its fanatics by giving them a wide range of tattoo designs. These tattoos are designed with the characters’ name given on it. Many people have been inked with these tattoos on their body parts that signify good and evil such as shoulder, wrist, back, etc.

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime series which was first released in September 2014. This series has given many tattoo designs to its fans for their tattoos. The characters’ names are mostly written on these tattoos along with character name such as Kaneki Ken and Rize Kamishiro

Apart from this, there are also various other fan-made characters that have been inked on the bodies of many individuals.

Tokyo Ghoul

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