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Behind the Ear Tattoos

Table of Contents

  1. Tattoos Behind the Ears

  2. Why do behind the ear tattoos hurt?

  3. Moon Tattoo

  4. Angel Tattoo

  5. Feather Tattoo

  6. Elephant Tattoo

  7. Elephant Dragon Tattoo

  8. Small tattoo

  9. Words Tattoo

  10. Anchor Tattoo

  11. Dove Tattoo

  12. Tribal Tattoo

  13. Scissor Tattoo

  14. Butterfly Tattoo

  15. Simple tattoo

  16. Heart Tattoo

  17. Crown Tattoo

  18. Musical Note Tattoo

  19. Cherry Blossoms

  20. Clean lines tattoo

  21. Star Tattoo

  22. Astrology Inspired Behind the Ear Tattoos For Guys

  23. Scorpio inspired behind the ears tattoos small

  24. Cross inspired small behind the ears tattoos

  25. Religion inspired behind the ear tattoo

  26. Dragon inspired behind the ear tattoo male

  27. Anchor inspired behind the ears tattoos men

  28. Scary black ink snake small behind the ears tattoo

  29. Ear Tattoos For Females Who Love Flowers

  30. Feminine Red Rose behind Ear Tattoo

  31. Behind the ears tattoos small blue flower

  32. Rose Tattoos Behind The Ear

  33. Tattoos that begin on the ear and spread to the neck/skull

  34. Why do people choose behind the ear tattoos?

Tattoos Behind the Ears

This tattoo is a little less visible when you place it behind the ear than when you place it in the outer ear. It may be seen when the hair is longer or when a hat is worn. There are many examples of individuals who use nature-related techniques which use imagery or words as the basis and maintain their own mystique. Some of the works, using the neutral location, integrate interesting concepts, such as bat wings, which visually suggest a Mandala, and personal abstract concepts that seem to emerge. Tattoos won’t be able to remove the agony entirely, but they will help make the discomfort stick out.

behind the ear tattoo

Behind the Ear Tattoo

Why do behind the ear tattoos hurt?

In its place behind the ears a thin sheet of skin rests directly above skullbone. With no padding to absorb the vibrations of the tattoo machine you have to feel the vibrations through your skull. You could also request the help of your numbing agent if you are concerned about pain. Behind the ear tattoos tend to be small so while it may feel painful you never have to battle the discomfort in any way. It wont stop those vibrations though. The positive side is that the areas under the ears are small and the pain is less as intense as most tattoos.

Behind the ear tattoos

Moon Tattoo

A small moon tattoo is great behind your ear as the image is clear. A full Moon is often connected with magic and transformations. A half-moon represents perfect balance while a crescent moon represents energy movement and flows. People born in the zodiac sign of Cancer will also have the option of a moon tattoo. The moon continues its changing shape symbolizing times of change and transformation. This is also linked to feminine energy which is why moon tattoos are extremely popular among girls. A small moon tattoo is a great way to reveal your tattoos and make sure you get the best of your tattoos.

Angel Tattoo

Christian Christians feel drawn to angels to symbolise their faith and biblical figures such as the archangel Michael. Some chose angels either as a memorial or as symbol of the guardian of the loved one. Realistic Angel Tattoo has plenty of movement and detail so they are generally not suitable to placement like behind your ear. You can adjust the design by using it as a halo to include wings which wrap around the curve of your ear or by adding wings to your ear to match the shape of your ears. Angels symbolise your better nature too and remind you that avoiding temptation will be difficult.

Feather Tattoo

Feathers are one of the favorite tattooed choices for men and women. These are beautiful on black ink or color, whether large or small and simple or detailed. Because feathers look great in tiny tattoos it looks great at piercings behind your ear. For best results, select a gently curved feather design that fits well with your ears shape. Many people whose passion is travel and who possess open spirit often attract feathers tattoos. Feathers can also represent connectedness with the natural world and imply travelling of and connection to the world.

Elephant Tattoo

Elephant tattoos are becoming popular among women because of their matriarchal natures – herds are made of mothers and their children. Small elephant tattoos are ideal to place behind your ear and could create gorgeous mother and daughter tattoos. The elephant tattoo represents wisdom, prosperity and luck as well as patience and loyalty. The gentle giants are known for the intelligence and memory. They are also acknowledged as a true patience and loyalness. They look great in any size, but there are tiny elephant tattoos that represerve.

One of the best things about getting an elephant tattoo behind the ear is that it stands out, since it is vastly different from other tattoos.

Elephant Dragon Tattoo

Elephants are wonderful, and they’re also beautiful and cute. You may get an elephant tattoo if you appreciate this animal. The back of your ear will look gorgeous if you have an elephant dragon tattoo that is dramatic and eye-catching. Some people choose not to get their tattoos in black ink. However, if you want something more interesting, check trying altering the color of your tattoo.

Small tattoo

The space in this spot is only limited. It’s therefore suitable for elegant and delicate prints that can express your best character. There are various models that you can visit some are geometric forms, musical notes, initials or cute pets! Behind the ear tattoos can create a lot of discomfort but a small tattoo does not require much. The spaces behind the ears in fact are limited so they allow for the creation of most delicate and discrete designs that can be easily covered and removed in a short period. For more info in tattoos.

Words Tattoo

A word tattoo might appear good behind his ear. Because the placement is smaller, select a short one-word tattoo at maximum impact. The name of a loved one would be ideal. Select a font that you love and add delicate and unusual elements to words. Your artist might emphasize it with stars like flowers or hearts. Alternatively handwriting can add character to your tattoo creating unique and custom look at each tattoo. Let’s see your topography for a Titato.

Anchor Tattoo

The ultimate symbol of hope, the anchor represents a safe haven and the conclusion of a long journey. Anchors are also traditionally inked if someone crosses water, so it can be a good choice if you’ve traveled. Because it has simple design simple anchors will look excellent in small designs and be put behind an ear. An anchor is one of the most popular tattoos for sailors since the earliest days. It is often worn as a couple Tattoo.

Dove Tattoo

For Christian believer doves symbolize faith in God and New beginnings. Since there’s not much room behind your ear it’s best to choose a neat dove pattern. You can also add a cross or olive branch in their symbolic meanings. The birds represent peace Love and forgiveness and hope among other spiritual meanings in Noah’s story. They are also of symbolic significance in the Biblical account the flood water and flood of Noah.

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos can be adapted to any location on your body or behind your ears. A traditional polynesian or Maori tribal tattoo is a great way to give credit to your heritage. Alternately a classic 90s tribal tattoo has an edgy style and unique look for a signature look turning heads. Stretch your tribal tattoo across your body or even. Some popular choice are a tribal tattoo inspired by an indigenous Maori culture.

Scissor Tattoo

Scissors are used to cut out the negative influences on one’s life and develop a better version of itself. They are a great way to convey that you just opened a new beginning. Scissor tattoos are small and therefore ideal for a tattoo beneath the ears. Every time you style a person’s hair you see how far you have come. Scissors represent to ‘sharpen’ your instincts taking more autonomy over decision making.

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are associated with the transition, growth and change as well as freedom. As tattoos butterflies are highly flexible and suit many different combinations, such as behind your ears. Generally for women who like pretty and feminine tattoos a tiny butterfly or multiple butterfly design, or even the trendy butterfly with flower wings is the ideal option for women who like small, feminine designs and.

Simple tattoo

Clean and simple inking is good behind the ear but should not take much shading. Other popular choices include simple flowers, stars, crosses, anchor or initial. This design still attracts eye but it has more opportunity because it is more simple and defined. Often simple designs look best with black inked areas so always discuss your options with your tattooist.

Heart Tattoo

The Heart Is an recognizable universal symbol. When placed behind your ear this will remind you to listen to your heart. It can also serve as a thank you to a loved ones and symbolize the fact that they’re staying in your thoughts. For women dainty Heart Tattoos are trending – however there are many alternatives to adapt your design.

Crown Tattoo

A crown tattoo is reflected by representations and evidences about kings and queens – power, wealth and the power. Find inspiration by a crown tattoo and continue the challenge until you have a goal.

Musical Note Tattoo

You find many people with musical interests with musical notes in tattoos. But sometime when the melody sounds he just looks in the middle of the tone. If you’re an amazing music fan or a very good influence on your life maybe get something tattooed.

Cherry Blossoms

Get your cherry flower tattoo to remember all of Japanese nostalgia and happy times. It represents beauty and love and passing times. Choosing this design enables excellent body art and also full of meanings.

Clean lines tattoo

The spot has not much area, but a black-colored arrow or some weird arrow will really pop off well inked in this spot. Simple and clean line tattoos are your perfect choice for a behind the ears tattoo.

Star Tattoo

It is a common tattoo design that features a star. Because of how distinct star tattoos behind the ear are, they look excellent on any area of the body. It’s both basic and nuanced. Star tattoos behind the ear will give you the appearance you want on your ear. Some tattoos are positioned on the back of the neck, but these ones may be placed on arms, ankles, and anywhere else on the body.

Astrology Inspired Behind the Ear Tattoos For Guys

Do people know anything about astrology or moons and planets? The tiny get fragile ear Tattoo looks amazing underneath the ear. It is an essential for guys who believe in the power of the cosmos and stars. If you a firm believer in your spiritual rising as well as your astrological sign then go with this as your next tattoo. It can easily be noticed by your zodiac signs and its message quite clear. You could wear this tattoo and display your astrological symbols.

Scorpio inspired behind the ears tattoos small

Scorpio symbols can also represent mystery or sexual relations as well as broader emotional emotions and fears. They bring true truth and are seen as curious beings. If there’s a certain sign in your zodiac you would have a Scorpio tattoo in your ear. The black print will look great over your ears symbolising beauty and sex. It will have been carried black and white by the Scorpio wearer.

Cross inspired small behind the ears tattoos

In Christian society a cross tattoo seems quite common. Do you want to show people who has a religion they love to believe in and why they believe it? You think this small ink ear tattoo is great. It is a great solution for all those who sincerely want to serve God or invest in their life development. Black cross tattoos are popular signs of religious persons and they are an artist that knows how to express your faith in a special way you.

Religion inspired behind the ear tattoo

Open arm tattoo icon will signify your open-hearted personality along with your faith. It’s the perfect tattoo to get those that do love a man looking peaceful and spiritual. This black ink is quickly and easily to place. Why no other choice? The tattoo symbol is a simple place and represents your welcome. You are someone who knows how to listen to others.

Dragon inspired behind the ear tattoo male

Dragons represent the macho side and attract people everywhere if they have an opportunity. Dragons are symbols of tough work and stubborn nature. If you were born with an obstinate brain or an inquisitive heart you should consider getting this tattoo. This is the perfect masculine tattoo that suits you if you are interested in scarier tattoos.

Anchor inspired behind the ears tattoos men

An anchor symbol is quite popular among sailors and other guys who like the simplicity of a tattoo. Ideal for guys who really know everything. Ideal for men prone to going through many ups and down during their lives. An anchor symbolizes your personality and shows you are a stable, secure and grounded person.

Scary black ink snake small behind the ears tattoo

This printing will show your true colors and your emotions. Put it underneath your head and earlobe for determination if you can do both. Snakes are the ones that bring revolution and truth. This tattoo will represent your mysterious side that can catch small details while showing others how you have reached every milestone so far. It is a fierce tattoo which suits men very well.

Ear Tattoos For Females Who Love Flowers

Rose is a beautiful flower that you would choose to choose if you are someone with a sweet and passionate side. So give them the love you want for their life and surprise them by placing them in their right place. It will suit girls the best and it will be amazing behind your ears if you like cute and minimalistic tattoos. Roses normally show your love of another person.

Feminine Red Rose behind Ear Tattoo

Red and Green Ink Symbolizes your love and appreciation for others that are important for you. It’s adorable and artsy at the same time being perfectly suited to expressing your generous side. Heads up though since colorful tattoos will likely cost a little more and should be favored in any situation where the pop-up color is favored.

Behind the ears tattoos small blue flower

It’s a minimalist design and it takes less than an hour to put it on your ears. Purple signifies pleasure and intuition. If you find purpose in small things everywhere you go – stick with it. That’s about half an hour if I’m trying to keep it under my head.

Rose Tattoos Behind The Ear

Pink is very soft and reflects your feminine side. Women certainly can appreciate these tattoos. How can we get the right ink on our ink and the choice that you have made? This earpiece looks fantastic to you, but it might be a little too good.

Tattoos that begin on the ear and spread to the neck/skull

Artists use the shape of the ear and the blank space of the skull and/or the neck to further demonstrate their skills. One piece looks like a network of many kinds of imagery that seems to have abandoned the presence of ears altogether. However. Other works will make use of ear and their position as a elevated section of the body which makes the structure important in this overall presentation. The ear sometimes sits in a skull’s side, while flowers, while lines move the ear into the background and seem there’s no ear at all. The piece does not want you to know there’s a ear of any kind.

Why do people choose behind the ear tattoos?

Behind ear tattoo ideas are a discreet way to display your character. If you have bigger hair than you already have it becomes easy to hide. As a rule the ‘ink’ should be the correct color.

tattoo artists

tattoo artist

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