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Best Armor Tattoo Ideas

The armor tattoo is a good symbol for strength. If you have problems, this tattoo will remind you that you can get back up again. This article will give you some inspiration for this tattoo.

The armor and helmet are used as symbol of protection in many cultures around the world, making them popular symbols for tattoos among both sexes. The use of armor to protect oneself is ancient than any other form of warfare, with examples dating back at least ten thousand years ago from a variety of cultures.

armor tattoo
armor tattoo on shoulder

Table of Contents

  1. What Is an Armor Tattoo?

  2. The Meaning of An Armor Tattoo

  3. Why Get An Armor Tattoo?

  4. Where to Get an Armor Tattoo?

  5. How Long Does an Armor Tattoo Take?

  6. How Much Does it Cost to Get an Armor Tattoo?

  7. What are Some other Names for a Tattoo that Means Protection or Safety?

  8. Knights Tattoo

  9. How Did the Symbol of Armor Originate?

  10. Knight Tattoo Sleeve

  11. Dragon Armor Tattoo

  12. Armor of God Tattoos

  13. Shoulder Armor Tattoo

  14. Armor Tattoo on Chest

  15. Warrior Armor Tattoo

  16. Asian Armor Tattoo

  17. What Does a Japanese Temple Tattoo Mean?

  18. What Kinds of Japanese Tattoos Are Popular?

  19. Valkyrie Symbol Tattoo

  20. Norse Valkyrie Tattoos

  21. Valkyrie Wing Meaning

  22. Valkyrie Back Tattoo

What Is an Armor Tattoo?

An armor tattoo is a design of armor on your body. If you have an arm, chest, or back tattoo that has this design and it can be seen without lifting up your shirt (unless you want to!), then you might have gotten the tattoo because of battles or fights.

The Meaning of An Armor Tattoo

Armor tattoo meaning is a symbol of protection and strength. If you have an armor tattoo, it’s because you want to feel protected or strong.

Why Get An Armor Tattoo?

-You like the design of armor that covers your body.

– You need protection in life and sometimes get hurt so badly that this is all you can think about protecting yourself with.

– Your armor tattoo is a symbol for your military service.

– Your armor tattoo means you want to be the strongest around and gain respect from others as well as yourself.

– You are wanting to protect someone that you love so much, no matter what it takes.

– You work in law enforcement or security and this is all about protecting

Where to Get an Armor Tattoo?

Armor tattoos are often seen on the shoulder blades, chest and stomach. It’s important to make sure your armor tattoo is something that you really want because once it’s done there isn’t going to be any turning back.

Armor tattoos can also go in other places such as above the bicep or even down the arm.

It all depends on what you want and the size of tattoo that is best for your body.

How Long Does an Armor Tattoo Take?

The armor tattoos take about two hours to complete, depending on how big it is going to be. The bigger the armor tattoo, the more time it will require in order to finish up with painting or other finishing touches.

It’s also important to remember that your armor tattoo is going to be an inch or two thick, so it will take up some space on your stomach, arm or other body part that you choose to get it done.

How Much Does it Cost to Get an Armor Tattoo?

The armor tattoos are not cheap, costing anywhere from $300 to thousands of dollars. The artist will also need as much time as they need to complete the armor tattoo.

In some cases, you may be able to find a cheaper alternative if you’re not in too much of a hurry to get it done.

They can also symbolize courage as well as protection from harm just by looking at them in-person…or online! You’re not going to find any armor tattoos being sold cheaply though; they come with a hefty fee depending on how big of one is planned out as

What are Some other Names for a Tattoo that Means Protection or Safety?

A tattoo that means protection or safety is usually known as a tribal tattoo. It’s been found in indigenous cultures for hundreds of years and they always mean the same thing: safety, security, and belonging. Today it can have many meanings depending on who does the design but all tattoos done with this intention will still be designed differently than other ones.

Knights Tattoo

Knight tattoos are often symbols of protection and loyalty. Military members, for example, might desire one because they represent a person’s commitment to their profession.

This tattoo can be designed with armor, a shield and/or sword in it to emphasize that theme.

How Did the Symbol of Armor Originate?

Armor symbolizes protection from evil forces or threats-both real and imagined. It is also used as decoration for ceremonial purposes such as weddings due to their ornate nature.

Knight Tattoo Sleeve

A knight tattoo on sleeve looks absolutely incredible. The art is very large and takes up the majority of one’s arm, making it a strong design that leaves an impact on everyone who sees it.

Beneath this tattoo are layers upon layers of armor to signify how deep the wearer’s commitment to their profession goes.

Dragon Armor Tattoo

This is one of the more popular armor tattoos that you’ll find in today’s design. The dragon symbolizes protection, power and good luck so it often has a protective purpose as well! It can be found on many different places such as near shoulders or down your arm but the most common location for this tattoo is just below the elbow.

Dragon tattoos are often red and black in colour with a lot of detail to make the dragon seem real. As this is armor tattoo, you should leave some exposed skin at the top so that it doesn’t cover your entire arm.

Armor of God Tattoos

The armor of God are the spiritual protection that you have when it comes to your faith in Christ. It is a symbol used by many Christians for different meanings but most often, this design can be found on people’s forearms and near their wrists. The armor tattoo consists of five metal pieces which represent each piece: helmet (protection), breastplate (protection), shield (defender and protector), sword of the spirit, shoes.

This tattoo is often done in a black or dark blue ink on skin that is left uninked for this design. If you want to make it stand out more, try getting an armor helmet with spikes on top.

Shoulder Armor Tattoo

The armor tattoo on the shoulder blade is usually a single word or short sentence that reminds you of who you are. In some cases, it might be done in two words such as “strength” and “bravery.” When there are more than two words, they often represent something else like family values: “faith,” for example, can represent the faith in your family.

Armor Tattoo on Chest

Armor chest tattoo is usually done in black ink.

This armor tattoo on chest can be done as an amulet for strength, bravery, family values – faith.

The armor tattoo on the chest might also represent what it’s like being under fire with your fellow soldiers: “always loyal” or “always faithful.”

The armor tattoo on the chest might also represent an aspect of your life: a knight’s armor, for example, can signify that you have done battle with addiction.

Warrior Armor Tattoo

Warrior armor tattoo is usually done in black ink.

Asian Armor Tattoo

Japanese armor tattoo is usually done in red and black ink with cherry blossoms inside the armor design to symbolize beauty, love, affection or emotional attachment.

The Japanese armor tattoos are often for protection from misfortune such as injury and death by drowning; they may also represent a journey after returning home from battle.

What Does a Japanese Temple Tattoo Mean?

It is well-known that a temple tattoo usually has an ornate design, and often signifies the wearer’s devotion to Buddhism. For example, such tattoos may be symbols of peace or spiritual enlightenment.

What Kinds of Japanese Tattoos Are Popular?

In Japan there are many different types of armor tattoos that symbolize different meanings and lifestyles. Some armors represent protection or strength while others can mean a journey after returning home from battle.

Valkyrie Symbol Tattoo

Valkyrie symbol tattoos are often considered to be a sign of strength and loyalty. This tattoo is often worn by those who have been wounded in battle or warriors coming home from fighting for their country. It symbolizes that the wearer will always stand strong, no matter what life throws at them.

Some people choose to wear this tattoo as a reminder never to give up on themselves or others, and never to lose faith because the Valkyries will come for them.

Norse Valkyrie Tattoos

Norse valkyrie tattoo symbols are one of the most popular tattoo designs for women. There is no end to their interpretations, but a symbol that many people associate with them is the ravens Huginn and Munnin (thought and memory).

Valkyrie Wing Meaning

The valkyrie wings are one of the most popular Norse tattoos for women. The tattoo looks like a raven’s wing with an arrow on it and people who wear them interpret that symbol in many different ways: as protection from bad luck, as a way to show off their strength or courage, but also as what they’re fighting for.

Valkyrie Back Tattoo

Back tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs for women. The back is a perfect place to show off your wings, and it’s also an easy design that you can cover up if need be.

Since the two wings on each side of their spine can be seen as defence against bad luck, showing off your bravery or toughness, but also what you’re fighting for, the valkyrie back tattoo is a common style.

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