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Author: prashob


Wolf with Tribal Tattoo 

Tattoos and the wolf tattoo trend Tattoos are the trend of the day. The youngsters love tattoos a lot. Sketching across your body depicting things and emotions and at times the feelings. Tattoos are a lot more than only tattoos.   The design and themes of…

heart tattoo behind the ear

Heart Tattoo Behind The Ear – Where To Find A High Quality Artwork 

Heart Tattoo Behind The Ear is one of the most popular and versatile tattoo designs for women. Women can show off their love of the men in their lives with this tattoo design behind the ears. Women opt for the heart tattoo on the lower back, ankle, or lower chest for a bold statement of their individuality and love for a particular man. It’s important to choose the right tattoo design to express yourself creatively. Before you get your tattoo, it’s important to visit your local tattoo artist and sketch…


Autism Tattoo Ideas 

Autism Tattoo Ideas Autistic people have been on the receiving end of cruel words and have been made to feel inferior due to their autism diagnosis. But with the increase of awareness on the condition, more people are coming out with great autistic tattoo ideas…

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