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moth tattoo meaning
Insect Tattoos

Moth Tattoo Meaning 

Moth Tattoo: Meaning, Symbolism And Forms Across generations, people have described tattoos by employing three contrasting words: taboo, trend, and art. The close association of tattoos with superstitions has been a fundamental trope of all cultures.  Many societies have dismissed the art of tattooing by…

Animal Tattoo

Memorial Tattoos for Dogs 

Memorial Tattoos for Dogs – Inscriptions for pet memorial tattoos The inscribed words on the pet memorial tattoo are simply the words you use to honor your pet’s memory. Simply name and date. You can add a quote or just skip a quote and do…

Bird Tattoo

Infinity Tattoo with Birds 

Infinity Tattoo with Birds Meaning Infinity tattoos are often made out to be a symbol of eternity. It is said that they will last forever, therefore interminable. However many choose the infinity tattoo concept for various other reasons as well. Some consider it to be…

Classy Shoulder Tattoos Female
Girls Tattoos

Classy Shoulder Tattoos Female 

Many girls, who want to leave a lasting impression on an occasion like beach party or any other classy event look for exquisite ways of adding glamor quotient to their appearance. Some of them settle for chic make-up and some go in for sassy hairstyles…

Mens Tattoo

Mens shin tattoo 

Mens Shin Tattoo Ideas These tattoos are white and gives these words an edge although hard to read. The use of dark gray ink together with a perfectly drawn black line gives this chain link fence a pop from above the shin. A outerspace tattoo…

Insect Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos Behind the Ear 

The Symbolism of Butterflies The Greeks believed that a fresh human soul came to light when any butterfly formed from its cocoon and the cocoon became uncovered. In Ireland humans believed butterflies being souls of dead who have passed through purgatory. The Germans believed that…

Mens Tattoo

Mens Rose Tattoo Ideas 

Why do people get rose tattoo? This unique rose tattoo is ideal for single men. You can even go to this layout if you love your family members. Just make sure your selected color meets your intention and mood. You will show your love and…

Flower Tattoos

Camellia Tattoo 

Camellia tattoo is one of the most popular designs among women and men. But what is a camellia flower? Well, in comes from genus CAMELLIA of hundreds species of evergreen shrubs or small trees in the family Theaceae. In Japan, where camellia flower originated from,…