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Classy Shoulder Tattoos Female

Many girls, who want to leave a lasting impression on an occasion like beach party or any other classy event look for exquisite ways of adding glamor quotient to their appearance.

Some of them settle for chic make-up and some go in for sassy hairstyles and others both.

But there is always one thing about such occasions that always remains essential to complete the look that is a classy and stylish shoulder tattoo.

I am sure the idea of getting a tattoo on your shoulder must have already crossed your mind before but you are still confused about where exactly to get it done or what kind of design would go well with your body structure.

Now, if you looking for best ideas about classy shoulder tattoos female then this article is definitely going to help you out.

Classy Shoulder Tattoos Female

Classy Shoulder Tattoos Female

Table of Contents

  1. Flower Classy Shoulder Tattoos Female

  2. Strong Woman Classy Shoulder Tattoos Female

  3. Shoulder Blade Tattoo Design

  4. Floral Shoulder Cap Tattoos

  5. Back Shoulder Tattoo

  6. Tribal Tattoo on Shoulder

  7. Cute Tattoo on Shoulder Blade

  8. Clock tattoo Ideas

  9. Cross tattoo

  10. Lion Tattoo

  11. Star Tattoo

  12. Compass Tattoo

  13. Angel Tattoo

  14. Celtic Tattoo

  15. Tiger Tattoo

  16. Skull Tattoo

  17. Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

  18. Maori shoulder tattoo

  19. Artistic Waves Shoulder Tattoo

  20. Geometric Shapes Tattoo

  21. Perfect Peony

  22. Bird in Flight

  23. Painted Roses

  24. Key to my heart

  25. Flower shoulder tattoos for women: Sunflower tattoos

  26. Front Shoulder Tattoo for Women: Arrangement of flowers

  27. Phoenix rise

  28. Capped flower shoulder tattoo

  29. Traditional Tiger Shoulder Tattoo

  30. Fine Line Shoulder Tattoo

  31. Symbolic Womens Shoulder Tattoo

  32. Shoulder Blade Tattoo for Women: Flowered Mandala

  33. Hanging off the Moon

  34. Front shoulder tattoo: Flowers on the vine

Flower Classy Shoulder Tattoos Female

The flower tattoo on the shoulder like the one above is a nice option. It looks very feminine and brightens up your look.

One of the most important features that you should consider while choosing a flower tattoo design for yourself is its shape and size. Ideally, it must be stylized in such a way to make an impact but at the same time, it must not be too large in size to take away the charm of your overall personality.

Here, you can clearly see a sunflower tattoo design on shoulder blade which is small in size but manage to make a statement.

This particular one looks very beautiful due to its shade variations and the way it is stylized.

Flower tattoos can be inked either in black or colorful shade to give it a more vibrant look. Floral design always makes a person feminine hence you should not go for dark shades if you want to really highlight your flamboyant and confident side.

Gorgeous flowers always manage to grab attention where ever they are and this particular tattoo design on shoulder blade is exactly one such example.

Floral designs are always associated with a girl’s personality hence its no wonder that it is considered as a perfect choice for shoulder tattoos.

Strong Woman Classy Shoulder Tattoos Female

Sleeve tattoos are very much in vogue among girls these days. These tattoos look striking with bold designs and you can choose any kind of a symbol or character that you like.

A sleeve tattoo is a perfect way to make the best of your arm with bold and striking designs. Sleeve tattoos are very popular these days especially among girls who want some striking tattoo design but at the same time they do not wish to go in for something permanent.

Shoulder Blade Tattoo Design

Shoulder blade is another area which you can go for a tattoo.

The shoulder blade is an ideal place for girls who want to get something inconspicuous but at the same time elegant.

You can design your shoulder blade tattoo with flowers, butterflies or even initials of your loved ones. Or, in case you are not sure what design to choose then you can always go for a Japanese symbol like Kanji, which stands for love and peace. In fact it is the best option available if you are looking for some meaningful tattoo design.

Tattoo placement on shoulder blade does not hamper any activity and hence you won’t have to worry about your tattoo while carrying out your activities.

Striking design on shoulder blade can easily draw the attention of people around you and it is especially recommended for teen gals who are not sure what design to go in for.

Floral Shoulder Cap Tattoos

This tattoo artist is using black art but a cute floral tattoo works too. It is also a good woman’s shoulder coat tattoo because it has bold and thick lines.

Back Shoulder Tattoo

If you want some bold statement then this tattoo on the back shoulder is something that you should look into.

It has a stylish and bold design which you can flaunt with pride during special occasions.

A back shoulder tattoo is not very common for girls but many of them are going in for it, these days. You can choose any kind of an animal or bird symbol with an artistic touch to make a unique impression on the others.

Tribal Tattoo on Shoulder

If you are looking for some striking and bold tattoo design then tribal tattoos on shoulder blade is a good option.

Tribal designs look very striking and bold on the bare skin and hence they are very popular in recent days.

Tribal tattoos are very popular these days due to their striking and bold design.

However, you should not go for a tribal tattoo design unless you have the courage to carry it with pride and show it off with confidence.

Cute Tattoo on Shoulder Blade

Different people have different reasons to get a tattoo done. Some want to hide their original name and replace it with something else while some just want to showcase their unique personality through the designs available on shoulder blade.

Clock tattoo Ideas

Clock tattoo is popular because it is so symbolic, and its design is interpreted to many different degrees. Some other women use a timer to memorialize a deceased loved one or to commemorate a significant time in her life. Including flower pieces in my body art puts the focus on the living and a skull can be the connection to death. I think this reminds us about how fleeting our existence seems and the need for us to live in the fullest. The clocks hands on which they stop add to this meaning. This timepiece represents life and death and it is a great choice for people who sometimes considers these two aspects.

Cross tattoo

There are other links among Christians that include Christ and the sacrifice for humanity. The outline is simple allowing it to be tattooed in various ways and it is attractive in large or small designs. You can choose the song or poem or images, or even other ones, like a dove or prayer beads. The high symbolic value linked with these symbols is a popular and beautiful choice for tattooing.

Lion Tattoo

The Lions are the King of the jungles – their beauties but also scared beasts. Animals are linked to kings and their powers. Though small Lion’s-inspired designs look good, if you chose to pencil in your shoulder you might need more elaborate artwork. There are many different meanings associated with this big cat so you can choose which one means the most to you. You should consider a bigger lion tattoo.

Star Tattoo

The simple shape of the star makes it one of the most popular tattoos. It’s great for your first color because it can be small and compact. Many ladies even choose to include the moon symbolizing femininity and beauty. A star represents guidance and protection. Some women like to choose a star image of femininity or a moon image to add to their body art.

Compass Tattoo

The circular shape of an compass makes it ideal for shoulder positioning. You can print this reminder to stay true to yourself or to focus on the importance of follow the right path. You can provide a quote, time or date when making your body art personal. Compass symbolises direction and purpose and can be written at will to give personalised meaning.

Angel Tattoo

An angel tattoo can be viewed as the messenger of God, the balance of god and earth and as an easy way to express spirituality. It can also represent the emotion of loss and can even inked to honour those who have died or celebrate a romantic relationship. No matter the symbolism it makes for cute tattoos. It has a great position on the shoulder.

Celtic Tattoo

The Celts had many important symbols and creatures including trees and specific animals. A popular body art option is a knotted design that represents humanity’s relationship to nature through woven art. According to your choice of ink it can also represent family life and eternal living as well. This type of ink represents Family.

Tiger Tattoo

Strong prey represents knowledge and strength. They are also connected to freedom and independence as they are in the very middle of the chain of food. Your Tiger can be tattooed or combination with other motifs for greater design meaning. This big cat is a great option for those considering inking their shoulder due to it being a placement option that is large enough to cover things in detail. Tiger tattoo is a great choice because of its ability to show something clearly and is a safe place to place the detail in your tattoo.

Skull Tattoo

The skull is a widely recognized symbol referring to Life and Death. In some cases inking offers a less positive interpretation for some and others focus on focusing more on positive interpretation. You can add other elements of design like flowers or butterflies but also make something bold without images that appear or change colors. What you decide makes for an interesting and charming shoulder tattoo.

Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

This symbol is suited for women who want courage and freedom. It can be a positive reminder to live life to your full extent and to appreciate it every day. The majestic bird often has spiritual significance; his keen eye sight is sometimes linked to an all-viewing eye. There are lots of ways to interpret and techniques used for getting an eagle tattoo. Generally the eagle tattoo can be large, intimidating and full of feathers on your breast and arms, but can also be abstract or subtle.

Maori shoulder tattoo

Each design have unique significance and location is of greatest importance. It is worthy to note that some drawings are not meant to be replicated because they are spiritual and cultural significance. Yet more of them are produced and can be a great way to celebrate culture without offensive. All you have to do is to do your research and check whether you have a proper tattoo of the same heritage and Maori. The head is the most spiritual place with stipulation for the motif.

Artistic Waves Shoulder Tattoo

Waves symbolize a love for the ocean, a connection to the sea, or they are the best way to overcome your problem. This wave tattoo is unique and artistic. The colors and designs of the design were beautiful. If you want that design then have the same design or select a realistic one.

Geometric Shapes Tattoo

If you are looking for a striking and bold design then this geometric tattoo can be a good option. Nowadays, geometric designs look very striking and bold on the bare skin.

It has a striking design which you can flaunt with pride during special occasions. Geometric designs always look stunning on the bare skin and they become more prominent when you wear some clothes over your shoulder. You can choose any kind of an animal or bird symbol with an artistic touch to make a unique impression on the others.

Perfect Peony

A peony is a great tattoo choice if you don’t have a standard rose. This flower shoulder tattoo fits perfect into the space in black and white. The lack of color allows the delicate lines of the design to sing which means the whole flower can be appreciated. In its most important sense the peony is synonymous with romantic love and compassion and even with bashfulness the sign of compassion.

Bird in Flight

The piece is finished with the details of feathers, leaves and flower petals. Use of white accents increases contrast and color of the design. The figure starts on the back of the piece and comes in from behind almost like he’s hovering on one shoulder. The artwork comes with details in leaf, flower and bird-petal and feathers.

Painted Roses

The same look would also be fantastic with different rose colors, depending on your favorite tastes. Deep pink and green attract the eye and the shading improves the work’s overall beauty. Different colored roses would be equally wonderful with different colored roses as well.

Key to my heart

The extremely decorative key and detailed rose combine for an attractive tattoo. The bold lines detailing the design allow artists to highlight the different parts of the tattoo while the shading gives depth and realism. Decorative accents complete that look with bold lines and slender rose.

Flower shoulder tattoos for women: Sunflower tattoos

The sunflower faces are turned and seeks for the sun. Bold lines are used to highlight an attractive design and provide real tiffural texture. Sunflowers are fun alternatives to roses that symbolize loyalty and admiration. The sunflower almost looks alive in the back shoulder tattoo.

Front Shoulder Tattoo for Women: Arrangement of flowers

Flowers make a good tattoo idea especially if you want something symbolic. Flower is daisies, wild flowers true nature with plumeria life. By using them together one would try for a pure and natural life. Beautiful in both appearance and interpretation these forms are idyllic.

Phoenix rise

The mythic Phoenix represents renewal. Using new colors in contrast to traditional Phoenix gives the creation a fresh look. This option is perfect for someone who has experienced a personal trial and emerged stronger than before. The phoenix has been symbolitic for rebirt.

Capped flower shoulder tattoo

The petals of the peony follows the shoulder arc accentuating both the grace of the flower and the woman. The shading highlights the delicate lines of leaves and the petals and provides texture. Using a larger flower gives the tattoo its appearance and boosts its effect.

Traditional Tiger Shoulder Tattoo

Using the shoulder back allows more room when working for your next task. This black and grey tiger tattoo is designed with precise shading and is created perfectly if desired with perfect contrast.

Fine Line Shoulder Tattoo

Its notably simple designs, initials and stars. Get a cocktail tattoo of your favorite cocktails on your chin – or anything else you like!

Symbolic Womens Shoulder Tattoo

The shoulder area provides a medium-small space ideal for the use of circular icons and symbols. And ship stars are quite nice.

Shoulder Blade Tattoo for Women: Flowered Mandala

This peony shoulder tattoo shows balance in mind and hearted soul, revealing compassion. Tattoo stencils are designed so the detail and perfection of the petal is preserved at the creases. The flowers and circular shapes represent beauty and tranquility.

Hanging off the Moon

Arab-inspired moon is a stunning and sexy chest-tattoo for women. Delicate line art helps the curves and swirls of the piece to shine through. If you love henna the Tattoo has many henna themes or designs as well as a number that you can enjoy.

Front shoulder tattoo: Flowers on the vine

A beautiful waterfall of flowers makes this the ideal shoulder tattoo. This black and white basic pattern begins at the waistline and goes from the shoulder to the front part. The use of flowers of various sizes and detail makes this design.

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