Coraline tattoo designs are like the book itself, they capture a certain time and place. Coraline tells the story of an adventurous young girl who discovers a whole new world existing just through her kitchen wall.

With most books there is usually something that stands out for you personally, whether it be the characters or how well written the plot was, in this case however it was definitely all of the above. So when it comes to designing your coraline tattoo design ideas there will be many things from which you can draw inspiration from , but here’s some tips on where to start:

Coraline Tattoo Design 1- The Dolls

Because they play such an important role in both aspects of this character tale (the actual movie and book), creating a tattoo design based around the doll characters would make for an interesting design.

As far as which dolls to choose, there are 3 main ones that you could think about designing your coraline tattoo from because they play such an important role in both aspects of this character tale (the actual movie and book), creating a tattoo design based around the doll characters would make for an interesting design.   There’s Coraline herself whose other self is also none other than Miss Forcible, The Other Mother has quite a few features which could be used in a tattoo design, more so if she was to have her hair cut off.   Lastly with regards to the dolls we cant forget that minor little ragdoll known as Mr Bobo!

Coraline Tattoo Design 2 – The Other Mother

This character plays a massive role in the book and movie alike. She is described as being very unsettling by Coraline’s father, but this is the main reason that people get her picture inked on their skin. Imagine all of those chopsticks!   Eww!

coraline tattoo
coraline tattoo

Coraline Tattoo Design 3 – The Cat (Beldam)

The cat played its part well too, only appearing at night with her creepy eyes and knowing grin plastered across her face. you can even see from one of the pictures above that they have put a real life image of a cat into one of these designs which looks great because it just adds to how unique it makes it look. If you’re going to put one of these characters into your tattoo design then it would be a good idea to get some sort of special effect applied in the same way that they did.  

Coraline Tattoo Design 4 – The Other World

Just like any other book, the world in which this story takes place is very important and plays a big part in how well you can visualise what is happening. The title itself shows “the other world” which could mean many different things but for most people the best bet would be using something imaginative or even cartoonish to represent this scene from the movie or book.  

Coraline Tattoo Design 5- The Tree Man

Although an interesting creature in his own right, he was only ever shown in a few scenes of the movie, which is why people tend to forget about him even though he played an important role in the book.

Coraline Tattoo Design 6- Coraline’s House

It makes sense that we would get her actual house tattooed onto us due to how much time she spends there and you only have to read or watch the trailer once or twice before you become completely hooked on this story. Again there are many things that could be designed from her house, but most people choose to put up a picture of it as it appears in the actual film/book because it looks great!

Coraline comes over for dinner … your living room? That’ll take some explaining later on.

Coraline Tattoo Design 7- Coraline herself

There are many people out there who would choose to get her face inked on their skin, and even for the young ones among them it is a very popular choice.   It’s not wonder why really because there are so many things about this character that you can use as inspiration for your own ideas.  Just like most of these examples, you could use her doll form to save time and effort if she was one of the characters from which you wanted to gain inspiration from.

Coraline Tattoo Design 8- The Other Father

The other father will always be seen as a ‘forgotten’ character considering how little time he appears within the movie itself (but again he plays a massive part in the book). If you’re going to have his character inked on your body then perhaps a good idea would be to get some of that white stuff on him so that it catches your attention when you look at the design.

Coraline Tattoo Design 9- The Coraline Dolls

Who wouldn’t want one of these characters tattooed onto their skin?! It’s not just because they are such cute looking toys, but there are many different ways you could use them across several designs. Of course a few people choose to do this by getting a doll with her normal face and another with her ‘other mother’ face (as shown above) which looks great from every angle!  

  Just like these examples show, if you’re going to get a tattoo of one of the characters from this movie then it is recommended that you use several different elements across your design rather than just one. Imagine how boring it would look if everyone had the same face on their arm or leg? Of course there are some people out there who would be happy about having her doll form (or any other character) placed upon their skin, but most of us like to put in as much effort as we can so that our tattoos don’t turn out looking bland and unoriginal. Coraline

Tattoo Design 10- The Eyeball Tree

This weird tree got its name because well…it’s an eyeball! It was also used in the film itself when one of Coraline’s friends fell into a pit and got stuck, so perhaps it would be a good idea to use this as the central point of your own design. Your imagination could go wild with this because anything you can dream up will probably look pretty cool!

Coraline Tattoo Design 11- The Flower Pin

The flower pin is no ordinary flower pin though because it has a rather unusual name which comes from the film itself. As Coraline’s mother becomes more sickly and frail, she starts wearing her flower pin in an effort to hide how ill she really is (above). It’s very weird that she never mentioned having it before but I guess that was just another way that her character was changed when the other mother took over her body! 

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