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Dolphin Tattoo Meaning


Meaning of Dolphin Tattoo

There’s a reason that most coastal communities have dolphin watch or dolphin sighting cruises because Dolphins are neat to watch and people will watch them for hours on end. 

Since this is true, Dolphin tattoo designs are one of the more popular tattoos in the industry. In fact, most tattoo artists make a lot of their money on tattoos of dolphins and sea life.

Table of Contents

  1.  The Dolphin Tattoos Ideas Design

  2. The Internet For Dolphin Tattoos Pictures

 The Dolphin Tattoos Ideas Design

Many of the dolphin tattoos that come across an artist’s shop are taken from pictures that are brought in. Because of the popularity of the subject, dolphin tattoos pictures are plentiful and easily able to find. 

In fact, most artists have multiple pieces in their flash books to choose from. Dolphin tattoo designs, however; are varied and as unique as the person who is getting them. 

A dolphin’s skin will shadow and take on the colours of the things that are around them. Also, because of the slickness of their skin, the light dances on them wherever they are. 

When a person wants a dolphin tattoo design, a lot of thought and work has to go into what exactly this tattoo is going to look like. Dolphins are not stagnant creatures. they jump, they flip, they surf, and they swim. 

There are pictures of them out of the water, in the water, in the air, and even in the shallows. Each design and idea will force the artist to not only draw the dolphin differently but also shade and colour the entire skin and scene differently. 

Not only that, because the dolphin is such a recognizable animal and icon, but it’s also extra pressure on the artist to do an outstanding job. A dolphin tattoo is not taken lightly because of all the factors that are involved. 

This detail can take up a lot of ink and a lot of time that the purchaser very well might not be expecting.

The Internet For Dolphin Tattoos Pictures

One can scour the internet for dolphin tattoos pictures and will find so many that you could spend hours scrolling through the images on one or two sites alone. 

If the purchaser didn’t get their idea from a picture they took or brought in, the web is usually where they got their dolphin tattoo idea from. Unfortunately, the tattoos on the web have many factors that most people don’t even take into consideration. 

There are many factors that determine what your piece of art will look like. However, that awesome dolphin tattoo you are looking at looks that way it does because of the way the picture was taken, where the light was when the picture was taken, the purchaser’s skin colour and how well the purchaser’s skin will take the ink, printer quality, and of course the skill of the artist.

 Like any work of art, you are looking at one artist’s rendition of this dolphin scene. If you aren’t duplicating this scenario exactly, which is truly almost impossible, then you will not be getting a tattoo exactly like the one you saw on the internet. Sadly, this happens more times than not.

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