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Fenrir Tattoo Designs 

Many people have a fascination with Norse mythology. Fenrir is one of the most popular gods in the Norse pantheon, and for good reason! There are many stories that revolve around this giant wolf-like creature, but we want to focus on his tattoos. The Fenrir…

attatck on titan tattoo

Attack on Titan Tattoo 

In the world of tattoo art, attack on titan tattoos are a huge trend. The show is popular and so it’s no surprise that people want to be able to get an attack on titan inspired tattoo. These tattoos come in many different styles, but…

lavender tattoo

Lavender Tattoo 

Lavender tattoos are just as beautiful as the flower itself. Lavender has long been associated with beauty and luxury, and is a perfect source of inspiration for tattoos due to its natural beauty and charming appearance. Lavenders come in many different shades, which can be…


Tree of Life Tattoo 

Tree of Life Tattoo History The tree of life is a powerful symbol with deep roots in culture and history. In many cultures, it’s a central image that can mean many different things: the connection between heaven and Earth, the journey of one’s soul through…

sternum tattoo

Sternum Tattoo 

Tattoos are a form of expression, and sternum tattoos are no different. They’re on the upper part of your chest, so they can be covered up easily with clothing if you want to hide them from certain people or in certain situations. But that doesn’t…


We The People Tattoo 

The tattoo of the United States Constitution on your arm is a very big statement. It says that you value the document and what it stands for, such as freedom, liberty, and justice for all. It also means you believe in democracy and the idea…