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Author: prashob

dandelion tattoo on chest

Dandelion Tattoo Meaning 

Dandelion Tattoo Meaning Many different flowers have inspired tattoo artists to come up with numerous tattoos with beautiful and exotic designs. Normally, women are more familiar with flower tattoos than man. Plenty of women see beautiful flower tattoos as clothes accessories that they can wear even when…


Russian Prison Tattoos 

The art of tattoo creating has been associated with criminals in many countries. The tattoo that worn by the gang members will be used as a mark of identity which proved their allegiance to a particular group and symbol of pride. Among the criminal tattoos,…

starfish tattoo meaning

Starfish Tattoo Meaning 

Starfish tattoo meaning Are you ready to give the world a glimpse of the beauty that is a moth tattoo? When it comes to these beautiful insects, there are some that are more popular than others. Moths have a black color and they are also…


Holy Mackerel Tattoo 

Holy Mackerel Tattoo When it comes to having a permanent body art like a tattoo on your body, the first thing you do is come up with the best tattoo design for yourself. This tattoo design should be carefully chosen as tattoo work will last forever…

zebra tattoo meaning

Zebra Tattoo Meaning 

Zebra Tattoo Meaning Tattoos are one of the more common fashion trends. Many people get tattoos to express themselves and to also have certain insignia to represent themselves to others. When looking to get tattoos there are a number of options that you can choose….

leopard spot tattoo

Leopard Spot Tattoos 

Tattoos worn by people will automatically represent the people’s personality and there are so many designs, patterns and styles of tattoos that can be chosen from by you just based on the certain meaning that wants to be displayed and shared yourself and you can…