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Camellia Tattoo

Camellia tattoo is one of the most popular designs among women and men. But what is a camellia flower? Well, in comes from genus CAMELLIA of hundreds species of evergreen shrubs or small trees in the family Theaceae.

In Japan, where camellia flower originated from, it is called sasanqua.

camellia tattoo

Camellia Tattoo

Table of Contents

  1. The Meaning of Camellia Tattoo

  2. What is a camellia tattoo?

  3. Botanical Tattoos

  4. Graceful Ballerina Tattoo

  5. But what are the meanings behind this beautiful art? Let’s dig into it.

  6. Lavender Tattoos

  7. What does a lavender tattoo means?

  8. Beautiful Tattoos

The Meaning of Camellia Tattoo

Camellias are most popular as flower in spring and fall for its bright color that glows on a gloomy day. Even though the characteristic of camellia symbolizes feminine beauty, but it also means longevity, compassion, and virtue. The camellia flower has been used as an expression of sorrow since the Heian period in Japan. And another meaning is when a bride wears a camellia on her wedding dress to let everyone know that she has come of age.

What is a camellia tattoo?

A camellia tattoo is a rose-shaped design, usually with white in the middle and pink on the petals. The tattoo is a popular design for women and it’s usually seen on the shoulder, back, or arm.

The camellia flower originated in Asia. The name ‘camellia’ is after a Jesuit priest named Georg Kamel. He was so taken with the beauty of the flower that he sent them to Portugal which then spread throughout Europe.

In Japan, the flower is a symbol of modesty and gratitude. When you give someone a camellia flowers, it means that you’re thanking them for their gift.

popular camellia tattoo designs are flower-shaped. camellia tattoos also very often depict them blooming on a stem.

The most popular place to put a Camellia tattoo is on the upper arm, shoulder blades, and side of the back. Though it can be placed anywhere on the body like men’s lower arms or full sleeves.

Botanical Tattoos

Botanical tattoos are awesome for any person who loves nature. But what is a botanical tattoo? Let’s start with the word ‘botanical’. Botany is known as a scientific study of plants which can be used in identification, classification, cultivation and uses of plant species. The term originated from antiquity and refers to the art and science of gathering and studying plant life. Botanical art or botanical illustration, as it is known nowadays is a beautiful type of art that depicts plants accurately for scientific purposes and their identification.

Graceful Ballerina Tattoo

A graceful ballerina tattoo is a delightful design of dance that is often seen onstage. This type of tattoo is so popular to women and girls who love dance, ballet or street dancing.

But what are the meanings behind this beautiful art? Let’s dig into it.

Ballet tattoo is usually done in pink, to show femininity and gracefulness but you can also see these ballerina tattoos in blue, black or white colors.

It is said that a ballet mannequin stands for how every woman should be: flexible like a “ballerina”, poised and graceful. The graceful ballerina tattoo is often seen with a ballet mannequin or a dainty pink tutu and slippers.

Lavender Tattoos

Lavender is a beautiful purple flower that symbolizes love, affection and romance. Lavender tattoos are often seen in women’s shoulder or back area for it’s just so pretty. The design of lavender tattoo can be done in different style; you can use black ink to get a realistic look, white ink to make it look bold or dotting for a cute and unique touch.

What does a lavender tattoo means?

Lavender stands for devotion, loyalty and faithfulness. Lavender is also used as an alternative medicine which can be applied in treating insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.

Beautiful Tattoos

Flower tattoo designs are simplistic but different flowers have different meanings. Small flowers like roses can symbolize love while more exotic ones might represent all the beauty of nature. Floral tattoo choices can be any flower that you like, though.

camellia flower tattoos

pink camellia tattoo designs

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