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Amazing Spartan Tattoo Ideas | Crazytattoopics

Spartan tattoo ideas vary in meaning. When they are done in black ink, the tattoo will usually symbolize strength and power.

Table of Contents

  1. Spartan Tattoo Ideas

  2. Spartan Tattoo Meaning

  3. Square Work Spartan Tattoo Ideas

  4. Traditional Spartan Tattoo Ideas

  5. Spartan Helmet Tattoo

  6. Spartan Shield Tattoo

  7. Spartan Tattoo on Chest

  8. Spartan Tattoo on Back

Spartan Tattoo Ideas

Spartans were men of honor. Men who had sworn to fight for their country. To them, there was nothing more important than serving. That didn’t mean they weren’t boastful and proud though. In fact, Spartans are known for their big egos and the enormous tattoos covering most of their body. A majority of these tattoos were set up in a single session, but some were made over the span of many months. The tattoos were created by using a needle to prick into the skin and then rubbing black ash into the wounds. It’s still unknown why they chose to do this, but there are theories such as for identification purposes or just because they looked cool!

spartan tattoo ideas

Many of the tattoos were geometric in shape and design. Some included symbols that represented strength by portraying lions, bulls, snakes, dragons (which symbolized universal balance) and other animals. Other shapes like zigzags, rectangles and half circles were used as well. The designs also ranged from doves to fantastical creatures or human figures:

spartan tattoo ideas

Spartan tattoo ideas do not have to be too elaborate. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo but don’t want an enormous one, then you may want to consider a simple design instead of something that covers your entire back or torso. You could also take inspiration from historical Spartan art and find something similar to what the warriors would’ve had etched on their flesh.

Spartan Tattoo Meaning

Spartan tattoos vary in meaning. When they are done in black ink, the tattoo will usually symbolize strength and power. The body of the Spartan warrior was covered with hundreds of tiny little dots that were made by pricking him with a sharpened needle. As the wounds healed, an ash-like pigment would appear when rubbed into the wounds, forming a permanent tattoo. These tattoos were somewhat dark in nature and often depicted fantastic creatures or animals.

spartan tattoo ideas on hand

In other cases, the spartan tattoo will be symbolic of courage. For example, a spartan warrior was expected to fight and die for his country without hesitation should it come to that. The lion is one creature that is often found in spartan tattoos. This creature was chosen because it represented the courage of a spartan warrior. Another common symbol is the dragon, which represents universal balance and peace.

spartan tattoo ideas on arm

Square Work Spartan Tattoo Ideas

There are many different types of geometric tattoos that can be done in the geometric style. One type is a square work tattoo. A square work tattoo incorporates straight lines so when looking at a square work tattoo as a whole, it appears as a single shape. Another type is called line geometric tattoos. This form of geometric tattoo uses only two straight lines to make the design and there are no curves at all.

Square Work Spartan Tattoo Ideas

Traditional Spartan Tattoo Ideas

When an individual decides to get a traditional spartan tattoo, he is often choosing a symbolic design. For example, the spartan helmet was used on warriors that fought in battle and it symbolizes the courage of these men. Whatever design you choose for your spartan tattoo must have significance to you personally or it will not have any meaning at all.

traditional spartan tattoo ideas

Traditional spartan designs are often abstract in nature. For example, a spartan design may include a dragon that symbolizes balance and harmony in the universe. Another common design is that of a phoenix or many birds rising out of flames, which symbolize rebirth. The spartans were known to believe in this because they believed they would be reincarnated into their next life if they fell in battle.

traditional spartan tattoo ideas

Spartan Helmet Tattoo

The spartan helmet tattoo is often seen as a symbolic image. The spartan helmet was used by Greeks and Spartans who were trained to be courageous warriors. It is said that Sparta required all of its citizens to go through military training so they would be prepared for war at any time. These brave men wore the distinctive helmet, which was made of bronze and it protects the warrior’s head. This is why this spartan tattoo can have a variety of meanings, including bravery and courage.

Spartan helmet tattoo designs can be symbolic as well. The spartan helmet tattoo can also represent strength.

Spartan Helmet Tattoo
spartan helmet tattoo ideas

Spartan Shield Tattoo

The spartan shield was used on the back of warriors. The design was popular with Spartan soldiers, which is why this tattoo often has a symbolic meaning associated with it. The spartan shield tattoo can symbolize protection, strength, or courage. When you choose this tattoo design for yourself, think about what each image means to you personally or you will not get the full meaning.

The shield was also symbolic in a number of other ways. It represented hope, which was something that spartan soldiers often called upon during battle. The shield can also stand for loyalty and love because it protects those that are behind it. Another common symbol is strength with honor because without these two things a warrior is not seen as honorable.

spartan shield tattoo
spartan shield tattoo ideas

Spartan Tattoo on Chest

Chest tattoos are a popular tattoo design, and many choose to get the spartan chest tattoo. Many see this as a sign of strength because the chest muscles are so strong that they can stop even the sharpest of swords from reaching your heart. The spartan symbolizes courage in these types of tattoos too. One reason why some people choose to get the spartan chest tattoo design is because of a messenger that brought a message from battle.

Another common reason people get this tattoo is because they see the strength in the giant muscles on their chest. A spartan can be seen as either a symbolic or literal image in these types of tattoos, and it is your choice. The spartan tattoos can also be used to signify courage and strength, which is why many get it.

Spartan Tattoo on Chest
spartan tattoo on chest ideas

Spartan Tattoo on Back

Spartan tattoos on the back are a great idea for men. The reason behind them is because this area of the body signifies courage, strength, protection, and loyalty. A person may choose this tattoo design to show they have these characteristics, or they simply want to look tough. Traditional spartan designs work well for this area of the body, which is why you will see many different styles.

One reason why someone may choose this tattoo is because it symbolizes bravery if they’re facing their fears. Another explanation for its popularity is that it signifies strength and loyalty to family and friends.


The Spartan tattoo design is symbolic in nature and can be seen as a literal or symbolic image. The meaning of the spartan tattoos depend on what you want them to symbolize for you, which is why it’s important that you think about this before getting one yourself. If your goal with the tattoo is bravery or strength, then consider these two options first when designing your own custom tattoo. If protection or courage are more applicable to how you see yourself, then we suggest looking at some other designs because they may better suit your needs!

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