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Amazing Love Yourz Tattoo | Crazytattoopics

Love Yourz Tattoo – ” Love Yourz ” is a song by American hip hop recording artist J. Cole , off his third album 2014 Forest Hills Drive .

Table of Contents

  1. Love Yourz Tattoo

  2. Love Yourz Lyrics Tattoo Ideas

  3. J Cole Tattoos

  4. Love Yourz Tattoo on Arm

  5. Love Yourz Tattoo on Forearm

Love Yourz Tattoo

” Love Yourz ” is a song by American hip hop recording artist J. Cole , off his third album 2014 Forest Hills Drive .

It was released on September 25, 2014 as the second radio single from the album. The song was written around an instrumental produced by DJ Dahi , whom also worked with the rapper on several other songs from the album. ” Love Yourz ” is a hip hop song with hip hop influences, including sampling , and doo-wop . The song’s lyrics are about the pain and uncertainty from a break up, but still praising his ex as well as kindling hope for their future relationship. The single received rave reviews from music critics who praised Cole’s honest and emotional lyrics, along with his delivery on the chorus.

love yourz tattoo free log

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Love Yourz Lyrics Tattoo Ideas

Cole was inspired to record the song after going through a break up in 2014, and he felt it is his favorite track off of the album. He elaborated saying “The sample that I used for ‘Love Yourz,’ I actually had that beat before I even met Dahi, and then once Dahi heard it he did what he does… Dahi made it a hip-hop track, he was able to do that with the sample. And I listened to it and said ‘Yo this sounds like an oldies, but goodies type of record.’ But then I just started writing about my girl.”

J Cole Tattoos

The song’s lyrics deal with the pain and uncertainty from a break up, but the speaker also praises his ex-girlfriend for what she brings in his life. It contains Cole rapping about how hard it is to love someone when you don’t know if he loves you back or not. He uses a lot of metaphors to describe the situation and show how he’s doing, but despite the situation he still has hope for his future relationship with her.

Cole also uses a sample from the song ” This Little Girl “, performed by The Charmels . He samples the beginning of the track, which is originally covered with a more upbeat melody and wah-wah guitar licks. However Cole plays it in an unorthodox way with a simple chord progression on two pianos.

Love Yourz Tattoo on Arm

This tattoo features a message and heart that is cut out of the word love. The black color makes it look dramatic, but also the way it is placed on the arm seems like an afterthought. This means this particular design would not work well for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space to spare on their arm or if they are looking for something that looks more professional.

love yourz tattoo on arm Pinterest

Love Yourz Tattoo on Forearm

The placement of this tattoo is perfectly fine, as it’s placed on a visible area of the body. However, the tattoos that are featured here make the overall design look cluttered. The fact that there is no space between each word also makes it even more complicated to read. Furthermore, the position and size of each word seems random rather than having a good flow and looking like the artist may have planned it out beforehand.

love yourz tattoo open twitter

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This type of body art can be much more complex than it looks, especially when choosing a unique font and playing with the spacing.

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