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moth tattoo meaning
Insect Tattoos

Moth Tattoo Meaning 

Moth Tattoo: Meaning, Symbolism And Forms Across generations, people have described tattoos by employing three contrasting words: taboo, trend, and art. The close association of tattoos with superstitions has been a fundamental trope of all cultures.  Many societies have dismissed the art of tattooing by…


The Eye of Horus Tattoo 

Tattoos from Egypt The ancient Egyptians claimed that the spirit would return to the body in the shape of a crow, which would then fly away to the afterlife. Tattoos were seen as a kind of defence against the bad. This is used to shield…

sunflower and rose tattoo
Flower Tattoos

Sunflower and Rose Tattoo 

Sunflower is a cheerful and happy flower, and the sunflower tattoo can be an expression of happiness and hopeful attitude as well. The sunflower tattoo is not only a symbol of the sun but of strength, as well. For example, the sunflower rose tattoo represents…


Locket and Key Tattoo 

Locket and Key Tattoo Meaning A locket and key tattoo is a classic symbol of being locked to someone else’s heart. But the meaning can vary depending on the couple. For some, it means that one person holds the key to another’s future happiness. The…


Wolf with Tribal Tattoo 

Tattoos and the wolf tattoo trend Tattoos are the trend of the day. The youngsters love tattoos a lot. Sketching across your body depicting things and emotions and at times the feelings. Tattoos are a lot more than only tattoos.   The design and themes of…

heart tattoo behind the ear

Heart Tattoo Behind The Ear – Where To Find A High Quality Artwork 

Heart Tattoo Behind The Ear is one of the most popular and versatile tattoo designs for women. Women can show off their love of the men in their lives with this tattoo design behind the ears. Women opt for the heart tattoo on the lower back, ankle, or lower chest for a bold statement of their individuality and love for a particular man. It’s important to choose the right tattoo design to express yourself creatively. Before you get your tattoo, it’s important to visit your local tattoo artist and sketch…